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The Law of Transmigration: The Black-Hearted God’s Domineering Love – Ch1

Translated by Fox23, Edited by Aytise.

Chapter 1: The Rebirth Club   

In the dimly lit bar rang deafening music, and vague figures danced wildly in the alternating light and shadow, causing Luo Liyan to sober up with a headache. 

Shouldn’t she be on a flight back home? 

How could she suddenly appear in a bar? 

【Greetings, welcome to the rebirth club. I am Number 666 and I’m at your service. 】

Luo Liyan heard a clear voice in her ear and even the surrounding noise seemed to be blocked out. 

She turned her head and surveyed her surroundings suspiciously, only to find no one around. 

【Hey, idiot, what are you looking for? I’m in your body. 】


Luo Liyan felt a chill ran down her spine, she was so freaked out she fell off the stool she was sitting on. 

However, a lot of memories that did not belong to her suddenly poured into her mind at that moment. 

The sharp pain caused her headache to worsen and made her delicate eyebrows scrunch up together. “This 666, are you still there?” 

【What a fool, didn’t you just think I was a ghost? How come you’re not afraid anymore? 】 The other party didn’t hesitate to ridicule her. 

Luo Liyan heard the voice speak out her thoughts and her face reddened in embarrassment. She coughed twice and said: “Is there any use for fear? At the moment, you’re already in my body! My headache is killing me, can you help?” 

【Sigh, although your attitude was very unreasonable before, who made me the prime minister to support the boat.】 Number 666 stated in a very narcissistic tone.

(TN: idiom, meaning “who let me be the one in charge here?”.)

【The plane you were on crashed, so you’re already dead now. However, don’t worry, you have been selected to be a member of the rebirth club. You now have an opportunity to return to your original world in your original body.】

“Wait, something’s wrong, since I already died in an plane crash, my body must have already turned into soil. What return to the original body!” Luo Liuyan suspiciously interrupted 666.

【To be accurate, your body has no more flesh to turn into soil as it’s long been eaten by the sharks in the sea. But don’t worry, as long as you complete the tasks and earn enough points, you can go back to your original world and recreate your body.】

Really? Could there be such an organization? 

Luo Liyan bit her lip and thought for a moment. She felt that she had no other choice than believing it for the moment. 

“Alright. You’ll be giving me a task now, I presume?” 

【Before giving you the task, I need to make one last final confirmation with you. Once the task is accepted, you will not be able to back out, or else your soul will immediately be abandoned to roam around in the universe. If a task fails, you must complete three tasks for free the club as compensation. Do you have any problem with those conditions?】

“If I had a problem with them, what would you do?” Luo Liyan asked curiously. 

【in that case, I won’t start the task and simply send you back to Yin Cao. Then, I’ll look for another host who would have no problems with them.】 666’s tone sounded threatening. 

(TN: Yin Cao is the afterlife/where you go after death in Chinese culture.)

“Oh, Little Six, don’t take it so seriously, I was just joking with you! Come on, give me the task, I promise I’ll accomplish it beautifully.” Luo Liyan laughed nervously with puppy eyes.

(TN: Placing the word Little (Xiao) in front of a name is a form of endearment to indicate intimity.

If she had a tail, she would definitely wag it restlessly to express her loyalty to the rebirth club. 

She wasn’t stupid. Being sent back to Yin Cao definitely wasn’t a good thing. All that would be waiting for her there were the eighteen levels of hell. 

As for the circle of reincarnation, she wouldn’t necessarily have a life as good as her original one.

Aytise’s corner: Finally finished editing the first chapter, I’ll try to edit the rest 5 to catch up to chapter 7 and further (my own translations) as fast as possible.

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