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The Man Standing at the Top of the Food Chain Chapter 12

Chapter 12

After finding enough food and water for seven people to eat for a day and a night, a line of six people left the supermarket with Alice behind their backs, holding a gun, holding a knife, all the way to the western paradise … uh, no, all the way to the second research institute.

However, will this blind search have any effect?

The answer is obvious.

After walking for more than five hours, several people were almost soaked in sweat, not to mention the second research institute, even a house with the word “research institute” was not seen, but many zombies were encountered.  And they also know this time is not the time to tangle with zombies, with Tang Ya’s wit, they finally able to avoid the large shares of zombies, as for the fragmented zombies, with the strength of Tang Cheng and Li Guodong, they were easily solved.

The danger hasn’t happened yet, but people’s hearts are getting impatient.

“I said, do we really have to go to the second institute?”  Finally, Zhang Yi couldn’t help it any longer. He looked back at Tang Cheng behind him, with a faint hint of dissatisfaction in his tone.

Zhang Yi is an honest man, but honesty here refers to his intelligence quotient. As far as character is concerned, he is no different from most young people: restless, not calm, impatient, lacking perseverance and shirking responsibilities when things happen.

To avoid possible zombies, while also kept on the road, originally his physical strength is not very good, at this time he’s already dead tired, also under great pressure in spirit, he began to complain, and the first one of the nature is to put forward the action of Tang cheng.

Tang Cheng shrugged his shoulders, but did not care about his attitude. “Of course, so we have to move on.”

“Then when is the end?”

“Of course we have to find the Second Institute.”

“Do you know where the Second Institute is?”

“Alas.”  Tang Cheng sighed, “I am really worried about your IQ. If I knew, I wouldn’t talk nonsense with you here.”

“You!”  Zhang Yi was already very dissatisfied with Tang Cheng’s perfunctory attitude. Hearing this, he immediately became furious. “Do you really want to complete the task?  !”

Tang Ya looked at Zhang Yi with a red face and thick neck, and could not help but let out an ominous cry … Although she knew long ago that a team formed casually like this could not have much unity, at least everyone had the same purpose and there was no conflict of interest. At least everyone could stay together until there was an option to sacrifice someone to make more people live.  But she didn’t expect to burst into conflict at such a time. If Tang Cheng and Zhang Yi were allowed to quarrel, the team would even break up.

Zhang Yi can’t stand Tang Cheng, but Tang Cheng may leave the team!

Although Tang Ya is not well informed, as a brilliant student, she has seen some real geniuses. As far as she knows, almost all geniuses have some unique and eccentric problems. The lighter ones may be just unsociable, while the more serious ones may be regarded as sick and insane.

In Tang Ya’s eyes, Tang Cheng is such a kind of person, even more eccentric.

To be honest, it is very difficult to get along with this kind of people, because they are too subjective and always take themselves as the center and do not care about the opinions of others.  Once confronted with the contradicting place, if it is between normal people, it can be solved through communication, but it is basically impossible to communicate with such people, and even more impossible to persuade them.

This point can be seen from how to deal with Alice before. If Li Guodong hadn’t taken the initiative to ask, Tang Cheng wouldn’t have explained the reason at all, but had chosen a more dangerous path of his own.

But on the other hand, people like Tang Cheng get along well with each other, because if you follow his wishes, he will basically not harm you.

Therefore, Zhang Yi thundered against Tang Cheng. Tang Cheng may not take it to heart, but it may cause him to leave the team. This is not what Tang Ya likes to see. Instinctively, she will speak to persuade.

“All right, calm down, all of you.”  But before Tang Ya could speak, Li Guodong sank his voice, “Zhang Yi, I know your heart is very anxious, but I also said before, now is not the time to blame anyone, everyone is sitting in the same boat, once the boat capsizes, no one will survive, instead of wasting energy to quarrel, it is better to do more.”

Seeing Li Guodong speak, Zhang Yi’s anger immediately converged, lower the head to no longer speak.  He did not dare to refute Li Guodong, the rescuer.

However, he did not know that Li Guodong would not have had time to save him had it not been for the two shots fired by Tang Cheng and Alice.

Later, Li Guodong said to Tang Cheng: “Brother Tang, I know you are very capable, or don’t care about the present situation, but please also consider the mood of ordinary people like us. We have been walking for more than five hours now. We are exhausted physically and mentally, but we still don’t know where the Second Research Institute is … Time is running out, after all, we can’t go on aimlessly, can we?”

This words, let alone Zhang Yi satisfiedly stared Tang Cheng, even to Liu Xiaotian and Li Guodong. They all agree.

However, Tang Cheng asked back, “Who said there was no purpose?”

“Er?”  All of a sudden, Tang Ya hurriedly asked, “Do you have any clues?”

Tang Cheng smiled, “There are no clues, but there are some ideas. If you want to hear them, I don’t mind saying them either. Being idle is also idle.”

“All ears!”  Except Zhang Yi everyone else cocked up their ears.

“I didn’t think it was necessary at first, but since you are all so sincere …” Tang cheng first said a very beating opening remark, then explained, “first of all, about this reincarnation world … well, before that, I declare, because I don’t have any definite evidence, and everything that follows is my guess. Believe it or not, I won’t explain too much.”

“Since this reincarnation world has copies, tasks, equipment and rewards, we can basically regard it as a game, and as we all know, there can be no impossible tasks in any game.”

The people subconsciously nod.

“Then we received this special branch mission. It didn’t show any hint of mission. Even Alice, the only possible information person, was in a coma. From the perspective of information, if we didn’t have any luck, the possibility of failure of this mission would be almost 100%, but … this is against the basic game I mentioned just now.”

“You also said that what you said just now is speculation. In case your guess is wrong, this task is indeed impossible to complete?”  Hearing this, Zhang Yi could not help but retort.

Tang Cheng smiled without saying a word, looking at Zhang Yi’s eyes like looking at an idiot.

It was Tang Ya who took the initiative to act as the midfield commentator and said: “No, theoretically, that kind of thing is impossible.  And no matter whether the creator of this reincarnation world is man or god, or magic or ghost, or whether their purpose is to kill us or others, but since there are rules, there is a way to the end. After all, even in the cruel arena, there will be a victorious party, even after victory, there will still be death. “

“Yes.”  Tang Cheng went on, “The game company may release a game with numerous bugs, but it will definitely not release a game that cannot be upgraded and cannot complete the task. Even if you are permanently blocked immediately after you reach the level, the game company will try every means to extract the benefit value of the players before that … And if there is a game that cannot complete the task, then I can only say that this kind of game rule is only thought of by silly beep. The silly beep game is silly beep, and the silly beep game is silly beep.”

With five silly beeps, it nade Zhang Yi flushed, speechless.

And several other people are in stitches, even Tang Ya and Su couldn’t help but secretly laugh, what Tang Cheng said, his words is thick reason but also not thick.

Tang Cheng did not deliberately target Zhang Yi and continued: “Of course, the interest value of game players is money. What is the interest value of our challenger?  In my opinion, it should be potential and hard work. Just like the arena mentioned by the mobile sister just now, what the audience wants to see is not a gladiator without suspense, but a gladiator full of thrills, whose outcome will never be known before the end. Therefore … the challenger has the possibility of completing the task, and the difficulty of the task, if there is no accident, should be within the limits of our ability. Only in this way, the challenger will try his best, the challenger’s potential can fall off, and the audience masters who create this reincarnation world can be satisfied and praised. “

“Finally, according to the above rules, if we look at the special task we received, we can rule out the possibility of the Second Research Institute outside raccoon city.  Secondly, just now, the streets are still crowded, and we can only walk forward. from this, we can also draw a conclusion that the second research institute is not far from us … or it must exist within a distance that can enable us to arrive within 10 hours. “

“Again and again, and most importantly, information.”

“Yes, all we need is information. Without knowing anything, even if we find it, we may miss it.”  Lu Xiaotian said hastily, “How do you say this?”

Tang cheng smiled, “we don’t know the information of the second research institute, which doesn’t mean that no one knows, but the task didn’t give any hint, so … if my expectation is correct, the information will come to us voluntarily in the near future.”

“What?”  The crowd was taken aback.

“Is this … really just speculation?”  Tang Ya could not help but ask.

“Yes.”  Tang Cheng nodded.

“But since it is speculation, there will inevitably be mistakes. Why are you so confident?”  Tang Ya couldn’t help but say that Shang Cheng was talking about speculation, but from his tone and expression, he did not have any doubt, but had absolute confidence in himself and his speculation.

Tang cheng looked at her and said seriously, “because I use a soft and supple one.”

Tang Ya was speechless immediately. The others were also embarrassed and said, “How much did Piao Rou give you in advertising?”  !

As they walked along, a line of people had come to a corner in a twinkling of an eye, and it was at this time that Tang Cheng suddenly turned pale, grabbed the gun and rushed to the front with the fastest speed.

At the same time, a figure appeared in the corner.



Almost at the same time, the other five people haven’t understood what is going on, Tabg Cheng’s head of state’s big gun has been on a person’s head, and his head, was also with a dark muzzle.

“Where is the evil spirit? Name it!”  Tang Cheng didn’t look like a man who was stuck with a gun to his head, he just casually shouted.

Feeling the breath of Tang Cheng, the person holding Tang Cheng’s head gave a slight confusion, “Living … Living?”

The voice is very crisp, with a little sweetness, so one can guess at once that the owner of the voice must be a young girl … of course, it may also be a female cannon.

“If you shoot, then I am not living.”  Tang Cheng looked at the person in front of him and laughed.

There is no doubt that this is a young girl, looks about seventeen or eighteen years old, as a white girl, she looks slightly delicate, comely and her beautiful face has a kind of bold air, her black short hair makes her look capable, but her eyes are faint with a kind of fear.

“Ah!  Yes … sorry! ”  On hearing Tang cheng’s words, the young girl obviously realized what she was doing. She quickly folded up her pistol and bowed her head to apologize. “when I heard footsteps coming, I thought it was those monsters … I’m so sorry!”

Tang Cheng, with a straight face, folded up his gun and sank into a voice: “It is common sense to show your chest when apologizing.”

“Er?”  The girl was suddenly stunned, she subconsciously looked down at her small chest.

“That is which common sense of the world?  !”  Tang Ya’s feeble voice rang immediately, then went to the girl’s front and smiled, “He’s joking. Don’t listen to him.”

Previously Tang Cheng rushed out of the moment, Tang Ya really got a fright, thinking there was a loss. When her reaction came back, she only find that it was a young girl, and the girl wearing uniform let Tang Ya rest assured, so she took the initiative to come forward to communicate … She was really afraid of Tang Cheng would scare away the girl.

“I see.”  The young girl suddenly said with a naive face, “I thought you oriental people should show your chest when apologizing.”

As soon as the girl said this, all the five except Tang cheng were in tears … the faces of the oriental people were all lost!

Tang Ya didn’t want to talk about breasts. She quickly changed the subject and said, “Are you a policeman in this city?”

The young girl nodded immediately and said with a proud face: “I am Rebecca, a member of Bravo team of elite force STARS police station. I am good at refining and blending drugs. I work as a medical worker in the team, although I am still a new person …”

In the end, the girl’s voice gradually decreased.

As the young girl said this, Li Guodong, Tang Ya and Su Xiaoqing still got nothing, but Liu Xiaotian and Zhang Yi suddenly changed color, and even Tang Cheng stared at Rebecca with a strange look.

Rebecca is a police officer in elite force, but she is still an 18-year-old girl after all. She was stared at by three men so directly. Her face turned red immediately, and she felt unnatural. Her eyes instinctively dodged, “Is there … what’s the problem?”

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