The Man Standing at the Top of the Food Chain Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Rebecca! There is not only one heroine.

Speaking of Resident Evil, the first impression of many people should be zombies, viruses, disasters, and the movie version of Resident Evil. Indeed, as a classic of disaster horror movies, Resident Evil can be called a household name. Even if some people have not seen the movie, they will more or less hear it from other channels.

However, in the series of Resident Evil, the movie is not the only one, nor is it the earliest work. It originated from the game version of Resident Evil. However, compared with the movie, the game belongs to the minority after all. The popularity, influence and audience groups of the two are probably more than ten times different.

Therefore, when Rebecca revealed her identity, three people who obviously seldom touched the game, such as Tang Ya, Su Xiaoqing and Li Guodong, did not have any special feelings about the name Rebecca. However, Tang Cheng, Lu Xiaotian and Zhang Yi obviously knew or even touched the game, so they knew very well that this elite policewoman, who looked natural and reckless, was the first generation of women in the history of Resident Evil!

At this time, Tang Cheng also understood what the so-called special world outlook was.

Although the movie version of Resident Evil comes from the game version of Resident Evil, the contents of the two are completely different. The differences of the main characters, the villains and even the plot can be regarded as two independent works. If viewed from the perspective of the reincarnation world, they should have been two different replica worlds.

However, at this moment, the heroine of the game version has come into the movie. Obviously, Resident Evil’s movie and the game have been combined to form a special world outlook.

As for the world outlook, no one can know.

While others were still in shock and bewildered, Tang Cheng already responded and smiled: “Nothing, just your name reminds me of my ex-girlfriend. By the way, are you the only one in raccoon city police?”

Rebecca was very embarrassed by Tang Cheng’s first half sentence, but after hearing the second half sentence, her face suddenly darkened and she shook her head. “I don’t know if there are any other policemen, but I am the only one in my team. Not long ago, my teammates and I were investigating … When something happened, a group of monsters suddenly appeared and took us by surprise. A lot of people died, and finally I was the only one …”

Perhaps thinking of the miserable situation at that time, the girl’s eyes were a little red when she said this.

“You are investigating Umbrella Company?”

“How do you know? …… Uh! ” Rebecca was surprised and instinctively exclaimed. Then she realized that she had leaked her words and covered her mouth.

“Don’t be so nervous, the reason why I know is that we used to be employees of Umbrella Company …” Tang Cheng smiled and held Rebecca’s hand ready to touch the gun while speaking. “It was said before, and we were not really loyal to Umbrella, otherwise we wouldn’t be here to die, wouldn’t you say so?”

Rebecca looked at Tang cheng warily with suspicious eyes. at the same time, she looked at other people and found that the situation of these people did not seem much better than her. Moreover, they did not look like a combatant. To say that umbrella company had sent her killer was really far-fetched. She could not help but ask, “who are you?”

Tang Cheng opened his hand and looked around. Then he said, “This is not a place to talk. Let’s find a quiet place to have a good chat.”

“… all right.” Hesitating, Rebecca nods. She didn’t completely put down the alert to Tang Cheng and others, but she was a very bold, decisive and energetic girl herself. Being elected to STARS in elite force at such an age was also an expression of her strength, and she was not afraid of any tricks.

How to say again, in the sight of this a few people will not be more terrible than those monsters.

A moment later, the crowd came to a seemingly safe house.

On the way, Zhang Yi and Liu Xiaotian revealed quietly and Tang Ya and his three colleagues had also learned who this girl named Rebecca was. Although they were surprised to combine the world of games with the world of movies, they thought that since they could all come into movies, they were nothing in comparison.

At the same time, in connection with Rebecca’s identity and her incident, people vaguely speculated that this young girl may be what Tang cheng said before, which can help them find the key figures of the second research institute.

After everyone had sat down, Tang Chenggong immediately said: “In fact, all of us are members of non-governmental environmental protection organizations. By chance, we discovered that Umbrella Company was plotting some evil things, so we decided to enter Umbrella Company spontaneously to investigate …”

The so-called lie with your eyes open, Tang cheng made up a false identity without any pressure, and said it brilliantly, “of course, in umbrella company, we are only the lowest level employees, and we have not been exposed to enough inside information, but we still got some clues … that’s her.”

Tang cheng pointed to Alice, who was still in a coma, and said to Rebecca: “she works as a security supervisor for umbrella company, and her purpose is to destroy umbrella just like ours. the evidence she has obtained, as long as we can reveal it, is enough to make umbrella company collapse. But unfortunately, our identity was leaked ahead of time before the operation, and Umbrella Company wanted to kill us. “

“I see.” Rebecca suddenly nodded, “My team members and I have been investigating the inside story of Umbrella Company, but we have not gained much. Even now, such a thing has happened, which not only turns the whole city’s human beings into zombies, but also prepares to drop a nuclear bomb on the whole city in order to conceal what they have done. It is utterly immoral!”

Looking at Rebecca with a look of resentment, Tang Cheng moved slightly in his heart … Do you even know about the nuclear bomb? This special world outlook came into being suddenly because we rescued Alice. In other words, Rebecca is just a random entrant, but she can know information that even Alice, the original female owner, does not know. The reincarnation world really wants to transform the world copy.

“Now that you have found enough evidence to implicate Umbrella, what we need to do now is to leave raccoon city as soon as possible and then disclose all kinds of evil deeds of Umbrella to the world!” Rebecca added that the two sentences fully reflecting her characteristics as an activist.

“No, before that, we still have a very serious problem.” The speaker was Tang Ya. She pointed at Alice and said, “The only person who holds the evidence is Alice. However, she was injected with mutant T virus by Umbrella Company. It seems that she wants to transform herself into a crawler-like creature. Therefore, in order to expose Umbrella, we must let her recover.”

“Is she infected?” Rebecca seemed to be startled. After carefully observing Alice’s eyes, she was relieved to find that there was not a sign of becoming a zombie. Then she asked, “Is there anything I can do to help? I am good at drugs, and I also have some T virus data. “

Sure enough!

Tang Ya immediately felt happy. There is no doubt that this young girl is the key to their special mission.

Therefore, Tang Ya said: “According to the information we have so far, to prevent Alice’s mutation, we have to find the mutant antibiotic placed in the Second Institute, but we do not know where the Second Institute is.”

“The Second Institute?” Rebecca frowned slightly.

“Do you know where it is?” Su Xiaoqing asked eagerly.

Rebecca hesitated for a few seconds before nodding slowly. “I know about the Second Research Institute, but to be honest, I don’t recommend you to go there because it is too dangerous. Another elite STARS team went there to investigate and was wiped out, but … there seems to be no other way.”

Hearing these words, Tang Ya and the other five people immediately changed faces, for the police station of elite force to be wiped out, that with their hands, I’m afraid there is really no return.

Even Tang Cheng was slightly stunned, but what he was thinking was something else: with their new challengers’ strength, they certainly could not be compared with the elite teams of STARS. After all, Rebecca’s strength alone, though not as good as Alice’s, was better than theirs, and she was only a medical soldier in STARS … In other words, although they received useful information and assistance, the task was not made simple but more difficult.

No, it should be said to be the same.

If they did not meet Rebecca, it would be impossible for them to find the Second Research Institute based on their information and intelligence. As long as time goes by, they will surely disappear. But at the moment, the second research institute also has enough to let them destroy the danger waiting for them … No matter how they choose, the difficulty of this special branch task has always been fixed at a value.

Thinking here, Tang Cheng has a further understanding of the reincarnation world.

Although everyone was shocked by Rebecca’s words, as Rebecca said, they had no choice but to go to the Second Institute in this matter.

No matter how difficult it is, they can only crustily skin of head.

“The Second Research Institute is located in a suburb far away from us. Five hours is not enough for walking, but don’t worry about it. Our STRAS backup armored vehicle is parked about two hours away from us. As long as we get the armored vehicle, we still have more than enough time.” After leaving the house, Rebecca said as she walked.

After five hours of walking, of course, there was nothing to say for two hours. The crowd went all the way and finally, two hours later, they found what Rebecca called an armored vehicle without any danger.

The performance of armored vehicles specially used by elite teams is obviously far higher than that of ordinary civilian vehicles. When people sit in the vehicles, they have more or less increased their sense of security.

However, with the exception of Tang Cheng, everyone’s eyes were filled with intense tension and uneasiness, because they all knew that what was waiting for them ahead was extremely great danger.

Moreover, it is an unknown danger.

From the moment Rebecca came to this world, it means that their familiar Resident Evil movie world has gradually gone away from them. The world is also gradually developing in a strange direction. They can no longer follow the plot according to their memory of the movie … No one can know what will happen next!

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