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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love – Ch4

Translated by Fox23, Edited by Aytise

Chapter 4 – Tsundere president’s spoiled pet (3)

Luo Liyan tried to free herself but both of her weak hands were quickly caught in Mu Lingxi’s strong grip. She realized his grip was getting tighter and tighter, and then she gave up on struggling.

When she thought of how she inexplicably came to this world and was thrown into such a situation, and how the original owner of her current body was heartbroken over the slag man she dated for a whole two years, a huge teardrop silently fell from the corner of her eye and rolled down on her pale cheeks.

Her fair and exquisite little face paired with her beautiful peach blossom eyes full of despair looked so gorgeous it could stir anyone’s heart into obeying any request without further thinking.

Mu Lingxi’s heart unexpectedly skipped a few beats at her breathtaking beauty, and his sword eyebrows unconsciously wrinkled. However, his expression remained frosty look without letting out any hints of his inner feeling.

(TN: in case you were wondering, sword eyebrows are a standard of beauty for men in China, peach blossom eyes are a also a kind of beautiful almond shape. In descriptions, you will also frequently find depictions of fair complexion, pearly teeth, smooth and jade like skin (also because of its white color), willow eyebrows (for women), cute smile with eyes curving into crescents (as in the moon), etc.)

In the end, he stepped aside and let her fall heavily on the ground.
“You thought you could avoid your responsibility by playing drunk here?” Mu Lingxi’s tone was brimming with hardly concealed contempt.

Luo Liyan forcefully wiped the tearstain on her face while blindly rummaging on the ground. When she finally found the bank card she had thrown earlier, she stubbornly stood up while wobbling and forcefully pushed it into Mu Lingxi’s hands.

“Take it! I’ll give it all to you! Is 2 million enough or not?! One year and a half’s time of feelings is worth 2 million, but this young lady is even more valuable than that. This kind of dirty money, you might as well take it all!”

(TN: When someone says ‘this young lady’, ‘this young master’, ‘this grandpa’ in an arrogant and domineering way they actually refer to themselves in the third person as a narcistic way to show confidence, intimidation, self-importance, arrogance, black-bellied, etc.)

“So, your family’s golden master doesn’t want you anymore?” Mu Lingxi let out a cold snort of ridicule.

“When you choose to take shortcuts, it’s obvious you’ll eventually face such a day. It’s not like you didn’t get a breakup fee either. By desperately drinking while hiding here and courting death, who do you think you’re fooling?”

A thought suddenly popped into Mu Lingxi’s mind. He ruthlessly pinched Luo Liyan’s chin and mockingly laughed, “Or are you perhaps considering me your next target?”

“Scram!” Luo Liyan, without a second thought, abruptly raised her leg and viciously slammed her knee slammed into Mu Lingxi’s unspeakable place. (TN: ahem, his crotch.)

The force she used was so strong his face instantly turned ashen and he immediately released his grip on her chin.

He wanted to reach out and knead his painful injury, but he instead stubbornly straitened his posture with all the strength he could muster and tightly clenched his hands into fists covered in bulging blue veins.

However, Luo Liyan didn’t plan on letting him off. She raised her little purse in the air and violently slammed it into his body with even more force.

“You’re bullying a woman! You’re looking down on me! Slag men like you are bad people, villains, scum!”

“Are you done making trouble!” Mu Lingxi gritted his teeth and stiffly avoided a few attacks and captured both of Luo Liyan’s hands to stop her from beating him further. “I will take you home for now. We’ll deal with everything else when you properly sober up tomorrow.”

“Take you home?” Luo Liyan tilted her head in a foolish manner as she repeated his sentence.

Suddenly, she tiptoed in front of Mu Lingxi, “Little Big brother, do you want this young lady to take you home? If you serve me well, this young lady will reward you handsomely.”

Mu Lingxi’s was already ashen enough, but this single remark made his face as black as ink. He barely managed in his urge to choke this outrageous woman to death.

Without thinking further, he immediately crudely lifted her up onto his shoulder and then roughly stuffed her onto the back seat of his car, and then pulled out Luo Liyan’s car keys from her purse to move the Honda Fit aside.

When Mu Lingxi looked at his ruined car, he helplessly placed his palm on his forehead and let out a long sigh of frustration. In the end, he gritted his teeth and got into the driver’s seat of what was left of his car.

Fortunately, Luo Liyan didn’t cause trouble on the road. In just half an hour, they had already arrived at Mu Lingxi’s high-class apartment in a prime location at the center of the city.

Mu Lingxi parked the car then got out and opened the backdoor to bend over and pick up the sweetly sleeping woman who seemed exhausted from her restless actions.

He got her out of the car and just as he stepped into the spacious elevator at the ground floor, Luo Liyan suddenly woke up and tenaciously grabbed the elevator door with all her strength. She then started shouting at the top of her lungs:

“Help! Harassment! Someone is to forcing an honest girl into prostitution!” (TN: it’s actually an idiom meaning forcing a girl into debauchery, it’s basically the same as shouting “Help! Rape!”)

The ear-piercing shouts resounded in the deafeningly quiet night and hurt Mu Lingxi’s eardrums to the point he felt them throbbing in pain.

His large palm firmly landed a ruthless slap on Luo Liyan’s buttocks and he threatened: “Shout again and I’ll feed you to the piranhas.”

“Don’t eat me! I am not tasty! My flesh is sour!” Luo Liyan was instantly frightened and firmly covered her mouth while quietening her voice into an almost inaudible whisper.

“The piranhas are not picky eaters.” Mu Lingxi sneered somewhat sinisterly.

Barely before the elevator doors could close, a vomiting sound abruptly echoed out.

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