The Man Standing at the Top of the Food Chain Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Goddess’s inner pants.

When he felt that his body could finally move, Tang Cheng found himself standing in the middle of an open square. In addition to him, there were five young men and women around him. Judging from their appearance and clothes, they did not look like residents of raccoon city. Tang Cheng estimated that the five men might be challengers like him.

As mentioned earlier, Tang cheng is not the kind of person who thinks too much, so when he thought of it, he immediately patted the shoulder of the woman nearest him and cried, “Sister.”

“Ah!” The woman was obviously startled by this sudden action, she instinctively exclaimed, after waiting to seeing the appearance of Tang Cheng, she finally relaxed and patted her chest, and then stared at Tang Cheng, “What are you doing? You scared me to death! “

“Is it so terrible?” Tang Cheng shrugged his shoulders.

“Of course, here is raccoon city, zombies are everywhere … by the way, is this really the world of Resident Evil? Can’t it be a lie? ” Speaking of which, the woman immediately began to look at the surrounding environment, and then she found that even if this is not raccoon city, it is certainly not much better than raccoon city.

Because such a large open square, in addition to the six of them, there is no seventh living creature. At first glance, there are cars that have crashed into each other. There are a few wisps of smoke. Even if you don’t look carefully, you can see a lot of blood, although most of them have dried up.

“Finished, I’m afraid it’s really Resident Evil here …” Seeing this scene, the woman’s face suddenly turned pale. The scene in front of her is exactly the same as what she saw in Resident Evil movies.

At the same time, the other four people have also returned to absolute being, obviously, this several people should also be the first time to meet this kind of thing, looking at the surrounding environment, they’re very surprised, some even faint with fear.

“How is it possible! I just received an e-mail casually, and it turned out to be … “Said a young man who looked like a college student, with his eyes wide open.

“Did you receive the mail before you came here?” Suddenly someone asked.

The question was asked by a middle-aged man dressed in formal clothes. The young man looked at him and nodded. “I thought it was a joke email from one of my friends, so I replied. I didn’t expect … you too?”

The middle-aged man nodded with a wry smile. “I thought it was a prank by my subordinates, alas.”

He sighed helplessly. Then he looked at the others and asked, “So, everyone received a strange email, replied without knowing it, and then came here, right?”

Excluding Tang Cheng, four people nodded, so, all eyes instinctively looked towards Tang Cheng, he meaninglessly shrugged his shoulders.

For Tang Cheng’s carefree attitude, the people also didn’t care too much, they just think he has a lack of sense of crisis and is full of ignorance.

It was the young college student who, with a frightened face, said with a quiver of surprise: “Is this really raccoon city? Have we really come to the world of Resident Evil? No matter how you think about this kind of thing, it’s also very strange, is it high technology or is someone kidnapping us? “

“Do you have such advanced technology in your home?” As soon as the university student said this, a mocking voice immediately sounded. This man has a big face, a round waist, a wretched appearance and a pair of glasses on the bridge of his nose. At first glance, he was sitting in front of a computer and fantasizing about a beautiful girl of the second dimension. Then he looked at the college student with contempt. “It’s foolish to read through. Regardless of whether there is such high technology or not, he said that none of the six of us know anyone. I’m afraid it’s not even a city. If this can kidnap us together, why kidnap us little people and why not go straight kidnap presidents of various countries?”

Hearing this, the college student was speechless.

The middle-aged man patted him on the shoulder in a comforting way, then said: “I also don’t think the possibility of kidnapping is very likely, and considering the surrounding environment, it’s really not like an ordinary city. In order to be on the safe side, we’d better not ignore it and try our best to complete the task entrusted to us by this space.”

“Speaking of missions, my mission is to escape from raccoon city within 24 hours. What about you?” At this time, the sister who had been patted on the shoulder by Tang cheng said.

“Me too.”

“Me too.”

Everyone nodded.

Hearing this, some people’s faces in the place were relaxed for a few minutes. After all, now it is not only their own lives hanging on a nuclear bomb alone, but everyone together.

People are so strange. Although this situation cannot improve the survival rate in itself, when people realize that they are not alone, they will instinctively feel a little safer.

Of course, everyone has a common task, which means that the purpose is the same, so naturally they can help each other in the process of the task, and one more person will have more power … These newcomers to the reincarnation of the world have not yet realized the real cruelty of the world, and their thinking mode is still in their daily life.

However, only Tang Cheng, he is as casual as ever.

“Since everyone’s task is to escape from this city, let’s work together to live …” Later, the middle-aged man added, “But before that, we’d better get to know each other. My name is Li Guodong. I’m 43 years old. Before I came here, I was the company’s personnel manager. I used to run a lot and go to the gym to take exercise, so my physical strength is not bad. If you need any help, please let me know.”

With that, his eyes rested on the two girls for a few seconds.

Then, the less daring young man said weakly: “I … my name is Zhang Yi, a sophomore student. I usually read books or something and have no special skills.”

With that, he looked at the crowd anxiously, as if afraid that they would abandon him.

“Don’t worry, it’s okay.” Li Guodong said and comforted by patting him on the shoulder, laughed.

“Mmm!” Zhang Yi immediately nodded heavily, his eyes filled with gratitude.

After that, the obscene glasses followed. He helped his glasses and said, “My name is Lu Xiaotian. As you can see, I am an otaku. I have some special skills, but I am afraid I am not useful here.”

“Is it your specialty to recognize your sister by looking at pictures?” Tang Cheng subconsciously asked.

He then looked at Tang Cheng with kindred eyes, he proudly said, “As long as she is 2d sister, even if she only shows one foot in the picture, or a skirt, or a pair of pants, I can immediately recognize which work she comes from, which role she belongs to, and who she is in this respect. By the way, how do you know?”

“Intuition.” Tang Cheng shrugged his shoulders.

“Amazing!” Lu Xiaotan immediately gave a thumbs up.

Tang Cheng smiled modestly.

As for the conversation between the two men, when they heard the word “inner pants”, they directly ignored them. The sister who had been patted by Tang Cheng said to Li Guodong and others, “My name is Tang Ya. I am a college student who is taking part in postgraduate entrance examination. I am quite knowledgeable about calculation, but I just don’t know if I can be used here.

Then, another sister also said, “My name is Su Xiaoqing. I am an intern editor of a magazine. I have no special talent except for a little better reading ability.”

Finally, the looked toward Tang Cheng.

At this time, Tang Cheng was still talking nonsense with Lu Xiaotan. when he saw the four of them, he paused and asked curiously, “Is there anything on my face?”

Li Guodong looked speechless. “Brother, aren’t you going to introduce yourself?”

“Oh, that’s no problem. My name is Tang Cheng, a freelance who is good at playing online games as stand-alone games.” Tang Cheng shrugged his shoulders and said.

Professional player?

Hearing this, the people immediately had a position on Tang Cheng’s career and did not think too much.

After introducing each other, Li Guodong added: “Now that everyone has known each other and is sitting on the same boat, then the next thing is easy. We must find a way to leave the city within 24 hours, but everything needs to be prepared. Blind action is very dangerous, so first of all, we must understand our respective strengths …”

While speaking, he suddenly had an extra broadsword and a bell on each of his hands.

Li Guodong smiled and said to the crowd: “I think everyone should get the same new equipment as I do. This is undoubtedly an essential force for us to survive in this world. Knowing each other’s strength is also one of the conditions for us to survive. So let’s start with myself … My two pieces of equipment, one is a death machete, which has a strong lethality to zombie creatures, and the other is a confusing bell, which can make zombies scared. Of course, there is a limit on the number of times they can be used.”

Although at this moment, everyone is planted in a dangerous place, the mind does not regard each other as a real partner to rely on, but since Li Guodong has already said, others also did not hide, so one by one they took out their own equipment.

Zhang Yi was the first to follow Li Guodong to light up his equipment. He took out a staff weapon and said, “My equipment is a hot staff. I can cast fireballs every ten seconds, and then there are two bottles of magic potions to restore magic.”

“Magic weapons, not bad.” Li Guodong immediately praised.

“Hey hey.” Zhang Yi scratched his head and giggled twice.

Then, Tang Ya took out a small bottle. “I didn’t get a weapon, but I was given six pills. The introduction said that it could inhibit the injury pain and delay the mutation, as well as the side effect of recovery.”

Then, Su Xiaoqing took out a book: “The primary magic guide book can change the terrain within five meters with itself as the center. The terrain change lasts for one minute, and the number of uses is limited to three times.”

After that, Tang Cheng took out his head of state’s big gun and Beiye’s saber for granted. Of course, he didn’t say the names and introductions of the two pieces of rebel equipment.

In the end, when it was Lu Xiaotian’s turn, he suddenly became delicate, and he refused to light up his new equipment.

Excluding Tang Cheng, all of them were immediately dissatisfied. Li Guodong frowned and said, “Brother, you are unkind. We have all taken out our things, but you are hiding them. Do you not trust us so much?”

“It’s not like that …” Liu Xiaotian obviously wanted to explain, but he didn’t seem to know how to say it. After hesitating for a moment, he finally gritted his teeth and stamped his foot. “Well, it’s no use crying over spilt milk!”

While speaking, Liu Xiaotian indeed took out his novice equipment.

“Change *!” And at the sight of his hand, the two sisters disdained and scolded.

Because in Liu Xiaotian’s hand impressively has an *inner pants!

Lu Xiaotian wanted to cry, “This is really not my fault, you see!”

While speaking, he immediately handed the inner pants to Tang Cheng who was closest to him.

At the same time, Tang Cheng’s mind was filled with an extra row of data, and he finally knew why Liu Xiaotian dared not take out his own equipment.

“Name: Goddess’s inner pants.”

“Type: Prop.”

“Level: novice equipment.”

“Remark: These are the little pants of the goddess that you miss so much. They have a faint scent on them … maybe incense?”

“Merciful novice reminder: Do you think this is just a pair of ordinary pants? No, you are wrong. This is the fresh underwear worn by the goddess. It has the charm of attracting crimes. If you use it in a proper place, you will intentionally think about what you won’t get, remember it, wear it and cherish it. “


Tang Cheng sprayed.

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