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The Man Standing at the Top of the Food Chain Chapter 14

Chapter 14: 8 people.

After about an hour and a half, the armored vehicle stopped in a shallow forest in the suburbs, separated by sparse trees, and they saw a huge villa just a few hundred meters ahead, with no sunshine in the dim sky, giving the villa a faint eerie smell and a little terror.

Zhang Yi and Lu Xiaotian couldn’t help looking at each other: Is this the villa Rebecca was working on in the game? This is the second research institute?

They all played the games in Resident Evil several years ago. Apart from the general plot, most of the details have already been forgotten, not to mention a villa, so they don’t know whether it is or not, but judging from Rebecca’s expression, this should be the Second Research Institute.

Sure enough, Rebecca looked at the villa for a few times, then turned to the crowd and said, “This is the second research institute you are looking for. Although it is also my first time here, I know from the information I have, there are many monsters lurking in this research institute. They will not leave the villa for some reason, but they will launch attacks as soon as anyone enters, even the members of Umbrella Company. Therefore, the Umbrella Company abandoned it.”

The reason why the monsters won’t leave this villa … Rebecca doesn’t know, but the challengers are very clear, there is no doubt that this must be the BOSS specially arranged for them by reincarnation world. How can the monsters inside leave before they finish this special branch mission?

However, it is worth pondering that Rebecca did not mention zombies, but said monsters. She wanted to come inside and wait for their enemies. Most of them would not be ordinary zombies that move slowly and pose little threat as long as they are not in groups. It is very likely that they are not familiar with mutant zombies … Or, more horrible, crawler!

Thinking here, the less daring several people suddenly feel a little soft.

Although the crawler is no longer standing at the top of the food chain in the second part, its strength cannot be ignored. In the absence of heroine Alice, if a crawler is encountered, the fighting power of these people may be even worse.

Rebecca, with a solemn expression on her face, sink a track: “Our goal is to get antibiotics from the research institute, but if all of us enter together, there will be too much noise, and then we will become the hunting targets of those monsters, so I suggest we divide into two routes here … I add one or two people with better skills to enter the research institute to get antibiotics, while others will be on guard in the car, what do you think?”

The crowd looked at each other a few times and nodded in succession.

“Then, who will enter the research institute?” Tang Ya immediately asked.

And as she said this, the atmosphere inside the car suddenly became dignified. There is no doubt that those who enter the research institute have to bear much more risks than those who stay inside the car.

Zhang Yi and Liu Xiaotian’s eyes dodged, they did not speak. Since it is such a dangerous thing, it certainly can’t let people with no hands to carry out, so Tang Ya and Su Xiaoqing these two girls who have no fighting ability will obviously be ruled out, so, the candidate to enter the institute can only be selected among the four of them.

“Well, count me in.” Tang Cheng volunteered to do such a boring thing than being a police officer in the car. He would never do it.

A few seconds later, Li Guodong also said, “I’ll go too. Three people are safer.”

Li Guodong’s voice just fell. Before Rebecca could nod, Zhang Yi hurriedly said: “Uncle Li, even you go, then … what shall we do?”

Rebecca said: “Don’t worry, the zombies outside this place will not come and the monsters in the research institute will not rush out. In theory, it is relatively safe, and the armored vehicle can withstand certain attacks.”

In theory?

Despite Rebecca’s promises, Zhang Yi and others do not believe very much. If the theory can be trusted, how can they come to such a world?

Su Xiaoqing said: “even if you say so, it cannot completely guarantee that we will not encounter any danger. All three of you who are capable of fighting have entered, leaving only a few of us who are incapable of fighting. In case we are attacked, there will be only a dead end.”

Su Xiaoqing saying this sentence, already completely ignored the only magic attack of Zhang Yi as fighting capacity, of course, this also no wonder, because even Zhang Yi himself does not take himself as fighting capacity.

Seing some people agree to him, he hurriedly added: “Yes, so I think Uncle Li … and Tang Cheng have to leave at least one.”

Zhang Yi originally wanted Li Guodong to stay, but in order to avoid further disputes, he added Tang Cheng.

Tang Cheng shrugged his shoulders disapprovingly and said nothing.

Rebecca, however, seemed to be really persuaded and nodded hesitantly: “It’s true that if we were completely annihilated inside and you didn’t have the ability to escape from the city, then no one would be able to expose Umbrella Company. To be on the safe side, we really need to leave one with good skills, but … if there are only two people on our side and the situation is not optimistic, then…”

When Rebecca said this, Zhang Yi’s face suddenly changed.

It seems that Rebecca has to insist on three people going in anyway, and she doesn’t know whether it is the requirement of the task or her own will. But since Tang Cheng and Li Guodong can only go to one, the remaining one can only be chosen between him and Liu Xiaotian in any case. From the point of view of novice equipment, he is obviously stronger than Liu Xiaotian with magic attack and is more suitable for entering the research institute than Liu Xiaotian. This is simply shooting himself in the foot.

However, if he were to enter the institute, he would be killed!

Because he used to like Resident Evil very much, Zhang Yi was also very fond of Rebecca, the first-generation female owner of the game. But now, he is extremely disgusted with this wayward woman.

On the other side, Liu Xiaotian’s heart was also afraid, but looking at Rebecca’s inquiring eyes and Tang Cheng’s slightly encouraging smile, it suddenly added some courage and he spoke with trembling tone …

“In that case, add me one.”

Just when Liu Xiaotian wanted to volunteer, a voice rang.

The crowd immediately looked toward the sound and found Alice in the back seat had opened her eyes.

“Alice! Are you awake? ” Tang Ya was pleasantly surprised. Alice woke up at this time. There is nothing better than this!

Alice smiled and slowly sat up with the help of Tang Ya. She looked at Rebecca and said with some difficulty, “Since it is for my own sake, I can’t stay out of it. You and Tang Cheng, plus me, should be all right.”

“Are you … really okay?” Rebecca said suspiciously, although she had heard about Alice’s fighting power when she was on the road, now the other party seems to be sitting instability, in this state to enter the institute, isn’t this akin to sending yourself to death?

Alice said: “Although my body is still a little uncomfortable, it’s just a side effect after waking up. Give me a few minutes, and my basic fighting will still be fine … In short, it will definitely not hold you back, please rest assured.”

“All right.” After hearing her promise, Rebecca said nothing more and nodded, “Now that the negotiation has been completed, let’s prepare for it immediately and set off at once. After all, time is running out.”

Five minutes later, Rebecca took out three flashlights from the car, one with her and the other two to Tang Cheng and Alice respectively. Then she took out a walkie-talkie and said to Li Guodong, “This walkie-talkie can communicate with the radio installed in the car. Every ten minutes, we will report peace. If no sound is heard for more than ten minutes, it means that we may have been killed or suffered some event and cannot be contacted. At that time, you should act according to the situation.”

After that, Rebecca opened the car door and went out with Tang Cheng and Alice.

By the way, the two walkie-talkies Tang Cheng found earlier have been scrapped due to power depletion.

In addition, Alice’s body seems to have recovered almost, although he don’t know why she can wake up, but at least from the surface, she didn’t have any different shape. The clothes on her body were not the original white coat. As early as in the supermarket, Tang Ya had already changed her into a suit of clothes. Although it was not as fashionable as that in Resident Evil 2, it would not affect her actions.

After getting off the car, Rebecca walked in the front, with both hands holding guns, and walked cautiously and quickly.

Tang Cheng and Alice followed her closely. After a short walk, Alice suddenly whispered to Tang Cheng, “Thank you for not abandoning me.”

“Hmm?” Tang Cheng was stunned at first, then understood, “When you lose consciousness, can you also receive external information?”

Alice nodded, “I know most of the things except for some things I didn’t hear, so I thank you very much, and you didn’t give up on me under the circumstances.”

Tang Cheng smiled, “You think too much.”

The reason why he did not give up Alice was not that he had any special affection for her or any sense of justice. Tang Cheng didn’t think he had that kind of thing, just because he was more interested in this special world view. Although this special world outlook did not disappoint him as he imagined, the current development is also quite interesting … In short, he gradually became more interested in this reincarnation world.

As for those words that Alice did not hear, Tang Cheng thought about it, it should be the information about the reincarnation world and their challengers. If there is no accident, it is probably that the reincarnation world specially shielded them.

Of course, it doesn’t matter to him.


Shortly after the departure of the three, the five people on the car completely lost their figure. For the time being, they had nothing to do but stay in the bus and waited anxiously and warily.

Ten minutes later, Rebecca’s voice came from the car’s radio, giving the crowd a little relief.

Twenty minutes later, the radio rang again and all three were safe.

Thirty minutes later, the radio rang again and nothing unusual happened.

Forty minutes later, the radio disappeared.

“…” The originally slightly relaxed hearts, at the moment, once again was hanging to the throat, all eyes suddenly staring at the car radio, face full of tension and anxiety.

Then, another ten minutes passed and there was no sound!

“How … is it possible?” This time, Su Xiaoqing’s face is pale, she dare not believe, “so much of the three people unexpectedly, they won’t have …”

The others did not speak, but there was already an air of uneasiness in the car.

That is at this time, suddenly, a low roar came from behind.

All instinctively, immediately had their faces changed!

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