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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love – Ch5

Translated byFox23, Edited by Aytise

Chapter 5 – Tsundere President’s Spoiled Pet (4)

The sour smell of vomit filled the entire elevator, and the blue veins on Mu Lingxi’s forehead bulged out.

“System prompt: due to a decrease in the male lead’s good feelings, deduct 10 gold beans.”

“Woman, are you wishing for death?” Mu Lingxi choked back his anger, gritting his teeth to say.

“It’s not related to my situation, but that it’s you that is making me upset!” Luo Liyan’s unclearly rebutted.

She reached for a corner of his suit to wipe her mouth. She wrinkled her brows in unhappiness.

Really hard!

Not at all soft!

Feeling the movement on his back, Mu Lingxi could guess what she did, and all his hairs stood up in disgust.

“System prompt: Because the male lead’s good feelings have dropped again, you have been deducted 5 gold beans. Now you already owe the rebirth club 30 gold beans.”

“Stupid, if your good feelings are deducted by 100 gold beans, this world’s mission will automatically be declared a failure!”

System 666 anxiously snarled after the system’s prompts icy sound.

Luo Liyan rolled her eyes in contempt.

This little 666 was ​​really too unreliable, and the system’s rules were unclear.

Even so, she still chose to do this.

Bad impressions were not all that terrible. It was worst to leave no impression.

While she continued to think, Mu Lingxi carried Luo Liyan through the entrance of the Mu building’s penthouse.

The upscale apartments was decorated in a black and white style, emitting a cold and unwelcoming atmosphere.

Mu Lingxi was too lazy to even the clothes off of her before he threw her into the bathtub.

The room temperature water automatically began rushing out immediatley.

Luo Liyan’s head leaned softly on the mat, so drunk that she couldn’t even open her eyes. She rubbed her two small eyes and slept heavily.

Under the dim lights, the delicate white face glowed pink and emitted an aura of helplessness.

The small cherry mouth of the cherry was slightly open, flashing a little wetness, making people unable to resist leaning over to have a taste.

As soon as this kind of though emerged, Mu Lingxi’s sword eyebrows scrunched together.

Hell, I have seen all kinds of beauty, yet I would be interested in such a drunkard.

“System prompt: Congratulations, the man lead’s heart warmed for a moment. Reward 5 small gold beans. Keep up the good work! ”

Luo Liyan secretly opened her eyes a tiny bit, looking at Mu Ling’s back facing herself. He did not shy away from taking off all his clothes and walked straight into the shower room right next to the bathtub.

Fuck, this exhibitionist!

Even if his figure was really superb, was it really good to be exposed like this in front of a girl he just met?

Wow, the president’s prick!

Luo Liyan loathingly cursed in her heart but suddenly seemed to have thought of something and laughed slyly.

When Mu Lingxi finally recovered his breath. He walked out, wrapped in a bath towel when the empty bath made his deep eyes light up like a copper bell.

He quickly rushed to the bathtub just as the girl who made his heart move, as if losing all signs of life, sank to the bottom of the tub.

She wouldn’t die like this right?

Mu Lingxi’s heart was inexplicably like being pulled. The slender arm plunged into the water and fished her out.

“System Prompt: The male lead’s mood was distressed. Reward 10 gold beans.”

“Hey, are you okay?” He reached out and patted Luo Liyan’s face. Encountering no reaction, the index finger explored her nasal breath.

No breath?

Mu Lingxi’s mind seemed to flash a thunder bolt, and he remained in the same place.

[T/N: I’m pretty sure the thunder bolt is supposed to represent a flash of realization.]

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