The Man Standing at the Top of the Food Chain Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Fool!

“That’s right.”  Just as Lu Xiaotian was stupidly distracted, Tang Cheng suddenly asked, “What is your number?”

“Ha?”  Liu Xiaotian was really blind to Tang Cheng’s jumping thinking and instinctively asked, “What number?”

“That’s the challenger’s number, mine is 9527, what’s yours?”

“Oh, that one, it looks like 11111.”  Liu Xiaotian thought for a moment and reported it truthfully. Then puzzled, he asked, “Why do you ask this?”

“I’m sorry.”  Tang Cheng patted him on the shoulder with a sad face.

“What do you mean?”  Liu Xiaotian with a face of puzzling.

Tang Cheng shook his head and said regretfully, “People only have four singles on Singles’ Day. You have five singles. You are doomed to a lonely life. No wonder your novice equipment is the inner pants of the goddess. This reincarnation world is really human.”

“…” Liu Xiaotian was suddenly speechless, a challenger number was pulled out of this explanation “so your 9527 is not the meaning of low servant?”

Lu Xiaotian began to fight back.

“Er, what you said is really, really interesting.”  Tang Cheng laughed happily.

Hey, hey, don’t be happy, okay?  I am hurting you. What’s so interesting about being called a lowly servant?  Liu Xiaotian’s heart has begun to roar.


At the same time, suddenly a scream rang, and the two instinctively looked toward the sound. Only a short distance away, Tang Ya sat down in front of a car and climbed backwards with both hands, while the car in front of her was shaking with a quiver.

There’s a situation!

At the sight of this, the two men immediately ran. At the same time, several people who were looking for a car on the other side also ran up. Li Guodong asked as he ran, “What happened?”

The distance between several people was not far, and they soon came to Tang Ya’s side. At this time, Tang Ya had already stood up from the ground, but her face was extremely pale, as if she saw something terrible. Pointing to the car in front of her, she warbled, “There are … there are … there are zombies!”

On hearing zombies, Li Guodong’s face changed, he raised his death machete, with the intent of slicing into the car.

“Move aside and let the professional come!”  However, before he could start his work, a high voice exploded, and it was Tang Cheng.  He is already in front of Li Guodong walking to the front of the opposite car window, his staring eyes looked inside, indeed as expected he saw a figure lying in the front seat of the car, but also in constant struggle.

“How is it?”  The voice of inquiry came from behind.

Tang Cheng waved his hand without looking back and said with a serious face, “Come here and have a closer look.”

Why?  People couldn’t help spitting in their hearts.

After less than ten seconds, Tang Cheng said slowly: “Well, this is indeed a zombie, and according to my visual observation, this unlucky guy should have been locked up in the car for some time. Probably when he was still a human being, he was bitten by a zombie and still held the unrealistic hope in his heart and wanted to drive away.  However, the fantasy is full and the reality is bony. As a result, he became a zombie before the car was started, and then he was locked inside. Ha ha, what a tragedy. “

“Stop!”  Tang Ya didn’t have a good spirit.

Tang Cheng ha ha smiles, “Don’t worry, this cute zombie got stuck in his lower body because of the car shock just now. Now he can’t even climb up and can only play with the car continuously … from this we can see that zombies are scum with IQ less than 5, even the car door that a five-year-old child can open they can’t, so there is no need to be afraid.”

“I’m startled by his face, see if you aren’t afraid!”  Tang Ya immediately retorted, now the zombie is stuck in the car, so now you can’t see the face, before she came over, the zombie’s face suddenly posted on the window, and suddenly appeared in front of her, that is really very terrible, she was scared!

Tang Ya said, unaware that Tang Cheng stretched out his hand and opened the door.

This unexpected move immediately scared the heart and liver of the other five people. They all screamed in unison and retreated back one after another. Tang Ya and Su Xiaoxing the two sisters were even more scared and squeezed desperately into each other’s body … The reason was that at the moment when the car door opened, the zombie finally showed his true face.

From the perspective of the present, we can see that the lower body of this zombie is completely stuck under the car seat. Even if the zombie is a creature without feeling, it is very difficult for him to drill out. He can only lie prone there, waving his hands and struggling, and growling.  On his head, half of his face was gone, revealing a blackened solidified brain paddle, and a blue eye was hanging beside the other half of his face. With his roar, his mouth, which was split into bowls, it gave off a disgusting smell.

Don’t say zombie food is human nature, as far as this zombie is concerned, his image alone is enough to frighten most people.  After all, even if the average person sees a snake, or a barking dog, they will be too scared to approach, let alone such ugly, disgusting and horrible zombies.

Don’t say Tang Ya and Su Xiao Qing, the two sisters, even Li Guodong, had a stomachache.

“You, you, you … what are you doing?  !”  Later, Tang Ya pointed to Tang Cheng and asked loudly.

“Didn’t you ask me to take a positive look at him?”  Tang Cheng took it for granted. He crouched down while speaking, grabbed the filthy hair of the zombie, looked around for a few times, and calmly said, “It’s not very terrible, it’s just like the dark food I ate ten years ago.”

After that, with a wave of his right hand saber, he cut off the hanging eyes of the zombie and nodded, “This is more pleasing to the eye.”

People don’t think this is pleasing to the eye, they really want to ask: what is the dark food you ate ten years ago?

Of course, no one asked this sentence, because they suddenly found that Tang Cheng had signs of dragging this zombie out!

At this moment, let alone the two sisters, even Li Guodong could not calm down. He only saw his arms tightly in his hands and asked in a startled voice: “Tang … Tang brother, what are you going to do?”

Tang Cheng replied truthfully, “Oh, drag him out for research. After all, we have to stay in this world for a period of time, and we will inevitably come into contact with zombies. Therefore, if we can have an understanding of their neural response system, we should get twice the result with half the effort. It is rare to have such a mouse in front of me now, and we can’t waste it … Don’t worry, I have learned some human anatomy before.”

Seeing the crowd is noy very calm, Tang Cheng added.

This is not what we care about!  Also, aren’t you a freelance?  Where did you learn human anatomy?

The crowd really wanted to spit, but their fear of zombies suppressed their urge to spit. Su Xiaoqing cried out, “kill him quickly!”

“As for you, it’s just a zombie, and this zombie clearly has no fighting capacity.”  Tang cheng despised her and said helplessly, “If you are really not at ease, then I’ll cut off his hands and feet first and cut him straight into a stick … no, in that case, the neurological response system is not very good. Let’s compromise and just cut off his feet, ok?”

Tang Cheng seriously proposed with all the people.

However, it is obvious that his seriousness has not been passed on to his teammates. Li Guodong said wryly: “Tang … Tang brother, I think it is better to avoid studying something. It is urgent for us to find a car that can drive.”

“Is it?”

“Yes, and you see, everyone has been very scared by you.”

“That is to say, I can’t dissect this zombie?”

“Well, it’s better not to.”  Li Guodong said, the other four people nodding.

“Well, since you said so, the minority is subordinate to the majority …” Tang Cheng sighed and reluctantly put down his “white mouse” and stood up and said to the crowd, “Then, who can help me find a rope?”

“What do you want a rope for?”  Li Guodong was puzzled.

“Of course tied him up.”  Tang Cheng pointed at the zombie and said of course, “I’m already old, yet I’ve only walked puppies and tigers, but I haven’t walked zombies yet. It should feel good, and I can dissect them after walking.”

This product is definitely not normal!

Tang Cheng’s words once again covered all the people’s eyes, walking zombies, who can come up with this thing, is he crazy?  Also, where did you walk the tiger?  !

In the end, Tang Cheng still failed to dissect the zombies and didn’t get the right to walk the zombie. After all, not everyone is crazy like him. Therefore, this zombie can only be executed.

“Alas, in fact I don’t want to do this …” Tang Cheng’s head of state’s big gun, aimed at the zombie head, but before he finished speaking, the zombie head opened it’s big mouth, and fiercely came up to bite.

“F*ck, still dare to bite me!”  You can’t even open a car door and you want to bite me … come on, come on, you bite me, fool!”

While speaking, Tang Cheng was already dancing, and his mouth was full of sarcasm. He was really as cheap as he could be.

“…” The five people behind Tang Cheng were speechless.

“It seems that this guy is not only a pervert, but also a b*tch.”  Tang Ya defined it this way.


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