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The Man Standing at the Top of the Food Chain Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Kills in an infinite number … meaning: high tail!

The crawler, a predator created by Umbrella Company with painstaking efforts, did not expect to receive such an evaluation as “too weak” in Tang Cheng’s mouth. If they could know, they would not know what kind of mood they would feel.

Not to mention this, just after Tang cheng killed the crawler, the long-lost cold voice rang out in his mind again, “Congratulations to challenger number 9527 for successfully killing the crawler and obtaining 50 survival points. At the same time, since number 9527 is the first challenger to kill BOSS monster in this novice mode, a reward card for the first kill is specially given, and the card for the reincarnation is scraped open, so that one of three types of equipment, skill books and items meeting the current replica world difficulty can be randomly obtained … special reminder, this information is applicable to all challengers in the current replica world.”

“There is a first kill award, this is becoming more and more playful, and it sounds as if it is still a full announcement. So Lao Li and his family should also know that I killed the crawler and got the survival point award and the first kill award?” Tang Cheng murmured, although he felt that this setting was a bit of a hole, he didn’t care much.

After all, a person who is not afraid of death naturally doesn’t care whether he is high-profile or low-key.

It was the 50-point survival bonus that made Tang Cheng pay more attention. Only one crawler has such a high reward point. If more crawlers appear, wouldn’t he be able to brush a lot of points?

“Oh, no way.” Just thinking here, Tang Cheng shook his head, then coughed violently. If it weren’t for the darkness, you could find that Tang Cheng’s face was extremely pale at the moment, like a patient with advanced cancer.

“Sure enough, such a large-scale adjustment is still too much for me.”

As the saying goes, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Although Tang Cheng can freely control his own body, this control is not arbitrary and requires a great deal of energy. It has a great loss of spirit and physical strength. If he uses it frequently, there will even be some side effects.

In the process of unlocking the combination lock, he felt tired just by adjusting vision. However, like before, he adjusted his hearing, brain operation and nerve response at the same time. This is the first time that he has used it so frequently after possessing this ability. Its consumption is far from being as simple as one plus one, but it is increasing geometrically.

Therefore, although he killed the cawler easily on the surface just now, in fact he has already used all his strength. If another crawler comes now, he can only end up as food at most.

“Sure enough, there is always an insurmountable barrier to SAO alone. At least there must be a treatment to be considered insurance …”

Tang Cheng said so on his lips, but his heart was not worried. When he entered the super-divine mode (this is the name he gave to his ability), he had roughly calculated the range of the hole through the sound transmission. The hole is 10 meters high and covers an area of nearly one and a half football fields. Besides the one that fell to the ground, there is no second crawler.

Therefore, he will not be attacked in a short time.

However, he is also unable to leave here.

It would have been easy to say before the battle with the crawler, but now in his weakened state, he is absolutely unable to get out of this 10-meter deep pit, and it will take at least three or four hours of recuperation before he can return to the state of being able to turn on the super-divine mode again.

So for now, he can only place his hopes on Alice and Rebecca.

When there was nothing to do around, Tang Cheng wanted to see what the so-called reincarnation card was. He opened the backpack and found that there was an extra card inside. The reward for killing was directly entered into his backpack.

“The E-level reincarnation card can be randomly selected from one of the E-level equipment, skill books and items by scraping off the black bars in the card. It has a very small chance of extracting items of a higher level.”

“It’s really graded …” Hearing this sentence, Tang Cheng couldn’t help spitting out a sentence. As early as when he checked the information of novice equipment, he knew that the world’s gadgets must be graded, but he didn’t know what kind of grading method it was. Now it seems that ABCD, the old-fashioned grading method is used. The E-grade reincarnation card produced by this novice replica world is mostly the lowest.

At the same time, there is a very small chance to draw items of a higher grade, so you have to look at your face if you want to draw good items.

Although his body is in darkness, making Tang Cheng unable to see the surrounding environment, but this card seems to be not affected by the environment, as it is clearly presented in front of Tang Cheng, and there is nothing strange about the card itself, its whole body is white, in addition to the front painted with a black question mark, without any embellishment, it just looks shabby to the extreme.

“Well, since it is a reward for the novice task, there is no need to demand it.” Tang Cheng said lightly, then he reached out and scraped off the question mark on the card.

Then, with a slight flash of light, the card in Tang cheng’s hand turned into a small book with a letter D engraved on the top right corner of the cover.
“Wow! The card has exploded.” Tang Cheng never expected that he had such a good face and really got a very small probability of high-grade items, plus it also a skill book, even though he didn’t step on sh*t today.

Among the three items of equipment, skill books and items, Tang Cheng has no demand for equipment. After all, his two novice equipment are enough in this replica world. No matter how many, they are just icing on the cake. However, items, besides the panacea that can make him instantly full, seem unnecessary.

So skill book is the most useful, with his ability, if coupled with a good skill, his fighting capacity can definitely turn up several times.

Therefore, Tang Cheng happily opened the skill book.

In fact, this so-called skill book is similar to the graduation certificate, with only two pieces. It is not really a book, but Tang Cheng doesn’t care about such details. The moment he opened it, he immediately saw on the left page a few words that were very shocking … meaning: Gao Wei Chop!

Anyone who has played a game knows that what can be called meaning is definitely some powerful skills. Since it is chopping, it is probably some kind of chopping technique, and Tang Cheng has a saber in his hand, which can be used as a dagger reluctantly. So Tabg Cheng knows that he is really in luck this time.

As long as you learn this skill, you can advance from a writer to a humble guest!

However, when Tang Cheng saw the introduction of skills on the right page, his expression froze instantly, as if a good mapo bean curd when eaten it’s the expression of dark cooking flavor.

What he saw, on the right page is written like this:

“Name: Aoyi-Gao Wei Chop.”

“Type: Skill.”

“Grade: G.”

“Scope of application: female challengers with chest circumference above D” 

“Detailed explanation of skill: converting the power of chest high-speed up-and-down movement into a super-strong claw power of attack is the secret meaning handed down from generation to generation by noble families and high-tailed families. However, this secret skill can only be learned by people with huge breasts. It is a fantastic magic skill beyond the reach of men and clothes rubbing boards. At the same time, the more milk a user has, the stronger the power of this skill.”

“Note: I’m sorry dad, I’m a washboard of a daughter of Gao Wei’s.” It was shamefully said.


“What the f*ck!” Tang Cheng took this skill book and watched it for ten seconds, then dropped it heavily on the ground. Although he was lucky to have drawn high-grade items and was also the most useful skill book for him, he never expected that it would be such a cheating skill.

“Clearly is a claw work, it refers to the fat polymer chest, even if it is as big as basketball, how much energy does it have to move up and down? Can you split a watermelon by converting it into attack? The bigger the milk amount, the stronger the power. Is it possible to destroy the planet like Frisha after having the chest the size of the earth? Reincarnation world, are you a him or not? !”
Tang Cheng, who had never changed his color before Mount Tai collapsed, was forced to spit out five consecutive blows at the moment. This shows how broken this wonderful skill is and how hard it really hit him.

“However, if you think about it carefully, even the goddess’s inner pants are equipped with the kind of cheating equipment, and this skill book is not so blind …” Half a minute later, Tang Cheng picked up the skill book again, leafed through it for a while and murmured, “Moreover, once you accept this setting, it is actually quite interesting.”

However, the question now is, what should he do with this skill book?

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