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The Man Standing at the Top of the Food Chain Chapter 15

Chapter 15: The so-called human nature is to fly separately when disaster strikes.

Appearing in front of them is a horrible dog, it’s fur has long been stripped, revealing a bloody body, it’s intestines pass through an abdominal wound and was hanging outside, its ferocious teeth grinned, it roared to all in a low voice.

They can’t help but breath in a gasp, this is clearly a zombie dog!

Compared with the zombies who become slow after being infected, zombie dogs are undoubtedly a more terrible existence, because their movements are as agile as before, coupled with great strength, they are definitely second only to crawler’s.

Moreover, this zombie dog is much bigger than those in the movie, just like a cheetah. If the gaping maw and sharp teeth like blades bite on a person’s neck, even the whole neck will be broken!

“Damn!” Li Guodong denounced, he immediately opened the skylight and stood up. At the same time, he took out the rifle from his backpack and pressed the trigger on the head of the zombie dog.


Gunfire rang out, the bullet cut the air and grazed the head of the zombie dog and flew out.

He missed!

This is also taken for granted. Although Li Guodong’s physical quality is the best among all the challengers, coupled with the new equipment, he is probably the strongest one, but in the end he is just an ordinary person. He has never taken firearms at all in the real world, but he has mastered the basic methods of use. Though, how can he hit easily.

“No, Liu Xiaotian! It’s your turn! ” Li Guodong know that his marksmanship is not good, he also dare not waste a limited number of bullets, so he immediately yelled, ready to change with Liu Xiaotian … Among the five people, only Liu Xiaotian’s marksmanship is the best.

However, his words just fell, the zombie dog is growling as it bluntly came over.

Although this zombie dog is rather large in size, its speed is extremely fast, and the distance of more than ten meters turns out to be the blink of an eye, Li Guodong’s face changed, he hurriedly withdraw his body, and tightly shut the skylight.

Although the skylight of this armored vehicle is not small, it can only accommodate one person to stand. If he exchanges with Liu Xiaotian, I’m afraid his head will be bitten off before Liu Xiaotian takes the gun and stands out.


With a loud noise, the zombie dog severely hit the car body, frightening all the people.

Fortunately, this armored car is a special elite force, its defense is quite considerable, after it suffered such a violent impact, the glass even has no cracks, only the body was slightly shaking.

Of course, armored vehicles can block the attack of the zombie dog, but it can’t resist its attack desire *, its ferocious eyes staring at the people in the car, its two claws slapped hard.

Under its attack, the car body kept shaking, especially when the blood stains of the zombie dog stained on the glass, adding several blood marks, looks more horrible.

Although everyone knows that this equipped car is extremely strong in defense and will not be easily smashed, but looking at this scene, people still felt a thrill, especially Zhang Yi and Su Xiaoqing, who had turned pale with fear and asked Li Guodong trembling, “Li, Li Dashu, what should we do now?”

Li Guodong was somewhat courageous. His heart shook and he gritted his teeth. “Zhang Yi, Lu Xiaotian, you will help me contain it later. I’ll kill this beast!”

While speaking, he took out the death machete from his backpack.

“That … that is too dangerous!” Zhang Yi said, this horrible monster, just looking at it, has already made him tremble with fear and even fight in close quarters, which he did not dare to think about.

“I also think this is too risky.” Tang Ya nodded, but few took Zhang Yi’s side. “This zombie dog is completely different from what I saw in the movie. It is probably one of the mutant zombies, and you have seen its strength and speed. Even you, I don’t think you can beat it.”

“But now there is no other way.” Li Guodong sink a track, “After all, the equipped car is not safe, and it can’t be blocked for a while. If it bumps down like this, it will break it sooner or later, and if it is allowed to live, it may also attract more enemies … Either way, we will all be dead ends. Rather than this, it is better to fight now … Zhang Yi, Liu Xiaotian, get ready!”

“oh … oh.” Zhang Yi and Liu Xiaotian nodded.

Tang Ya frowned slightly. She always felt that this was too risky, but when she considered it carefully, what Li Guodong said was also reasonable, and since she was in such a world, where there would be times when there would be danger, she no longer dissuade him.

In fact, there is another reason that Li Guodong did not say, that is the survival point.

Although it is still uncertain how the survival point will be used in the reincarnation world, it can be inferred from various signs that its function should be the same as that of money in the real world, and even greater in essence. An ordinary zombie is a survival point, so such a zombie dog would only be more.

“Grrr …”

“Grrr …”

“Grrr …!”

However, at the moment when Zhang Yi and Liu Xiaotian were just ready, they suddenly heard a lot of low hissing sounds around them. Then they saw head after head of zombie dogs coming out of the woods behind the car and gradually coming towards them.

“My grass! Why are there so many?!” Li Guodong immediately stared big eyed, he can’t help but’ criticise, at the same time, the courage in his heart also disappeared in a flash.

If there is only one zombie dog, he is confident that he still has the ability to fight, but now … there are at least 20 zombie dogs. If he really rushes out, there is no second possibility except to be cut into pieces and fed!

“Yes, we must get out of here!” Li Guodong was decisive enough to know that it was no longer the time for recklessness. He immediately gave up his previous plan, jumped into the driver’s seat and started the car.

Tang Ya’s face changed. “What are you doing?”

“Of course it is to leave here, don’t you see those guys!” Li Guodong said without looking back.

“But Tang Cheng hasn’t come back yet!”

“Now we can’t take care of so much …” Li Guodong said as he turned the front of the car, “armored vehicles are absolutely unable to resist the attacks of so many zombie dogs. If we continue to stay here, we will all die in no time. Do you want to see that kind of result?”

“But …” Tang Ya immediately became hesitant, although she knew that, from a rational point of view, Li Guodong’s decision was not wrong, but emotionally, she could not accept it.

If they leave like this, is it not equivalent to abandoning their companions?

“We didn’t abandon Tang Cheng …” Li Guodong looked back at her,, “It’s because, he has not come back. Since no contact has been sent for 20 minutes, it shows that they have run into serious trouble and there is no point in waiting any longer, and … they also said that let’s play it by ear. “

“But … we can still find them, maybe they are not dead …”

Before Tang Ya finished speaking, Li Guodong laughed, “Alice, Rebecca and Tang Cheng, the combined strength of these three people is many times better than ours, even they can’t make it, if we go in, isn’t that just to die? If you don’t agree with my decision, you can ask everyone here who is willing to go with you to find them. “

Hearing these words, Tang Ya instinctively looked at the other three. Zhang Yi immediately shook his head as soon as he came into contact with her. As an ardent fan of Li Guodong, he obviously stood firmly on the other side. Moreover, he did not have the obligation to go through fire and water for Tang Cheng.

“Yes, I’m sorry.” Su Xiaoqing bowed her head in shame.

Only Liu Xiaotian expressed some struggle, with his mouth open slightly and moved a few times, but looking around and seeing the fast coming zombie dogs, he finally didn’t say anything.

Tang Ya helplessly sighed, closed her eyes and murmured, “Maybe, you are all right …”

Then, in the roar of a burst of engine, the armored car forced open the zombie dog in front, and sped away.

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