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The Man Standing at the Top of the Food Chain Chapter 3

Chapter 3: What does all this have to do with me?

Does the world still dare to have no more moral integrity?

After knowing the true identity of Liu Xiaotian’s inner pants, everyone’s face (except Tang Cheng) had a pair of painful and broken expression, and their heart can’t help spitting out.  Even a pair of pants can be regarded as novice equipment, this is definitely cheating, isn’t it?  It must be!

“Er … ahem!”  Li Guodong wryly coughed twice, calling back the attention of the people, he casually handed back the inner pants of the goddess to Liu Xiaotian, and then said to the people, “From the equipment of several of us, it can be seen that this reincarnation world obviously expects us to work together to complete the task. After all, only the equipment of me, Zhang Yi and Tang Cheng can really function in the battle, while Su Xiaoqing and Tang Ya are auxiliary and medical respectively, thus forming a simple team.”

Although Li Guodong tried to make a serious expression, but he still couldn’t help laughing.

“Hey, what about me?”  He only didn’t say his name, Liu Xiaotian was not willing to, “what do I do?  Is this thing really useful?  !”

He was carrying the white lace pants and his face hurt.

“You hurry up and put it away!”  Tang Ya and Su Xiaoqing shouted, the pair of underwear hanging in front of them, made the two girls very uncomfortable.

“All right.”  Liu Xiaotian helplessly pack up * pants.

Tang Cheng said: “You don’t have to be too disappointed, it is written that it will have unexpected effects when used in the place of adaptation, maybe some zombies in this world really have a special liking to it.”

“It is best to have such zombies!”  The two girls spit out their grievances.

“Well, let’s not say these words again, let’s get back to the point.”  At this time, they only heard Li Guodong say, “It is just the so-called headless snake can’t do it. Since we are already a team, I think there must be a team leader. After all, in case of danger, no one will organize and everyone will be in a hurry, then it is not of great significance for us to act together, do you think?”

“I agree.”  Zhang Yi was the first to respond.

The two girls looked at each other and nodded in agreement.  Although in this world, everyone is new and inexperienced, and still has a little knowledge of everything, as Li Guodong said, when it comes to fighting, they who have no combat experience and are likely to become disorganized and then fight separately, so it is useless to form a clique, but if there is a person who can organize everyone’s strength, there will always be some help.

After all, human beings are always living in groups.

Of course, no matter at any time, once a group is formed, there will inevitably be a leader.

Because the desire to rule is also a human instinct.

“Then, who do you think is suitable to be our captain?”  Tang Ya asked.

Li Guodong sink poison for a moment, his eyes swept from the people one by one, finally staying on Tang Cheng, said: “I think Tang Brother is very good, from since, he has been quite calm, its visible his mentality is the best of several of us, and in such a world, what we need most is a captain who can keep calm at any time …”

“Oh, no, no, no, I can’t.”  Before Li Guodong could finish speaking, Tang Cheng started to interrupt him. “I have no sense of responsibility, no sense of crisis, and no knowledge of helping granny cross the road. So let’s forget about me being the captain.”

While speaking, he looked at Li Guodong’s eyes, with a strange smile flashing.

Tang Cheng knows exactly what Li Guodong is thinking, but it has nothing to do with him. For him, this kind of boring thing has no intention of interfering.

Hearing Tang Cheng’s refusal, Li Guodong’s face was somewhat disappointed, but before he could speak, Zhang Yi hurriedly said: “In fact, I think Uncle Li is very suitable for you to be the captain. In terms of age, you are older than all of us and have certain life experience. In terms of physique, you are much stronger than us. Moreover, even your novice equipment is the strongest. If Uncle Li is the captain, I would like to give my two hands in favor.”

“This ……” Li Guodong immediately had a face of hesitation, he seems to want to refuse, but with Zhang Yi repeatedly persuading, he could not help but ask toward several other people, “What’s your opinion?  If you don’t mind, I, Lao Li, might as well carry this burden. “

Tang Ya and Su Xiaoqing are the only two girls here, and their age is relatively close, so they seem to be closer. They looked at each other, and finally Tang Ya nodded, “We have no problem, please Uncle Li.”

As for Tang Cheng, he shrugged his shoulders and smiled but did not comment.

“Well, since everyone trusts me so much, I, Lao Li, will take everyone out of this world alive even if I put my life together!”  At the sight of all agree, Li Guodong immediately vowed, but virtually he seems to ignore Liu Xiaotian.

Next, Li Guodong made another speech. Although he did not have the feeling of passionate blood, nor did he have the fixed routine like an official voice, his words showed great sincerity, but whether these sincerity is true or not is only known to him.

Anyway, for Tang Cheng, these are all unimportant things and they are not interested in getting involved.

“Our mission is to leave the city within 24 hours, which is not difficult in theory, but since this is the world of Resident Evil, it cannot be considered by common sense.  If I didn’t guess wrong, at this moment, the whole of raccoon city should have been blocked by Umbrella Company. It is basically impossible for us to leave raccoon city by ordinary methods, otherwise we wouldn’t be given the 24-hour limit …”

After confirming the formation of the team, Li Guodong said while analyzing, “The greatest possibility is that we will spend more than 20 hours in this city full of zombies, and then we should also have some contact with the heroine of the story. As a result, the first thing we have to do is not hurry to leave raccoon city, but look for food and water … Besides weapons, food and water are also necessary for us to survive.”

“Uncle Li, you are too good to be a new person!”  After listening to his analysis, Zhang Yi was full of admiration.

“Ha ha, how are you?”  Li Guodong laughed.

Li Guodong’s analysis is good, even Tang Cheng couldn’t pick out any thorn, thus, he should not rely on the background to sit on the personnel manager.  However, on the other hand, anyone who has seen the movie “Resident Evil” should have a fixed routine on how to leave raccoon city within 24 hours.

That is-follow the plot.

As long as the reincarnation world does not change the plot of Resident Evil, then these challengers who are familiar with the plot can completely go on step by step according to the plot, and then as long as they do not die by themselves, nine times out of ten they can safely live through the 24 hours … After all, these six of them are newcomers, this first copy of the world should not be too difficult.

Therefore, as long as it is not a person with IQ problems, they can work out a relatively reasonable course of action. There is no need to make such a fuss as Zhang Yi. What Li Guodong has done is only what a normal person can do.

But this is also a place where Tang Cheng feels boring.

Knowing the plot, knowing the characters in the plot, and knowing the doomed ending in the plot, you don’t need a lot of brains.  But Tang Cheng is still looking forward to something, that is the mutant zombies mentioned in the task!

“We have been here for some time. Although we haven’t seen any zombies yet, we shouldn’t stay any longer. The most urgent thing is to find a supermarket to collect food and water as soon as possible … I’ll see if there are any cars that can still start.”  After that, Li Guodong searched nearby.

“I’m here to help.”  Zhang Yi immediately followed.

The two sisters looked at each other and took the initiative to find the car. After all, there are no zombies here. They are not very afraid.  Only Tang Cheng and Liu Xiaotian stood idle.

A moment later, when the other four were already some distance away, Lu Xiaotian suddenly leaned over to Tang Cheng and whispered, “Brother, don’t be fooled by that Li.”

“Oh, where does this begin?”  Tang Cheng asked.

“Hum!”  Liu Xiaotian coldly snorted, and then looked at the back of Li Guodong nearby. He said despised, “you don’t look at the old dude on the surface, he’s like a nice guy, but in fact, he is very calculating.  I don’t know if you found out, but when he was talking earlier, his eyes were fixed on Tang Ya and Su Xiaoqing from time to time. Humph, if he had some idea in mind, I don’t need to say it. “

“Isn’t it natural for men to look at women unless you have sexual problems?”  Tang Cheng said of course, “Besides, the two girls are quite good-looking. They have a good figure and a good face, not to mention Lao Li. I have also looked at their buttocks and breasts several times.”

“…” Hearing this, Liu Xiaotian was immediately shocked. “No, that’s not what I meant!”

After stamping his foot, Liu Xiaotuan said with great persistence: “You see, that’s an admiring look, but he, that’s a look with a ghost’s mind. I can’t be confused from what I saw.”  Take the election of the captain just now for example. Is it really for the sake of all of us that he put forward this proposal?  Clearly, he wants to be captain … “

“But he made me captain.”

“This is his genius.”  Lu Xiaotian held up his glasses and said: “Of the six of us, I absolutely cannot be the captain. After all, I have no skill, no equipment. To put it bluntly, I am just a mixed bag waiting to die. Although Zhang Yi has a good equipment, he is too timid and a nerd to be the captain. As for the two sisters, they are not ambitious and obviously have no idea of being the captain. Then, the only one who can compete with him for the captain is you.”

“And the reason why he proposed to let you be captain is to test you. If you accept it, then along the way, he will certainly be against you everywhere, secretly adding chaos to you, or directly killing you, so that he can easily be superior.  If you didn’t accept … Well you saw the result. ”  Speaking of which, Lu Xiaotian sighed, “This old dude is smart. He comforted Zhang Yi for three or five times before, just to win the hearts of the people. Everyone can see it, that Zhang Yi, a bookworm who is stupid in reading, he worships people like a father … Hum, I want to say, when was this bookworm sold, he was still helping people with money.”

After listening to Lu Xiaotian’s remarks, Tang Cheng couldn’t help looking at him more. He said wryly, “It is said that Liu Xiaotian is useless. I can’t see it. You are quite knowledgeable.”

“Prejudice, that is all secular prejudice!”  Liu Xiaotian protested at once, then glared, “Brother Tang, do you believe me?”

“Why don’t I believe it?”  Tang Cheng shrugged his shoulders and smiled. “However, if he wants to be the captain, I will let him do it. I will let him do it if he thinks of the two girls. However, what does this have to do with me?”

“Eh!”  Liu Xiaotian became suddenly speechless, feeling what he had said to only to lead to a No ..


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