The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love – Ch8

Chapter 8 – Tsundere president’s spoiled pet (7)

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TN: The author changed ML’s name from Mu Lingxi to Bai Lihang.

This Bai Lihang also left her a note? 

Didn’t his ‘overbearing president’ style dictate he should get up early and leave her a thick stack of banknotes on the table to let her scram as far as possible? 

Luo Liyan made a curious expression as she got up. The dragon and phoenix dancing styled script suddenly caught her eye. 

“Damn woman, you will obediently stay here. We will clearly settle yesterday’s account line by line.”

Qie! [T/N: A sound of disdain.] 

After you try to scare me like this, I would stupidly stay here waiting for you to settle accounts? You are stupid for waiting for me! 

    Luo Liyan casually smashed the paper into a call and threw it on the ground. She picked up her bag and changed the shoes to leave. 

    However, she turned the handle a few times and found that she could not open the door. 

    “Fuck, this is called illegal imprisonment!” Luo Liyan kicked the door with all her strength, let out a scream and hopped around cradling her foot. 

    “You said that you weren’t stupid!” No. 666 licking its teeth and felt pain for her. 

    “It’s your club who picks this list of scum that is stupid!”  

 Luo Liyan threw herself onto the sofa and poured out all the things out from her bag. 

    ID card, bank cards, and mobile phone had not been taken away. To think Bai Lihang wanted for her to be unable to run away from here. 

    Therefore, he did not seize her things and was not even afraid that she would contact the outside world. He even left her mobile phones behind. 

    But who knows if the cell phone ran out of battery last night or if it was her boss spamming her that drained her battery.

    Thinking of her tiger aunt’s roar, Luo Liyan shivered. 

    “Little 66, now that we are all trapped here, do you have any way to let me go home?”

    “There are some ways, but why should I help you? “ No. 666 proudly humph. 

    “How is this called helping me? This is called mutual benefit. Bai Lihang is in a fit of anger. If I meet him now, then his good feelings towards me would fall straight down. If you help me leave now, then he will definitely be super curious about me disappearing in thin air. Once his anger disappears, I will appear in front of him again, would that not be super successful?” Luo Liyan shook her head happily. 

Anyway, she would not admit that she was not courageous enough to bear Bai Lihang’s anger. 

    Even if she disappeared this way, she would not necessarily be able find an excuse that would work, but she still decided to slip away. 

    “Really? Are you sure that this method will work?” No. 666 was very distrustful of Luo Liyan’s words, feeling something was strange.

“This matter is related to whether I can return to my own world. Do you think I would joke about my own life?” Luo Liyan’s tone was sincere and serious. 

    “Well then,  the teleport function has been turned on. You only have 5 gold beans.” 

    A white light wrapped the Luo Liyan, and in the blink of an eye, she disappeared from the vast living room. 

    In the next second, the closed front door was pushed open. 

    Bai Lihang wore a haute couture silk suit and walked in with a tight face. 

    Due to the silence in the room, he mistakenly thought the little madman who he thought about all morning long had not yet woken up. 

    But when he walked into the bedroom and touched the no longer warm big bed, the dark eyes were like the dark clouds caused by a tsunami. 

    He clearly added the anti-lock password. How could the little madman walk out from this apartment that was the equivalent of a secret room?

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