The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love – Ch6

Translated by Fox23, Edited by Aytise

Chapter 6 – Tsundere president’s spoiled pet (5)

He wasn’t afraid of a murder happening at his place since he had a team of dedicated lawyers that would handle the aftermath for him. 

    It’s just that he couldn’t accept that the litter girl who just jumped into a rage died like that.

    ” Pu!” [T/N: Sound of spitting in anger.]

    Just as Mu Lingxi’s heart was in turmoil, a spray of hot water suddenly hit his face, pulling him out of his unclear thoughts.   

    “Hehe, idiot got tricked!” Luo Liyan bit her finger and laughed madly. 

    Mu Lingxi breathed a sigh of relief and immediately release his hand with shame. 

    When he saw Luo Liyan softly sinking into the water, his deep eyes darkened, and he grabbed her arm vigorously, lifting the delicate body. 

    Then he threw her onto the living room floor like garbage. 

    “You will obediently stay here, and I will deal with you again tomorrow!” Threateningly spitting out his words, Mu Lingxi slammed the bedroom door close with all his power. 

    Lying on the hand-woven pure wool rug, Luo Lanyan waited for a long while to see if Mu Lingxi would come out before secretly asking, “Small 66, take a look and see if you can see any cameras in this room.” 

    “Your alertness is quite high!” No. 666 gave a sign of relief. “Rest assured, there are no cameras in the apartment, but outside the door is full of surveillance. It covers all 360 degress without a single blind spot.”

    That’s good! 

    Luo Liyan sighed and sat up of the ground, not looking as if she had just been drunk.

    “Hey, little thing’s acting is pretty good!” System 666 whistled. 

    “Cf course. If it was not the case, this king would had long been bullied and killed in the orphanage.” Luo Liyan boasted proudly. 

    Then she stood up and quietly walked into the bathroom. She took off her wet clothes.

    The body in the mirror was like a warm jade.

    Eyes opened at half mast, she had two jewel-like eyes and long eyelashes that fluttered like butterflies on a tiny, delicate face.   

    Her reflection was so beautiful? 

    Surely that Mu Lingxi should not be a Liu Xiahui? 

     [T/N: Liu Xiahui was a historical Chinese judge who was known for being a virtuous gentleman. One story about him is that he met a homeless woman on a cold night outside the city gates. Once the city gates close at night, people cannot enter nor exit the city. Fearing that she would freeze to death, Liu Xiahui purely held the woman to share his clock. No mature content ever occurred that night. For more information: Baidu]

    He even threw such a beautiful woman into the living room. 

    Not at all in line with the president’s routine! 

    No wonder he will be a bachelor for a lifetime. He really deserves it! 

    Taking the bathrobe hanging on the wall, she wrapped herself tightly. 

    Although it was September now, autumn nights was still a bit cold. 

    As soon as she returned to the living room with her wet hair, she began shivering from the powerful breeze of the air-conditioning. 

    That Mu Lingxi was not intentional, right? 

    If she was really drunk and unconscious, after lying on the ground for a night would certainly result in an admission to the hospital due to a high fever. 

    Since you are inhumane, then don’t blame me for being unjust. 

    Luo Liyan narrowed her eyes hatefully and opened the bedroom door. 

    “Get out!” Mu Lingxi sat up from the bed with alarm, his tone very fierce after being abruptly woken up. 

    “No, it’s so cold outside!” Luo Liyan blinked and suddenly grinned at the thick comforter. “The blanket. I love blankets.” 

“You give me…” Seeing the little body sway and rush over, Mu Lingxi was interrupted midsentence as he was crushed into bed. 

    “So comfortable.” 

    Lying on Mu Lingxi’s chest, Luo Liyan snuggled in with great satisfaction.

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