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The Man Standing at the Top of the Food Chain Chapter 10

Chapter 10: This group of damned scum.

Although Tang Cheng’s two new equipment are quite attractive in terms of introduction, they are far from the two that Li Guodong can attack and supplement in terms of practicality. Even the attack strength may not be as strong as Zhang Yi’s magic equipment. Therefore, Tang Cheng did not think these two new equipment are any good at first.

But once used at the moment, he has a new concept.

A small saber, a blow to cut off the head of a zombie, although Tang Cheng does not deny that he has special chopping skills, but if there is not enough good weapon collocation, it is absolutely impossible to have this effect … At least, in the real world before, he used the same chopping skills with a 199 watermelon dao, and failed to cut off the head of a rabid mad dog.

From this, we can see how sharp this saber of Beiye is. It is really a necessary equipment for travel, murder and arson.

And compared to Tang Cheng and leisure to think about the advantages and disadvantages of the equipment, other newcomer challengers are feeling the test of life and death speed … Although Tang Cheng chose a zombie less road, but it is only relatively, but in this has been almost completely surrounded by zombies in the environment, so where there will be a really safe road.

In order to survive, everyone is taking out one hundred percent of their strength and fighting with no distractions. Even medical assistants such as Tang Ya and Su Xiaoqing are clutching pistols to attack zombies. Of course, their weapons are not produced in the reincarnation world, and there is no preferential treatment for new people. Although Tang Cheng has taught them the basic methods of use, but … Individuals can understand how many times a person who has never come into contact with firearms will be accurate in carrying them for the first time. What’s more, under such circumstances, it is obviously unrealistic to expect them to kill zombies, as long as they don’t hurt their own people by mistake.

Then, although Zhang Yi can be regarded as the third fighting force among the six, his mind is too fragile. He obviously has the only magic equipment in the team, but he has not exerted the power of this weapon completely because of his excessive fear. Almost all the fireballs released have become fireworks.

On the contrary, Liu Xiaotian, a dead house that had been unanimously disapproved of by all, was very bright at the moment. On average, every two rounds of ammunition could kill a zombie, making Tang Cheng sit up and take notice.

As for Li Guodong, this person does not need to say, in terms of physical quality, he is undoubtedly the strongest of the six, his courage is also big, coupled with the equipment being the best, excluding thr beginning where he’s really startled, at the moment he is really quite fierce, with the death machete swing down, almost no zombies can stand up again.

However, there are too many zombies here, even with Tabg Cheng and Li Guodong, and Liu Xiaotian these two and a half fighting capacity, want to rush out is also extremely difficult, they can only do is to protect themselves, the one who really play a decisive role is Alice.

He saw Alice holding a rifle that Tang Cheng gave her in her left hand and an iron rod he don’t know where she got it in her right hand. She walked at the back of the team, almost without looking. The trigger was pulled, the bullet was fired, and the gun went off the head, just like a sniper. And the ordinary iron bar, in her hand unexpectedly also seemed to incarnate as a killing weapon, as long as a zombie is close to her knock, that is head flowering.

In less than a moment’s time, the zombies killed by Alice had already exceeded the sum of the six killed by Tang Cheng.

Of course, this result is not surprising, after all, after being infected by T virus, Alice’s physical quality has been far beyond ordinary people, although at this stage she has not awakened superpowers, but it is also a force unsurpassed biochemical soldiers, even with her bare hands in the face of crawler has a big chance, let alone a mere zombie.

And under Alice’s amazing performance, the crowd finally narrowly missed out of the zombie encirclement, but this does not mean they have escaped, because behind them, the dense zombies are still chasing them.

“Run!” At this moment, Alice had already changed the front runner and shouted at the crowd.

Tang Cheng followed closely, followed by Li Guodong, Tang Ya, Liu Xiaotian and Su Xiaoqing, while Zhang Yi came last.

“Ah!” At this moment, Zhang Yi suddenly exclaimed with a loud voice, he also don’t know whether he was exhausted, or was tripped by something, but his body fiercely fell to the ground.

Although the fall was not heavy, Zhang Yi was already scared out of his wits because there were countless zombies behind him.

Sure enough, when Zhang Yi looked back, he already saw the zombies coming like bees.

“Help … help me!”

In panic, Zhang Yi forgot to release his magic and instinctively called for help.

Bang! Bang!

Two shots rang out at this time, it was Tang Cheng and Alice. They stopped at the moment Zhang Yi called for help, turned around and shot, and immediately shot the zombies closest to Zhang Yi at both ends. However, at the moment, there are far more than two zombies attacking Zhang Yi. Even if they are accurate in marksmanship and fast in hand speed, far water cannot save near fire.

And watching Zhang Yi about to die in the zombie’s mouth, all of a sudden, a ringing bell rang, Tang Cheng and others instinctively looked toward the sound’s origin, he saw in Li Guodong’s hand a bell, and the sound is issued by the bell.

Confused Bell, it can make the zombie confused!

Although no one knows what sounds zombies are afraid of, since the equipment introduction says so, there will certainly be no mistake. Sure enough, when the voice sounded, thr originally pouncing on Zhang Yi’s zombies, immediately like seeing something terrible, quickly falls back, and other zombies chasing them, also all stopped.

Taking this opportunity, Li Guodong quickly stepped forward, grabbed Zhang Yi and said, “Run!”

Confused Bell, although it can’t completely scare zombies, but it can play a short-term threat role, while the people took advantage of this opportunity to quickly distance with zombies, such as zombies chase again, the two sides have been dozens of meters apart. And this distance, with zombies that has slow speed they can’t catch up.

Then, after waiting for another distance, when they turned back again, they could not even see a zombie.

This time, the people finally is at ease down.

“There is a supermarket!”

Have to say, Tang Cheng and the others’ luck is quite good, not only they’re safe from the zombie encirclement, but now they unexpectedly just came to the door of a large supermarket.

“After the battle just now, I think everyone is tired. Why don’t you rest here and find some food and water?” While speaking, Tang Cheng already stepped in.

Alice followed him closely and warned: “Be careful.”

Tang Cheng nodded slightly, looked around and found that although the supermarket had been destroyed at sixes and sevens, almost all the shelves fell to the ground, and the goods were discarded everywhere like garbage, but it did not seem to have been looted by zombies … At least, he had not seen the minced meat of the human body, and the dead who were about to become zombies.

“Luck is pretty good.” Tang Cheng smiled and immediately put away his weapon. After several other people came in, he pulled down the iron gate of the supermarket.

Although the door was closed, the light coming through the gap could still be clearly seen.

At this time, people who realized that they had really escaped from danger finally relaxed and sat down one by one on the ground with the expression of the survivors.

“Uncle Li, thank you very much just now. Without you, I would have died.” Zhang Yi sat beside Li Guodong and said with gratitude.

Li Guodong smiled and patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t mention it, since everyone is a companion, it is right to help each other.”

Hearing this, Zhang Yi was both grateful and moved.

Later, Li Guodong looked at several people in Tang Ya and asked, “Are you all right?”

Tang Ya shook her head and motioned that she was fine, but Su suddenly began to cry in a low voice. Tang Ya knew that she was mostly frightened by what had happened just now. She could not help comforting her, but the effect was not great. Although Sue Xiaoqing stopped crying, she still held her knees in her hands and buried her head and sobbed slightly.

On the other side, Tang Cheng, Alice and Lu Xiaotian have already started to find food.

Tang Cheng picked up and threw away the cans on the ground, and said to Lu Xiaotian, “You performed well just now, have you practiced before?”

Lu Xiaotian knew what he meant, hey hey smiled, “I used to play shooting games in the game hall, and was a little accurate.”

“No wonder.” Tang Cheng suddenly realized that although the guns in the game hall are only toys, and it is impossible to do any exercise for the real use of guns, but it will be helpful for the promotion of dynamic visual acuity.

“Speaking of which, Brother Tang, you are really good at it. You were simply too handsome. You must have been a soldier before.” Liu Xiaotian excitedly said.

“No, this is my first time playing with a gun.” Tang Cheng said truthfully.

“Is that still so bad?” Liu Xiaotian felt it was amazing.

Tang Cheng smiled and said nothing, because Alice had already walked over.

“Speaking, what is going on in this city? Did zombies come out of the hive? ” Alice, holding three cans in her hand, threw the two to Tang Cheng and Liu Xiaotian and asked.

“That’s the way it is.” Tang Cheng stretched out his hand and took it, shrugged his shoulders and said, “Shortly after we escaped from the hive, Umbrella Company sent another group of people to enter the hive. Due to insufficient preparation, the virus was leaked out. Up to now, over 90% of the human beings in the whole city have become zombies. It can be said that raccoon city has completely become a dead city. Then, in order to prevent the secret of Umbrella Company from leaking out, they are ready to drop a nuclear bomb on the whole city tomorrow morning. “

“What? !” Hearing this, Alice’s face suddenly changed, then she gnashed her teeth and said bitterly, “These damned scum!”

Alice’s eyes were full of anger. Although she had long known Umbrella Company was extremely guilty, she still didn’t expect that they would be crazy to this extent. In her heart, she wanted to kill the personnel of Umbrella Company immediately.

However, just thinking about it, suddenly, Alice’s face changed, her knees suddenly fell to the ground and her body twitched violently.

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