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The Man Standing at the Top of the Food Chain Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Are you afraid?

“What is this jerry-built project? It’s cutting corners! ” Tang Cheng got up and stretched out his limbs to check if he was injured, complaining.

He had better luck. When he fell, he straightened up in time so that he didn’t hurt himself. In addition, he was in a position where the rooms on both sides were far away and the gap was wide. Otherwise, even if he was safe by the fall, he would be killed by the room that fell together burying him.

By saying not injured, it does not mean that Tang Cheng is in a good position at the moment.

First of all, because of the previous collapse, his flashlight has fallen off, this time, he don’t know where he fell, his sight only has darkness. And Tang Cheng didn’t intend to look for it either. According to the time just fell, he could calculate that the place was at least 10 meters away from the floor above, while the foot was hard rock. At this height, the flashlight fell out of the way.

Secondly …

“Alice …”

“Rebecca …”

“Poor Alice’s sister …”

“Rebecca MM…… with a hood …”

Tang Cheng called twice in the dark and did not get any response. In his heart, he was already sure that the two women had probably fallen somewhere else and could not meet for at least a short time.

In such a dark environment and without the help of his companions, it is more likely that there are terrible monsters lurking in the dark. To be honest, Tang Cheng’s current situation is really quite dangerous.

If it is the average person, this time he/she is probably already out of his/her mind.

But Tang Cheng is different, his mood is as calm as ever. Even the two shouts of distress were just to remind Alice and Rebecca that if he weren’t alone, he would definitely not yell like that.

“Well … it seems it’s my turn to single SAO, I also don’t know what the hell is this place …” Muttered Tang Cheng as he pulled out from his pocket a cigarette lighter and cigarette that he found in a car on the side of the road not long ago, he lit it and smoked a few mouthfuls in his mouth.

“U.S. Emperor’s cigarettes feel no different from those made in China …”

Tang Cheng spit out a cigarette ring and raised his lighter to observe the surrounding environment.

To tell the truth, it is very unwise to speak or ignite in such a place, because sound sources and light sources are likely to attract monsters in the dark and lead to attacks.

Tang Cheng is also very clear about this point, but it is absolutely impossible to expect him to consider it in his own safety. For a person who is not afraid of death, death is, of course, a common occurrence.

Through the faint light, Tabg Cheng found that this seemed to be an underground pit, the area of which is not known for the time being, but at least it is larger than a football field. He also did not know what kind of mentality Umbrella had in building such a pit under the institute. However, when he took the lighter down, he found that there were many skeletons and animal fur on the ground.

Even, there are human bones!

“Abandoned corpse field? No, no, obvious bite marks can also be seen on these bones, which should not be discarded corpses, but dregs of food, so … “Thinking here, Tang Cheng probably understood what place it was.

Farm, monster farm!

In order to study the variation of T virus, Umbrella Company must have kept some mutating organisms in this underground pit for research, while the bodies of human beings and animals are mostly the food they put down … Although it is a bit too much to disobey to keep such a ferocious monster in the underground of the research institute, in the third part, those frenzied researchers dare to share the same room with the zombies, which is even more deadly than him. This kind of behavior is not surprising.

The question now is, did he fall into this hole and will become the food of the monster?

If the monster raised here has left, it is easy to say, but if it is still there …

“Grrrr …” At this moment, a low roar rang in the darkness, Tang Cheng could even recognize the faint hunger in the roar.

“Cut, what do you really want?” Tang Cheng couldn’t help laughing at the sound. Raising his hand, he threw the lighter, which was still on fire, towards the sound. At the same time, he carried the gun in his right hand. When the firing gun flew into the air, the bullet shot out of the gun chamber.


The lighter exploded when one shot hit.

Just a lighter, even if exploded, can’t have much power, but the explosion of the light can illuminate a certain range … Although when the lighter exploded, the monster quickly hid in the darkness, but through this light, Tang Cheng still saw its true face.

The huge and heavy body is like a frog after being enlarged. Its strong limbs look powerful, only its head is human, but its face is extremely ferocious.

“It was indeed a crawler.” Tang Cheng is no stranger to the appearance of this monster.

“It’s really bad luck to encounter a crawler in such a place. It’s really … trouble.” Tang Cheng said so, but the corners of his mouth were slightly aroused. If there was light shining on his face at this time, one would surely find his smile quite different from usual.

It’s not an ordinary smile, but a cold, bloodthirsty, killing smile.


Tang Cheng is not a normal person. No one knows this better than himself.

Normal people will feel fear when confronted with dangerous and terrible things, they will have more courage when their blood surges up, and will feel sorrow when their relatives and friends die. But this kind of feelings have never been felt by Tang Cheng.

And Tang Cheng’s abnormality is not only reflected in his emotions, but also in his body.

To put it simply, Tang Cheng can freely control his body.

Perhaps you will say that it is difficult to control your body. As long as you are not disabled, anyone can do it well.

If you understand this way, you are totally wrong, because the control here does not refer to the basic movements of the human body, but to deeper and more subtle movements.

For example, a mosquito, ordinary people want to see the texture of its wings, they must use a microscope, but Tang cheng, as long as he focuses on a little, he can clearly see the texture of the mosquito’s wings one meter away, even if the mosquito is flying.

Not long ago, in the research institute where Alice was held, Tang cheng used this method to find the password.

Then, when looking for the mechanism on the stairs of the villa, he relied on his hearing … since it is an automatic trigger mechanism, the place where it can be triggered and the place where it cannot be triggered are definitely different. Although this subtle difference is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish, Tang cheng can recognize it once he has adjusted his hearing to the limit.

In addition, Tang Cheng can also control his metabolism, blood circulation, pulse of meridians and brain operation, etc. Even if he wishes, he can stop his heart beating for 10 minutes on the premise of ensuring his life.

Tang Cheng did not know when and why he possessed this incredible ability, but when he realized it, they already existed.

Different feelings and different bodies have created such a strange existence as Tang Cheng. If this kind of abnormality is placed on other people with normal thinking, the other party will probably think about and explore its own abnormality, which also reflects the place where Tang Cheng is most different from ordinary people … He has never explored his own abnormality.

Of course, in the ordinary real world, Tang Cheng’s abilities have no influence on his life, and he doesn’t think these abilities are useful, but they are different here!

Tang Cheng, who finally got serious, focused his attention to the extreme. Everything around him immediately entered his ears … Although he could see nothing in the dark, he could hear.

Just five meters behind him, the crawler has gradually approached, the friction between the limbs and the ground, the sound of pulse beating, the sound of blood flowing, and the sound of crawler sticking out its tongue to contact with the air … Everything is under Tang Cheng’s control.

His brain is running at high speed, Tang cheng analyzed that it takes seven seconds for the crawler’s tongue to touch his neck, then it takes less than half a second to roll himself up and pass him to its mouth, and then he will be bitten by the crawler instantly.

So, how should I deal with it?

In less than a second, Tang Cheng has simulated more than a dozen ways to kill the crawler in his brain.

So, he stood motionless, quietly waiting for the predator … No, it was the prey’s trap!

Six seconds … five seconds … four seconds … three seconds … two seconds … one second!

Just as Tang Cheng silently recited to zero seconds, his throat had been tightly bound, and great strength made him unable to breathe any more. At the same time, his body involuntarily jumped up and quickly flew backward.

Clear surprises, Tang Cheng heard a huge body coming towards himself at the same time.

At this moment, Tang Cheng felt the smell of death.

However, he did not feel panic, instead, his heart was filled with excitement.

Yes, he likes this kind of feeling, whether it is his own death or the death of others, only between the dying and life can he feel his emotions have slight ups and downs, and only at this moment, can he feel … he is really alive!

Therefore, he likes killing.

Whether it’s killing himself or killing others.

However, in the peaceful real world, he can’t get this kind of feeling. After all, although he is abnormal, he always has the lowest bottom line. He can’t kill the same kind that has no problem. The average animal, even a lion or tiger, a large carnivore, is too weak for him.

At the beginning, he searched hard for seven days and seven nights in the remote mountains. In the end, he only adjusted the nerve reaction speed slightly and easily killed a furious female tiger. After that, he completely lost interest in this kind of bullying.

Then, he brought back the cub of the female tiger, kept it at home for more than a month, and sent it to the zoo. Since then, he has never experienced the real killing. He can only rely on this pursuit in the novel, taking himself as the prototype, and personally creating a horrible killer hero, looking for this kind of feeling that he can really feel alive from the novel.


Now he doesn’t have to do that anymore, because at this moment he is in a world where he can kill at will, and the enemies he faces also have the same strength as him.

The reincarnation world, it is his dream world!

Excitement, delight, excitement … Tang Cheng’s mood rose by 5 percentage points for the first time in history.

Then, when his body was rolled up to the crawler’s mouth and the almost suffocating foul smell came on his face, Tang Cheng finally moved!

The nerve reaction speed of his left hand increased ten times, like lightning stroke upward, Bei ye’s saber instantly cut off the crawler’s tongue. At the same time, his right hand holding the head of state’s big gun also opened fire at this moment, the gunfire rang at the moment and the bullet has sunk into the crawler’s mouth.

In the crawler’s roar, Tang Cheng stepped on the other side’s body with one foot, jumped up instantly by this force, and then volleyed back. The saber fiercely pierced the crawler’s back and the pistol fired repeatedly.

The next moment, the crawler’s body collapsed.

Tang cheng jumped from his body, stretched out his hand to wipe off the blood stains and minced meat on his face, and said with a little regret: “There is a huge force in the air, but there is no corresponding speed, and the nerve reaction is too slow to cover the key … it is too weak.”

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