The Man Standing at the Top of the Food Chain Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Let me show you the ropes and fly with me.

Leaving aside what happened after Li Guodong and his party drove away, we let the time go back a little bit, after Tang Cheng, Alice and Rebecca entered the villa, Tang Cheng found that although the villa looked a little creepy, there was not much difference. The silence was just like a haunted house.

Of course, the three people present are all quick-minded people, and it is difficult to become pig teammates. As we all know, since this is Umbrella’s Second Research Institute, it will not be as simple as the surface … As long as reference is made to the honeycomb, it is not difficult to obtain Umbrella’s simple hiding method.

“Then, let’s find the secret passages separately.” Tang Cheng said lightly, then he went up the stairs to the second floor and wandered around.

Alice and Rebecca were looking on both sides of the first floor.

Twenty minutes later, the three people returned to the front of the first floor stairs again and shook their heads to show that they had found nothing. Rebecca reported peace twice over the intercom.

“It seems that Umbrella Company has done a very tight job of hiding here.” Alice frowned and asked Rebecca, “Haven’t your colleagues been here before, haven’t they got any clues?”

Rebecca shook her head. “The only news I got was that there was a very horrible monster in this villa. This was information from my colleague before he died. Other than that, I know nothing.”

After that, Tang cheng made another tour on the first floor and said while analyzing: “I didn’t check it very carefully on the second floor, because I think the probability of hiding secret passages on the second floor is very small. After all, according to the habit of umbrella company, their bases are generally underground. in addition, if there are really horrible monsters here, it is very easy to block them with this villa, and they can’t get out because they are mostly locked underground. So, if there is nothing unusual on the first floor, then the only suspicious thing … is this staircase. “

With that, Tang Cheng’s eyes were already on the stairs in front of him.

As a straight staircase, unlike most buildings, the staircase of this villa is not against the wall, but in the center of the hall. At the same time, it is quite wide and can accommodate at least five adults standing side by side.

Alice nodded. “From the design point of view, this staircase is indeed quite suspicious, but we have looked for it before. There is no hidden mechanism on the staircase.”

Alice used to be the safety supervisor of Honeycomb, and her ability in this aspect is obviously first-class, so her tone is quite confident.

“Perhaps there is no mechanism here.” Tang Cheng smiled. He did not doubt Alice’s judgment, but he had another idea in his heart. While speaking, he took the two women by the hand and went up the stairs one on the left and one on the right. “Come on, let me show you the ropes and fly you.”

The two women looked at each other, eyes full of doubt, they don’t know what Tang Cheng’s tricks. Of course, as western women, their ideas are more open, they don’t think there is a problem, and let Tang Cheng pull them up the stairs.

Then, when he reached the fifth stage, Tang Cheng stopped.

“What’s the matter?” Rebecca instinctively asked.

Tang Cheng did not answer and made a gesture of silence.

Three seconds later, with a click, the stairs were quivering. Alice and Rebecca were on alert immediately, but before they could respond, suddenly, the stairs suddenly began to sink …

They really flew! But not to the sky, but to the ground!

Of course, to be more precise, as the “mechanism” was activated, the entire staircase began to land underground.

This time, in addition to Tang Cheng’s calm as usual, Alice and Rebecca are all a little scared, because the landing speed of the stairs is too fast, it is just like a elevator off the line. With this speed drops to the bottom, the three will surely die.

Fortunately, this kind of thing did not happen. Although the Second Research Institute has been abandoned by Umbrella Company, the equipment has not been damaged. Moments later, the trend of sharp decline gradually calmed down until the sound of Khartoum came to a standstill.

Judging from this situation, the stairs seem to have descended to the bottom.

Here is located underground, there is no sunshine, the gap at the top was already closed when the stairs fell. The abandoned research institute can’t obviously continue to maintain power supply, so the three people was in front of darkness, they can’t see anything, only a smell of rancid coming from the front.

Even though Alice and Rebecca have excellent skills, they are a little nervous under such circumstances.

The two women hurriedly turned on their flashlights and looked around. They found that there were walls behind them and on the left and right sides. Only in front of them was a passage slightly wider than the stairs.

“It seems that this is the so-called Second Institute.” Tang cheng said.

“How did you know?” Rebecca asked incredulously. Alice looked at him curiously. Although both knew there was something unusual about the stairs, it was absolutely impossible to find such a way to get down.

Tang Cheng smiled and did not hide. “In fact, it is also very simple. Generally speaking, there are only two ways to open secret passages like this. One is to set up mechanisms like beehives, and the other is to trigger it by the people themselves. Since we have not found mechanisms in villas, it means that mechanisms do not exist, so it can only be the second …”

Rebecca soon had a question: “Have you ever thought that maybe it was because we failed to find the mechanism and not because it didn’t exist?”

“This is impossible!” Tang Cheng flatly rejected the proposal. “If there is a mechanism, I can definitely find it. Since I can’t find it, then it means none. There is no doubt about that.”

“…” Two women was speechless, you’re a little bit too confident right?

Considering, they also don’t know Tang Cheng… If they know him even just a little, they will know that Tang Cheng’s extreme way of thinking is common in his life, just like the second disease. In short, what he thinks is right must be right. If he thinks it is wrong, then even what is right must become wrong.

But once what he approves deviates from reality, he will think: it is not my fault, it is the world’s fault!

To put it mildly, Tang Cheng has 100% confidence in himself.

To put it bluntly, he is a self-centered, arrogant, crazy and narcissistic super-psychopath who firmly believes that the world revolves around himself and even gravity serves him.


The most incredible thing is that Tang Cheng’s paranoid and extreme way of thinking rarely makes mistakes, which also leads to some people being full of awe of Tang Cheng, or, in the minds of some people, the existence of Tang Cheng alone is incredible enough.

“Of course, there is another more important reason.” For the two women’s strange eyes, Tang cheng also don’t care, he just laughed, “I have written a novel before, the protagonist is based on my own prototype killer, the most commonly used is this kind of automatic trigger mechanism. And the second institute of mechanism setting, if it is I who set this I also can make it more fine, such as … “

“Well, this need not be explained in detail.” Alice was afraid that Tang would make a long speech, so she hurriedly interrupted him. She didn’t have much time left, she didn’t have any spare time to talk nonsense here.

As for Rebecca, she got a fright when she heard the word “killer”. She actually wrote himself into a killer and openly said it. If this is a peaceful time, she wouldn’t mind inviting Tang Cheng to the police station for coffee.

“is it? That is really a pity. ” Tang Cheng sighed a little regretfully, but said no more. Holding a flashlight, he walked towards the top of the stairs.

Soon, Tang Cheng saw a mutilated body lying at the top of the stairs less than one meter away. With its dirty clothes, he could vaguely identify the staff of the institute. Most of the body was rotten and stinking. The only hand left was tightly holding the ground ahead.

Tang Cheng looked at it for a few times and immediately laughed. “Ha ha, this guy is really unlucky. He was only one meter away from the finish line, but he was caught by zombies at the last minute. It’s really pitiful.”

He said pitifully, but his expression seemed very happy.

Although Alice and Rebecca also wish all the umbrella company’s people would die, but they don’t have Tang cheng’s bad taste, looking at the body, frowning in succession.

Because judging from the wound of the body, the other party was obviously not bitten by zombies, more like some kind of large animals.

For example … crawler!

“Maybe soon, we will become as poor as him.” After saying such a sentence, Alice continued to go forward.

I am in the dark. Although I have the help of a flashlight, the range of illumination is still only that small. It is difficult to look at all sides. Moreover, the light source of the flashlight may also attract the enemy, making it difficult for me to feel at ease.

“It seems that we should look for the power switch first. Although we don’t know whether the power supply system here is still useful, this situation is too bad for us now.” Rebecca suggested.

Tang Cheng did not object, but asked, “Do you know where the power switch is?”

“Just leave this to me. Umbrella Company has certain rules for the construction of the research institute. Although I dare not say that I fully understand it, I must be familiar with it. In addition, there should be some hints in the corridor.” Alice said.

As a result, the work of leading the way was given to Alice, and as she said, the position of the power switch was indicated in some places. As a result, the three people relaxed a lot.

During this period, another ten minutes passed and Rebecca reported peace.

At the same time, Tang Cheng looked at the task prompts and found that there was only 40 minutes left before Alice’s mutation time. Although time was a little tight, if everything went well, antibiotics should be found before the mutation.

However, will it really be so smooth to reward such a huge branch mission?

The answer is obviously impossible.

A few minutes later, just as the three of them were walking to a crossroad, suddenly, a low voice rang around, accompanied by a chewing sound like a wild animal.

In such an environment, the sound is particularly horrible, Alice and Rebecca quickly picked up their guns, pointed their flashlights all around, and their eyes are full of alert.

“Get out of the way!” At that moment, Tang Cheng suddenly yelled.

Alice and Rebecca don’t know in their hearts, but they believe Tang Cheng and instinctively recede toward the rear.

Then … bang!

In the messy light, he saw a huge monster swooping down from above, just hitting in the previous three people’s standing position. The monster moved very quickly. After a fan was emptied, it immediately went back to hide on the wall without waiting for the flashlight of the three people to shine. The three people could only see less than half of its figure.

“What is that? Crawler? ” Rebecca exclaimed.

“It seems to be … bad. I didn’t expect there would be so many crawlers here.” Alice sink a track.

Yes, there was not only one monster just now, because the previous chewing sound and low roar did not come from the same direction. Even when the monster came, more voices rang.

If the monster is really a crawler, then they are likely to face more than a few crawlers!

“Ah!” All of a sudden, Rebecca let out a loud scream.

“What’s the matter?” Alice hurriedly asked.

“The intercom … broke.” Rebecca said gloomily. It turned out that Rebecca accidentally fell to the ground just at the moment of evading, and the intercom in her arms just fell out and crashed.

“As long as you are fine.” Alice breathed a sigh of relief, she walked over and said, “whether it’s crawlers or other monsters, we need to continue to the power room …”

“Wait!” Before Alice could finish speaking, Tang Cheng suddenly stopped her quickly.

Alice moved in her heart, and the flashlight immediately shone at Tang cheng. She found the other party squatting on the floor, with a serious face, as if listening to something.

“Run!” After more than ten seconds, Tang Cheng stood up and shouted as he quickly turned and ran back.

Seeing him like this, plus there is indeed a slight noise sounding at the foot, the two people also realized that something bad happened, their faces changing, they hurriedly turned and ran away.

And just after the three people ran out for more than ten seconds, suddenly, the floor had a tremor, and then with the cross turn as the center, the surrounding floor quickly cracked, combined with the nearby room, the whole area fell down.

With the sound of booming, this area of the laboratory actually collapsed, and Tang Cheng’s group naturally inevitably fell down.

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