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The Man Standing at the Top of the Food Chain Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Make yourself a man standing at the top of the food chain and then unify the rhythm of the world.

On the whole, Tang Cheng is a super willful and independent person. When he does something, he never cares about benefits or losses, nor does he care about the consequences of doing it. As long as he feels that he wants to do it, he will definitely do it.

Why does he say that? Just pick out a few of his deeds and you will know.

First, in the sixth grade of his primary school, his favorite girl was bullied by the school bully. The next day, Tang Chengcheng threw the bully naked into the school playground. The incident directly cast a psychological shadow on the little overlord and he never dared to look directly at Tang Cheng. As a result, Tang Cheng was severely punished. Even the girl he liked avoided him.

But Tang Cheng did not regret it. On the contrary, he was very happy because his sense of achievement was satisfied. As for the other things including whether the girl liked or hated him, he did not care at all.

Second, in the winter of the second grade of junior high school, in order to breathe fresh air in the classroom, Tang Cheng sneaked into the school by himself at night, breaking all the windows of the school so that all the teachers and students could enjoy the cold wind blowing.

Of course, he was given a demerit.

Third, in freshman year, Tang Cheng, who had the best results among the freshmen, was chosen as the freshman representative to speak on the stage. This was a speech that had a cross-talk with the school teacher, but he threw it into the garbage can on the day of the speech and said, “I have no interest in ordinary human beings. If you have aliens, future people, people from other countries, and haunters, please come to me!”

The reason why Tang Cheng said this was not because he had some expectation for these special creatures, but simply because he found out the existence of this sentence the night before, he felt very interesting, so he wanted to say this last time on a whim.

As for the consequences, he never thought about them.

Of course, this time the consequences are also very serious, it directly deprived him the identity of the freshman representative by the school, and some of the superior treatment originally prepared for him as the freshman representative was cancelled.

However, Tang Cheng did not care. He still did what he wanted.

For such like Tang Cheng, few people like him, many people have no feelings for him, and many people are afraid of him, because the average person can’t guess what he is thinking or what he is going to do next. When one comes into contact with him, he will instinctively generate an unknown fear. He looks very normal in appearance, but his essence is totally different from normal people.

So far, no one has been able to know what his benchmarks are.

People who have no feelings for him secretly call him an idiot or a second-rate, while those who are afraid of him call him crazy *. And for such a call, in Tang Cheng’s view … is very correct!

Because, he is such an idiot second-rate, madman, mentally deranged , big * *!

To sum up, Tang Cheng is the kind of person who is really willful to the extreme and super-independent.

But at the same time, he is also a person who really lives for himself.

And this is also a person who received such an email on his 20th birthday: “Life is a challenge, survival comes from death, and life is a bet. Do you dare to accept the challenge of the reincarnation world?”

Without the sender’s signature, the time and subject of the letter, even the text is puzzling. This is a three-no email that is more like a virus. If it is an ordinary person, it will be deleted at will, but Tang Cheng did not follow the norm … The reason is very simple, he thinks this email is very interesting.

Then, at the instant of clicking on the reply, Tang Cheng felt dizzy, he vaguely heard a cold voice ringing in his ear: “The target has been confirmed, the current challenger number is 9527, start transmission, count down three … two … one … zero.”

9527? Why is this number?

Listening to the cold voice, Tang Cheng felt the malice from all over the world, and then he lost consciousness.


He don’t know how long, Tang Cheng’s consciousness finally woke up. Opening his eyes, he saw a gray world, suddenly he felt a surprise, “He just replied to the mail, and unexpectedly he came to such a strange place, it … By the way, it seems that he have heard about transmigration before, is this the so-called different world? There is really a different world! “

Curious, Tang Cheng stretched out his hand to touch, but suddenly found his body could not move.

“Hmm? My consciousness is still there, I can talk, but my body can’t move … it’s very interesting. ” Tang Cheng muttered to himself.

From here, we can see the difference between Tang Cheng and normal people. If it is ordinary people, suddenly facing this kind of situation, even if you don’t frighten the sh*t out of you, at least you will feel nervous. But instead of being afraid, Tang Cheng feels interested, full of curiosity and surprise.

Of course, for him, even if it is really being transmitted to a different world, it is only a relatively interesting new thing, and it is not worth fearing at all.

“First of all, welcome Challenger 9527 to the world of reincarnation. Since the challenger is entering the world of reincarnation for the first time, I have the obligation to let the challenger know the rules of the world of reincarnation before the world copy starts …” Just then, the cold voice rang again before.

“Reincarnation world? A copy of the world? ” Tang cheng couldn’t help but be shocked. This is a little different from what he imagined. How could it be like a game? Anyway, let it be, let’s estimate and listen a little bit.

“This is a different kind of world. As a challenger, you will feel the thrills and excitement you have never felt before. Of course, the stakes are your life. You must finish the tasks released by the reincarnation world one after another in order to gain survival points, and once the survival points are negative or killed in the replica world, then everything you have will be wiped out, so be strong. In order to survive, this is the only thing you have to do in the reincarnation world. “

“Now, the first replica world you have entered is biochemical crisis 2.”

“The current copy of the world story: T virus made by Umbrella Company can make human beings become zombies in a very short time. Once people are bitten or scratched by them, they will become infected and become zombies as well. Originally, after the efforts of the heroine Alice and others, T virus and zombies were closed in the underground laboratory’ hive’, but at the moment, T virus has spread throughout raccoon city, nearly 90% of the people in the city were infected into zombies, and all you have to do is leave the city alive before becoming a zombie … “

When he heard these words, Tang Cheng suddenly found that he had more information in his mind.

“Main Task: Escape from raccoon city.”

“Mission Introduction: Because the rapid spread of the T virus has turned 90% of raccoon city’s human population into zombies, Umbrella Company has sealed off the entire raccoon city to prevent the disclosure of secrets and has decided to drop a nuclear bomb on raccoon city in 24 hours, so you don’t have much time.”

“Task tip: Please pay attention to the mutating zombies in the city. They are extremely terrible. Although it is very unlikely that they will become your assistant, it is more likely that you will become their food.”

“Note: In fact, you can have more. The question is whether you dare to do it.”

“Finally, in order to make the newcomer challenger pass through the first replica world without fighting capacity as much as possible, Reincarnation World will give the newcomer challenger two pieces of equipment free of charge, which have been put into your backpack. Remember, there is only one opportunity to give away equipment, and you must cherish it. “

“Well, good luck to you.”


Hearing this, the cold voice finally disappeared, while Tang Cheng’s eyes widened but he did not return to absolute being. He thought it was just an interesting email, but he didn’t expect to let himself come to the world of Resident Evil … No, more accurately, it is Resident Evil in the reincarnation world, and the nuclear bomb is only one day away from hitting him. He must escape from raccoon city within one day, or he will die!

“This kind of thing … this kind of thing … simply …” Tang Cheng mumbled with his eyes wide open, his eyes trembling faintly. “It’s almost unheard of!”

Although this seems incredible, Tang Cheng does not doubt its authenticity. At this moment, fear, excitement, nervousness, excitement, all sorts of emotions are in his heart, making it difficult for him to describe the current feeling.

But his body is still unable to move, and at that time he does not know what to do.

“By the way, equipment!” All of a sudden, Tang Cheng thought of the novice equipment mentioned earlier, “However, the two pieces of equipment are said to have been put in my backpack, but where is my backpack?”

Don’t have to look carefully, just when Tang Cheng was thinking like this, a hint already appeared in his brain. Then with the movement of consciousness, he saw an eight-compartment space in his brain and two pieces of equipment in the front two-compartment space column.

“Note that the backpack is not a simple object, but a micro-space connected with your consciousness. As long as you want to open the backpack in your heart, the backpack will automatically open. With this method, you can also take out and store. No one can see the operation of the backpack except yourself. In addition, besides living things, you can store anything in your backpack. The backpack should not be discarded or damaged. You can upgrade the backpack with survival points. Once you die, the backpack will disappear and all the items in the backpack will be destroyed. “

The cold voice rang again, but this time, Tang Cheng didn’t listen carefully, because he was completely surprised by the backpack setting … Where is this backpack? It’s just a different space to carry around!


Tang Cheng couldn’t help praising it, and then eagerly took out the first piece of novice equipment.

This is a pistol.

“Name: Fuhrer’s Big Gun.”

“Type: weapon.”

“Level: novice equipment.”

“Note: This is a pistol used by men who nearly unified the world. With it, unifying the world is not a dream.”

“Merciful novice reminder: Since the challenger entering the reincarnation world may be a useless waste, this novice equipment specially cancels recoil and all side effects. As long as the safety is opened, you can shoot with a 0.5 hit correction. What else are you afraid of?”

“F*ck! The Fuhrer’s Big Gun! ” Seeing the introduction of this equipment, he felt a shock all over. however, he don’t know if it was an illusion. But tge last reminder always felt that it despised himself.

Don’t think about this for the time being, Tang Cheng took out the second piece of equipment. From the appearance, there is no doubt that this is an ordinary saber, but its introduction is extremely sharp.

“Name: Bei Ye’s saber.”

“Type: weapon.”

“Level: novice equipment.”

“Note: This is a survival saber used by a man standing at the top of the food chain. If you can use it correctly, you can stand at the top of the food chain. Of course, you need a good set of teeth.”

“Merciful novice reminder: In fact, no matter what, you can cut as long as you swing around.”

“…” Looking at these two domineering new equipment, Tang Cheng was speechless. Before this copy started, he had already been blessed by the head of state who almost unified the world and Bei Ye who stood at the top of the food chain. Do you want to be so high-profile? !

Is this to make yourself a man standing at the top of the food chain and then unify the rhythm of the world?

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