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The Man Standing at the Top of the Food Chain Chapter 20

Chapter 20″Ding dong! The special branch line mission has been completed. Congratulations to the challenger for getting 500 survival points each. “In the last three minutes of time, the cold voice in hia mind finally rang, indicating that the task has been completed, Tang cheng immediately berated, “ding dong? Ding dong, your sister, this is not an upgrade. “While speaking, he looked at his own information column, plus the crawler and zombies he had killed earlier. At the moment, he has 585 survival points. Tang Cheng doesn’t know whether this number is more or less, but he doesn’t care much.Although as a newcomer, Tang Cheng still does not know some rules of the reincarnation world, but he expected to complete the special task, so at the moment he also appears very calm.”Tang Cheng …” Moments later, a woman’s voice came from above, slightly blurred, she should be in a relatively far place.Tang Cheng recognized that it was Alice’s voice and quickly answered loudly, “I’m here!”Soon afterwards, a head poked out from above, it was Alice, and Alice also saw that Tang cheng was standing on the body of a crawler waving to her … etc! Crawler?Even Alice got a fright when she reacted. She knew what it was like here before they turned on the power switch. She also knew something about Tang Cheng’s strength. She does not deny that Tang Cheng is very strong, regardless of his intelligence, courage, skill or other qualities. Even some experienced mercenaries are not as good as him. If he has clear vision and heavy firearms, Alice believes that Tang Cheng has no problem in killing the crawler.But in such an opaque environment … to be honest, even she is not sure.As for the crawler’s habits, Alice knows very well that although these guys are not afraid of light, they all like to move in the dark. If they can hunt prey in the dark, they will never appear in the sun. This style is also very consistent with their status as hunters.Of course, the body of the crawler at Tang Cheng’s feet is not fake either. At least she doesn’t think a normal person will stand on the body of a living crawler, but she still doesn’t understand how Tang Cheng did it.”Wait a minute, I’ll get the rope right away.” Although Alice has doubts in her heart, she also knows that this is not the time to think about it. She immediately shouted at the following, and then disappeared from the sight of Tang Cheng.After a while, Alice appeared again and threw a rope down at the same time. At the moment, Tang Cheng was already waiting by the wall. The length of the rope was exactly where he could reach and immediately grabbed the rope to climb.He also don’t know whether the wall of this pit was originally designed like this, or was stepped out by crawler. It is very bumpy and uneven, which is much more convenient for him to move at this moment.When he was about to climb to the top, Tang Cheng found that the inner side of the wall was clamped with a 5 cm thick iron plate. He moved in his heart and immediately understood why the floor had cracked previously.Obviously, the iron plates in the wall should be extendable through the mechanism. Once they are fully extended, they will act as a thick protective wall, blocking the crawlers in the deep pit and serving as a foundation for the upper research office. However, due to an accident at the research institute, Umbrella did not close the iron plate when it abandoned the place, which is tantamount to holding the research institute in this area in mid-air.Although this will not cause any problems in a short period of time, even as long as there is no severe vibration one can be carefree, after all, the research institute is such an important base, umbrella company again can’t make such a tofu project, but after the crawlers, these heavy guys, as long as a few of them casually step, it can let the area become loose.This accumulation will erupt completely when it reaches a critical point, so when the previous crawler swooped down, the whole area collapsed. This is not the credit of the crawler, but the accumulation over a long period of time.”Perhaps, this is another kind of accumulation.”Tang Cheng muttered to himself. Just when he was talking about it, an idea suddenly came into his mind. The idea was not very clear, but it made him feel really interested. He vaguely felt that it was very important to himself. But when he really thought about it, he felt as if there was a layer of fog blocking his eyes. How could he not see it? There was only a vague shadow.”What are you talking about?” Alice stood on the top of the wall and grabbed her body hard. She found Tang Cheng suddenly stopped and her lips moved slightly. She could not help but ask.The voice interrupted Tang Cheng’s thoughts, and the vague shadow that had just formed in his mind disappeared instantly.This is … Tang Cheng inwardly sighed, he knew that there was a very important thing has passed by him, he also don’t know whether he will have that idea again in the future, in his heart he felt a little pity.Of course, he was not the kind of person who would go to the extreme, nor would he try hard to force something, gain or lose. A lot of things are predestined. There is no need to care. He was not angry with Alice. He just smiled and shook his head. “Just talking to myself, don’t care about me.””Oh.” Alice reached for a pull and Tang Cheng was already standing on top of the wall.And this time Tang Cheng also saw clearly that there was not only one hole that he had just fallen into, but there were also dozens of holes all around, at least. As for the place where Alice and he stood, it was not the top of the wall, but there’s a dividing line separating the pit from pit, which was about one meter wide like a stalk in a field.”Rebecca and I had better luck. When the floor cracked, we didn’t fall down and were saved by this thing …” Alice stepped on the stem road under her feet and told Tang Cheng what had happened to them. “But because of the darkness around us, everyone was scattered. We didn’t know what to do next. We had to climb along these stem roads, praying not to meet the crawler in our hearts. Then when we climbed to the end, we just came to the power switch, and Rebecca found antibiotics that could suppress my mutation …””The hero’s aura is really incomprehensible.” Tang Cheng whispered, his mind is somewhat unbalanced, himself fell into the pit of killing, and was nearly eaten by acrawler, its very not easy to win. The reincarnation world is really malicious * *, yet the two sister, just climbed for a while and easily solve the problem.”Where’s Rebecca?””She is in front of the retreat. Although my problem has been solved, it is not safe here after all. Crawlers are everywhere. Fortunately, due to the collapse just now, those crawlers also seem not dare to stay near here. Otherwise, the situation will be full of trouble … How did you kill that crawler?” In the end, Alice finally asked her question.Tang Cheng curled his lip and disdained to say: “The scum with only 5 combat effectiveness is not worth mentioning at all. I just shoot him to death and with two slap.”Alice smiled, crawler, of course, can’t be fighting only be of five, it also absolutely can’t be two slapped and shot to death, at least from Tang Cheng’s look at the moment, he must have experienced a very difficult battle before. It absolutely can’t be as easy as he said, but since Tang Cheng don’t want to say, she will no longer ask.Then, they stopped talking and quickly came to Rebecca’s position.Rebecca looked relieved when she saw the two people coming and said, “Great, you are all safe.””What is the situation now?” Tang cheng asked.”No crawler has attacked yet, but my heart is very uneasy. If we continue to stay here, we are likely to be surrounded. Therefore, since you are all here, let’s leave here immediately. Once we leave this institute, there is nothing to be afraid of.””If you say so, be careful to become a second senior.” Tang Cheng casually said a stem Rebecca couldn’t understand, but at his feet he ran out without hesitation.Alice and Rebecca will certainly not lag behind.On the way, Tang cheng asked Rebecca a question: “did you take any other medicine besides Alice’s antibiotics when you went to the medicine storage room of the institute?””I went through the medicine storage room and found only that antibiotic … is there a problem?””No.” Tang Cheng shook his head calmly, but in his heart he despised severely: stingy reincarnation world!There was no small talk along the way. The three returned to the original road as fast as they could. Before the crawlers formed a surrounding net, they narrowly escaped returning to the stairs. Then, the stairs started to rise and finally left the Second Institute.However, after leaving the villa, Alice and Rebecca were surprised to find that Li Guodong and others and the armored vehicle, who should have been waiting for them here, had disappeared at the moment.Only Tang cheng, as if he had known for a long time, “expected things.”……At the same time, a white man’s body was lying in a pool of blood in an old church nearly 100 miles away from Tang Cheng. He stared wide-eyed, with a look of panic and uncertainty on his face. In front of him, a knife wound that almost cut him open was the original culprit that killed him.At his side, a middle-aged man with a broadsword crouched down, took the pistol from the white corpse’s hand, put it in his waist, turned around and said with a cold face, “we have no way out. he wants to drive us out, so he wants us to die. since he won’t let us live, then I will let him die first!”In front of the middle-aged man were three youth, one man and two women.At the moment, hearing what he said, the hearts of the three people are quivering.The four were none other than Li Guodong and Tang Ya.However, the original five people are missing Zhang Yi at the moment.……Updates on Mondays till Fridays every week! @ (GMT+8) 7:00pm


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