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The Man Standing at the Top of the Food Chain Chapter 19

Chapter 19What should we do with this wonderful skill book, which reads “Gao Wei Jian”, is this really an eagle claw skill?Tang Cheng subconsciously looked at his chest and it was definitely not possible to practice by himself. First of all, he was an indomitable gentleman who had been rejected by this skill book on congenital conditions. If there are still items that can be changed in this reincarnation world, we may be able to fight against it, but … we have to ensure that our milk quantity after changing sex can reach grade D.In all respects, this is not very realistic.”But then again, although the explanation of this skill is to convert the strength of the chest movement up and down into attack power, even if it is a huge * breast that can gather people’s hearts, the strength of the up and down movement cannot exceed 10kg. Even if it is converted into attack power, it is not as good as an ordinary person’s casual blow. How can an attack of this strength be a D skill?”Tang Cheng said, and began to seriously study this wonderful skill.Indeed, Tang Cheng is not a person who thinks too much. Most of the time, he acts by instinct. He has not thought about the plan and will not consider the consequences. However, this does not mean that Tang Cheng gave up thinking.As a matter of fact, Tang Cheng is just not interested in many things.For example, there is a precipice on the only road ahead of him, and he must jump off the precipice if he wants to go past it. Then he will not think about how to go down, what dangers he will encounter after going down, or whether he will fall to death or not. Instead, he will follow his own wishes and jump if he wants, and will not jump if he does not want.However, if the premise is changed to: there are seven dragon balls under the cliff, as long as you get the seven dragon balls, you will be able to summon the wonderful Shen Long, he may think seriously about the countermeasures for the next action.In short, all he cares about is what he thinks is interesting.Besides, the current situation, if it is ordinary people, even if you don’t throw away this skill book, you will probably put it in your backpack and abandon it. Then you will seriously think about how to escape from this deep pit. However, Tang Cheng is just the opposite. Obviously, the setting of this skill book is more attractive to him than getting out the pit.Of course, this is also because he already knew the result of the pit.Ten meters high of a pit, with his current state, he absolutely can’t jump out, he needs at least three or four hours of rest before he can do so, and so much time, even if the crawler don’t kill, Alice after turning into a tyrant will probably come for his life … In other words, during the last 20 minutes of the mission, Alice would be dead if she did not get the mutant antibiotics.As for the rescue of Li Guodong and his party, Tang Cheng never expected it from beginning to end. Of the five people, except Tang Ya and Liu Xiaotian, who could expect it a little bit, the other three were the kind of people who flew separately in the event of a catastrophe, while neither Tang Ya nor Liu Xiaotian had control of the team, so … Now that the contact has been broken, let alone the rescue of the five, they would be grateful if they could not escape.Therefore, compared with the five challengers like himself, Tang cheng paid more attention to Alice and Rebecca, and his survival depended on the success of their actions.There is no element of luck, let alone any naive fantasy. Tang Cheng has already calculated the next two trends clearly, and naturally he will not waste brain cells to think about the countermeasures to get out of the pit.”Although it is a bit unrealistic to say that the energy of the movement is converted into attack power, it is not surprising that if it is other energy, such as heat, or after practicing this Aoyi Gao Wei chop, the chest will become like abdomen to store gas. As the chest keeps moving, it will gradually accumulate gas strength, and this gas strength will be released during the attack. In this way, it is not surprising that this Aoyi Gao Wei chop can reach Grade D … Well, it must be like this.””And this can also explain why the bigger the chest, the stronger the principle.”Tang Cheng promised that if anyone could know his profound theoretical analysis of such a wonderful skill book, he would probably roll on the ground with laughter.But in fact, although Tang Cheng’s analysis is not entirely correct, it is already very close to the truth.New challengers don’t know one thing, although this reincarnation world has certain hints for various tasks, theoretically, as long as you follow the task hints, the probability of completing the task can be more than 50%, but there are still many things in the reincarnation world that are kept secret.For example, the introduction of equipment and skills by the reincarnation world is actually only a small part. What challengers can learn from the introduction of equipment is only the most basic function, while more connotation needs challengers to explore by themselves.Take this skill book of Aoyi Gao Wei Chop for example. The introduction to it only includes the use method and practice standard, but the principle or something is not disclosed at all. If the challenger learns this skill without knowing anything, although it can be used normally, the power exerted may not reach Grade D.However, if the challenger can study it carefully and master its principle before learning, its power can even surpass grade D. After learning, it is not surprising if he can still have his own understanding and find the most suitable use method, even if he can raise the power by one grade.It’s like when playing a game, a character with the same skills and the same equipment can only give BOSS a tube of blood under the operation of manual disability, but a superior player can directly give BOSS seconds under different operations.This principle exists in most things in the reincarnation world. Of course, this is another story, not to mention for the moment.As Tang Cheng studied this skill book, he would also pay attention to the time limit of branch missions from time to time, and when there was only ten minutes left before the final time limit, suddenly a burst of light shone from above.Tang Cheng looked up, only to find that the light on the ceiling was turned on.”The lights are on. It seems that they are not idle either. Now that the power switch has been turned on, the next thing is much simpler. As long as they can find antibiotics within ten minutes, this branch task will be completed, but … it always feels as if there is nothing for me.”Tang Cheng murmured that although this was a side mission for the challenger, the final task was completed by the plot * characters, which somewhat made him feel reluctant.Of course, this is also because he is only a new challenger and does not know the rules of some tasks in the reincarnation world. If he is an experienced old bird, he will not feel strange about this situation.The task of reincarnation world is generally divided into two types, one is challenger-specific, and the other is plot * character-related.The so-called challenger-specific task can only be completed by challengers themselves. For example, their main task can only be considered completed when they leave raccoon city. The plot * character-related tasks are different. Theoretically, there are more than a few ways to complete it.The first is of course done by the challengers, which is also the most basic method. The second is done by the plot * characters themselves. The first has nothing to say, while the second must be mentioned.Although it seems that the second method is much simpler, as long as the plot * characters are sent out to do the task, the challenger will just find a safe place to hide. It is true that nine times out of ten the characters in the plot with the hero’s aura can complete the task by themselves, but that doesn’t mean the challenger has nothing to do.On the contrary, the challenger is more dangerous in this case.Because, when it evolved into this kind of development, the challengers will take on most of the dangers of the characters in the plot * during the mission. Even if you hide in a totally enclosed room, you cannot avoid this kind of danger. Therefore, many times there will be a situation in which the challengers are all dead even though the plot * characters have completed the task.Take this branch mission as an example. If eight people had entered the Second Research Institute together, the danger would have been that eight people would share the burden equally. Although it would not be much simpler than it is now, it would not be more difficult than it is now.However, Rebecca’s proposal, coupled with the timidity of the newcomers, led to two divisions, even one of which had no plot * characters, so some of the dangers originally attributed to the plot * characters fell on the remaining five. Because of their large population, they will bear even greater risks.So, there would have been no monster villa, will suddenly appear so many variation zombie dogs.Then there is Tang Cheng’s side. The difficulty of the three originally caused Tang Cheng to separate from the two plot * characters due to the crawler’s sudden attack, and he was unable to complete the task. Naturally, the danger originally belonged to Alice and Rebecca was all on him.That is why he met the crawler in an opaque environment.Also thanks to the novice model is in accordance with the standard strength of ordinary people to carry out difficulty control, and Tang cheng after opening super god mode strength, is enough to rival the ordinary challenger after crossing the replica world once or twice, otherwise, in other people, in this case there is no reason to survive.It is also because of this that Tang Cheng’s reward after killing the crawler is so huge.In theory, there can be no first kill reward in novice mode.Well, although this first kill award is not the same for Tang Cheng, it is only a problem that his face is too dark.So at the moment, after Tang Cheng shared the danger of Alice and Rebecca, they only have time to finish this branch mission.Updates on Mondays till Fridays every week! @ (GMT+8) 7:00pm


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