The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love – Ch3

Translated by Fox23, Edited by Aytise.

Chapter 3 – Tsundere President’s Spoiled Pet (2)

“Little Six, is the male lord driving by himself?” She bravely poured the alcohol in her cup into her mouth in a single shot and coughed violently at the burning aftertaste it left on her throat.  

She was so drunk that her head felt faint and she was quickly overcome with dizziness.  

【 It seems that’s the cases as he still hasn’t had a single drop of alcohol. He most likely plans on driving home.】

“Heihei…” Luo Liyan laughed mischievously as she harbored evil intention, “Quickly tell me his license plate number!” (TN: Hehe is more of a gentle chuckle whereas Heihei is a mischievous and evil laughter.)     

【Are you sure you want to use your golden finger so soon? You don’t even have a single gold bean, why should I even let you use it.】    

“I can only use it once a day anyways, not using it today would be a waste.” Luo Liyan sighed and patiently reasoned, “Moreover, I’m completely under your control, why are you afraid I won’t repay the beans you’ll credit me?” 

【You bandit!】(TN: as in ‘you unscrupulous thief’.) Number 666 was extremely angered, but he still couldn’t decline his own host’s reasonable request, 【Mu Lingxi’s license plate number is XXXXX. Remember, you owe me 10 gold beans, you absolutely must pay them back!】    

“Calm down, can’t you just keep your own account.” Luo Liyan wasn’t the least bit concerned and casually waved her hand before staggering into the elevator.     

Who knew if fate was at work, but her little pink Honda Fit was parked right across Mu Lingxi’s white Aston Martin. 

Sitting in her car, she was already hit by nausea and her stomach was churning in discomfort. Nonetheless, she unhesitently pressed the gas pedal to the maximun with her foot and crashed her small Fit onto Mu Lingxi’s car.     


Mu Lingxi’s thin lips were tightly pursed in displeasure, and his gaze was as dark as it could get as he stared at his damaged brand-new sports car.     

A small pink fly slammed into his car door and dented the car-body along with the window and broke the glass.      

At this moment, the obviously drunk culprit bit her finger and stupidly stared at him from her seat with hazy eyes while giggling foolishly: “Sorry, I really didn’t do it purposely. I will compensate you for all the damages I caused to your car. Please don’t call the police and the insurance company, alright?” Luo Liyan put her hands together under her chin in a begging gesture and pitifully looked at Mu Lingxi.    

“Compensation? Are you sure you would only lose money for driving under the influence of alcohol?” Mu Lingxi wrinkled his double-edged sword eyebrows. He looked in disgust at the drunk woman in front of him who couldn’t even stand up straight.    

Goodness, anyone could indeed get a driver’s license!     

Driving in this state was simply courting death, moreover even involving innocent people.     

“I… I didn’t mean to. A moment ago, my foot just slipped, that’s all.” Luo Liyan pouted, acting half shameful half spoiled and coquettish, she said: “At worse, I can offer more compensation, alright?”     

“More compensation?” Mu Lingxi’s face was black enough it could drip ink. “Do you think I will let you off with this bit of money?” After living for so many years, this was the first time he ever met someone who wanted to give him money to get out of trouble.      

“Are you looking down on me?” Luo Liyan slid out of her car while pouting and threw a tantrum, “I have a lot of money!”     

Reaching out her little hands inside her purse, she fished out a bank card and waved lightly it in front of Mu Lingxi’s before throwing it to his face, “Here you go! This stinking boyfriend’s money should be left for other stinking men like you.” 

【System notification: The male lord’s favorability level has decreased. 5 golden beans deducted.】

Luo Liyan wrinkled her eyebrows and started whimpering like a little beast, “You’re all bad people, you’re all bullying me!”     

Mu Lingxi’s handsome face stretched taut and spelled discernible anger from miles away.     

“You’re courting death!” He cursed in a low breath and firmly held Luo Liyan from the neck. His grip was so strong, she instantly had trouble breathing.

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