The Man Standing at the Top of the Food Chain Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Alice’s variation.


This sudden change startled everyone. In alarm, Li Guodong and others who had been sitting nearby to rest immediately came running up … This is not to say how much they care about Alice’s life and death, but as the most powerful plot * character, if anything happened to Alice, the consequences would be unimaginable.

He said that if Alice did not exist, the other four would be dead except Tang Cheng and Li Guodong who might have escaped.

“The sequelae of the T virus should be cured soon.” Only Tang Cheng remained as calm as ever. Although he watched the movie Resident Evil a long time ago, most of it has been forgotten, but some important details are clearly remembered, such as Alice’s current situation.

In the original movie, there was a scene like this. Alice, who had just woken up from the research institute, was convulsed by the T virus. Of course, the actual reason is because T virus is transforming her body, and some inevitable reactions will not affect her life safety.

After hearing what he said, the people were relieved. They vaguely remembered the situation and only stabilized in less than a minute.

However, this time Tang Cheng was wrong.

As one minute, two minutes, three minutes … five minutes, ten minutes passed, Alice not only did not recover, but became more serious, not only her whole person is twitching incessantly, her wrist muscles also have it’s root exposed, her mouth foaming, as if she’s gonna die at any time.

“This …… didn’t you say that she would be fine soon?” Su Xiaoqing said to Tang cheng with a face of fear, “I think there seems to be something wrong.”

Tang Cheng’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled, this kind of situation and his memory is very different, is it really just sequela?

Thinking here, Tang Cheng bent down, his hands holding Alice’s shoulder and pull her body up, he saw at the moment, Alice’s eyes have been a dying ember, looking at its appearance, it estimated that she can’t feel nothing.

At the same time, the cold voice in the minds of the six people rang again: “The special branch mission was triggered. Because Alice’s plan was not started perfectly, the T virus in Alice’s body was mutated. Please get to the Second Research Institute within 10 hours and obtain mutant antibiotics to suppress Alice’s mutation. If the mission is successful, each challenger will get 500 survival points. If the mission fails, Alice will lose her mind and become a tyrant.”

“Note: Due to the triggering of special tasks, the special world outlook of the current world has been opened.”

What is this?

After hearing this, the crowd was shocked and bewildered. Even Tang Cheng was stunned for two seconds.

“Is it because we rescued Alice in advance?” Tang Ya immediately said.

Tang Cheng nodded. “Most of the time, in the original movie, Alice was able to wake up because an executive of Umbrella Company started Alice’s program and deliberately put her here for their experiment, but we saved Alice first. In other words, Alice’s program was not officially started …”

“This ……” Hearing this, Tang Ya suddenly lost her voice. She thought it would be a shortcut to rescue Alice in advance, but according to the current situation, this is not a shortcut, but brings more trouble.

What about the Second Research Institute, which does not exist in the original movie, where can they find it? After all, raccoon city is not big or small. But finding something that they had no impression at all was like looking for a needle in a haystack, including mutant antibiotics.

And if not found, it will lead to the failure of the task, Alice will mutate into a tyrant … Although Tang Ya does not know what a tyrant is, but just listening to the name, she has some guessed and it is not good, perhaps it is more terrible than a tracker. Once it becomes that kind of situation, they really only have a dead end!

“It is impossible to have any shortcut, in my opinion, the world is very realistic and pure, you have to pay as much as you want, and danger and opportunity exist at the same time. For example, we have acquired equipment and items that cannot be possessed in the real world and the possibility of strengthening them, while the opposite is that we have to face dangers that cannot exist in the real world. Then, we found a strong supporter like Alice, who, in contrast, would have to bear the trouble brought by her … in other words, in this world, we could never be in a position without risks. ” Tang Cheng said so.

Tang Ya listened to her heart, “so, previously we encountered zombies, is it due…”

Tang Cheng shrugged his shoulders, noncommittally.

Seeing Tang Cheng’s reaction, the bright-minded Tang Ya also knew what was going on. She could not help but lower her head and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, if I hadn’t been smart enough to ask Alice, everyone wouldn’t have encountered such trouble. Perhaps it would be best to follow the plot honestly from the beginning.”

“This is not to blame you either. We are both new people. No one will know that the world has such and such rules. And … you are not the only one who proposed to find Alice.” Su Xiaoqing joined hands to comfort her, but in the end, she unknowingly inserted a knife into Tang cheng.

Tang Cheng nodded with indifference, “Well, I’ll share half of the mistakes.”

“Ah!” Su Xiaoqing just woke up, she hurriedly waved and said, “That … I’m not blaming you, I mean, everyone is responsible for such a thing …”

“Well, it is no longer meaningful to struggle with who is right and who is wrong.” Before Su Xiaoqing finished speaking, Li Guodong’s voice came in. Although he may not be as good as Tang Cheng and Tang Ya in IQ, his performance at this time was also quite captain-like, “so there is no need to say these things. Now, the most important thing is, what should we do next? Is it to take Alice to the Second Institute or to find another way?”

While speaking, his eyes swept from the people one by one, and finally stayed on Alice, who was held by Tang Cheng.

At the moment, perhaps because of the special task has triggered the relationship, Alice’s body change has stopped, but did not she didn’t restore sanity, but instead fell into a coma.

As Li Guodong’s voice dropped, the scene immediately became silent.

To be honest, no one is willing to take a drag, especially in such a dangerous world. Previously, Alice’s fighting power was superior, and everyone naturally welcomed her. However, if Alice could not wake up until she received antibiotics, they would be under too much pressure with such a burden.

They can’t even protect themselves. How can they protect a person who is in a coma?

Moreover, in case no antibiotics are found, Alice will mutate into a tyrant beside them, and the consequences will be unimaginable.

However, if left unattended, as long as they are far away, even if Alice becomes a tyrant, they will not be threatened. Anyway, even if this branch mission fails, that is all, and it will not directly cause their death.

Abandon Alice!

Although no one said this sentence, such a message has already begun to pass on to each other.

“Well, I will take Alice to the Second Institute.” Almost half a minute later, Tang Cheng suddenly lifted Alice from her lethargy and said.

The crowd immediately looked at him, and Li Guodong sink a track: “Are you serious?”

“Of course.”

“So, can you tell me why?”

“The reason is very simple, just one. Without Alice, how would we leave raccoon city?” Tang Cheng said with a smile.


The crowd was immediately shocked. After a moment, Zhang Yi hesitated for a moment and said cautiously, “Can’t we rescue the doctor’s daughter and let him help us leave?”

Tang Chengxiao, “it is not difficult to rescue the doctor’s daughter, as long as he can contact us, give us a detailed address, even with our capabilities, we can easily save his daughter, but after? Is it up to us to rob the helicopter guarded by dozens of armed personnel? Oh, by the way, there is another chase. “

“Even in the movie, Alice and her men did not succeed in snatching the helicopter. Instead, the whole crew was captured. Finally, they managed to escape from raccoon city through the defection of tracker Matt. For us, I think it would be more practical to commit suicide.”

Hearing this, the crowd was speechless.

“So, Alice is essential, of course, if you are really worried, I will not force you, let me alone …”

“What is this, Brother Tang? You look down upon us when you say so.” Li Guodong hurriedly said, “Although as the captain, I have the responsibility to think of everyone’s safety, but since what you said is completely reasonable, of course we can’t abandon it, so it is more convenient for everyone to act together.”

Tang cheng looked askance. “so, looking for the second research institute is such a happy decision?”

“Um … um!” Li Guodong stuttered, then nodded heavily.

As for the other four people, Zhang Yi is already an ardent fan of Li Guodong. Of course, he followed them to the end. Tang Ya has her own judgment. Now that Tang Cheng has revealed the ins and outs of the incident, there is no reason to oppose it. Obviously, Su Xiaoqing and Liu Xiaotian cannot leave the team either.

Therefore, now that the decision has been made happily, Tang Cheng pushed Alice onto Li Guodong and said, “Then she will be left to you. I can’t carry her on my own.”

You know that you are weak, and you just threatened to leave alone?

Li Guodong secretly vomitted a slot and took over Alice at the same time. After all, with his physique, even carrying a person did not have much influence.

Decided on the next action, immediately, they began to collect available food and water, the so-called armed forces did not move hay first, this is absolutely indispensable, and challenger’s unique dimensional backpack, also make this action a lot easier.

While looking for food, Tang Ya came to Tang Cheng and said softly, “Thank you.”

“hmm?” Tang Cheng looked at her without rhyme or reason.

Tang Ya gave a wry smile and explained: “Because I was the first to propose the rescue of Alice in advance. After learning that taking her with me would cause unexpected danger, I wanted to give up her … To be honest, I really hated the meanness in my own human nature. Fortunately, you persuaded me in time so that I wouldn’t do things with my conscience. So, thank you.”

“I said mobile sister, you are too entangled.” Tang Cheng looked at her immediately as if she were an alien. “Isn’t it a natural thing to give up others for your own sake? What is despicable?”

“But Alice helped us after all …”

“So what? I hesitated for a long time before whether to give up Alice or not.

Tang Ya immediately stared at him curiously, “Didn’t you say that you are not afraid of anything?”

Tang Cheng suddenly couldn’t understand the girl’s thinking. He frowned and said, “I’m afraid. What does it matter if I want to give up Alice?”

“Because it is very dangerous to bring Alice.” Tang Ya said of course.

Tang Cheng scratched his head, feeling puzzled, “So, what is the relationship between the two?”

“Eh!” Tang Cheng’s continuous questions also confused Tang Ya. “Then why did you hesitate?”

Hearing this question, Tang Cheng suddenly felt sad. “Well, to be honest, I am very interested in Alice’s mutated identity. In the early Resident Evil world, where high-order mutated creatures only had crawler and tracker, they could even mutate into tyrants … Gee, after all, the tyrant I know is only an ordinary third-grade pupil, so I really hope she can change to show me.”

“Ha?” Tang Ya was immediately dumbfounded.

“But on second thought, I finally gave up.”

“Why?” Tang Ya instinctively asked.

Tang Cheng suddenly brightened up and said eagerly: “Because I am more interested in special world views, such as the edible possibility of zombies, the feasibility of taming beautiful zombies, the duel between magic girls and tentacle monsters to save the world, and the possibility of human beings becoming huge. By the way, if zombies can have children, what do you think will be born … er, how did you get there? I haven’t finished yet … “

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