The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love – Ch2

Translated by Fox23, Edited by Aytise.

Chapter 2 – Tsundere President’s Spoiled Pet (1)

【Have you decided? 】Number 666 asked in a highly distrustful tone.

“En, I decided, I agree!” Luo Liyan answered straightforwardly.

Anyway, as long as she could be reborn, she’ll hug this little tyrant’s thigh and even call him father, so whatever Little Six says is OK. (TN: calling someone as a senior, father, grandpa… in a joking way is a manner to show respect, fear, admiration etc.)

【Alright. Now Assigning S rank mission. Main task: Let the tsundere president bid farewell to his lonely life. Completion reward: 500 gold beans. Side task: Punish the slag man and the slag woman. Completion reward: 200 gold beans.】

(TN: Slag man means scum, dirt of society, usually used for cheaters or generally despicable husbands/boyfriends.)

【 Enabling first category of portable space, 0.5 square meters. 】

【Enabling the goddess’s gold finger. Purchasable at maximum once a day. Every use costs 10 gold beans.】

“Hey, that’s not right, Little Six, this golden finger can only be used once a day, aren’t you too stingy?” Luo Liyan was very dissatisfied and resentfully shouted her grievances in her heart, she desperately attempted to win herself more benefits.

Who would have guessed she would only be faced with Little Six’s ruthless rejection:

【How many golden fingers do you want? Can’t you rely on yourself to do your own job? Let me ask you, if you rely this much on the Rebirth Club, do we even need you to complete these tasks in the first place? Youngsters, work harder, and stop only thinking about taking shortcuts.】

Hehe… Nowadays, can you still succeed without taking shortcuts?

Luo Liyan was very helpless, “Well, you’re the grandpa, you have the final say. But, aren’t you going to give me any additional attributes?”

【Additional attributes are available, but given your low level, you cannot enable them yet. for the moment, you can only work hard!】

Listening to the insincere encouragement of Little Six, Luo Liyan deflated like a balloon.

The original owner of her body has the same name as herself, but unfortunately her brain was not as good.

Throughout university, she only loved and dated a single slag man who had nothing but good looks and flowery speech. Who would have known that just after graduation, the slag man would hook up with some big company director’s daughter and hurriedly threw her away.

Fortunately, the original owner of this body still had a bottom line and didn’t completely give herself to the slag man. Moreover, she she successfully got herself a considerable amount of breakup fee. Otherwise, she would definitely make a scene and call him inhumane.

But when all was said and done, the two people nonetheless dated for quite a long time, saying she wasn’t the least bit hurt or brokenhearted would not be very realistic. Therefore, she went to drink away her sorrows at a bar by herself in the evening.

And the male lord, the target of her first task, just so happened to conduct a business gathering in the VIP section of the bar today.

Forget it, if she’s going to die, then so be it!

Luo Liyan took in a deep breath and softly walked towards the elevator hidden in the corner.

“Sorry, all the booths upstairs have been reserved, you can’t go up.” Two sturdy men extended their arms and blocked Luo Liyan that was swaying drunkenly.

“This is a bar! How fun is it to drink alone? It’s better to drink together!” Luo Liyan shook her glass lightly and asked in a sweet and pleasant voice. Her body was swaying seductively.

But no matter how attractive she appeared, the two people remained unmoved and fiercely said: “If you don’t leave, don’t blame us for throwing you out.”

Luo Liyan nibbled on her lower lip with her pearly white teeth and her breathing got unsteady.

They were even wearing sunglasses inside a bar in the middle of the night. They weren’t groundlessly posted here, rather, they were seriously guarding the area! She looked lovelier than a flower yet she was chased away like a housefly.


Hatefully looking at the two people, Luo Liyan was ultimately unresigned to leave just like that.

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