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The Man Standing at the Top of the Food Chain Chapter 5

Chapter 5


Gunfire rang out, the bullet shot through between the zombie’s eyebrows, it immediately ended his life … Life?

Looking at the motionless zombie, Tang Cheng suddenly stood for a while, he’s with a thoughtful expression.

“What’s the matter?”  Li Guodong couldn’t help asking.

Tang Cheng turned around and said: “I got a little survival point. Just when I killed this zombie, the icy voice rang again, suggesting that I got a little survival point.”

“Kill zombies to get survival points?”  The crowd’s eyes suddenly brightened.

Tang Cheng nodded, “It seems that this should be the way it is, and besides zombies, there are crawler, mutant zombies, and classic villains like Umbrella Company in this world. Since killing zombies can get survival points, then … If I guess right, they should also give survival points, even …”

Speaking of which, Tang Cheng’s face showed a strange smile. “If we kill all the creatures in raccoon city, including human beings, we may also get survival points and some other rewards.”

“Eh!”  After hearing Tang Cheng’s words, all of them could not help secretly shuddering.

“Ok, I’m just saying it casually.”  Looking at the strange expressions on the faces of all the people, Tang Cheng immediately shrugged and smiled, “Even if I really want to do this, it is impossible. Besides the common people, there are still the ones that’s infected with t virus in this city. In terms of strength, they are many times better than us. Any one of them can completely destroy us.”

After hearing what he said, the crowd suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, but then again, he was able to put forward the idea of killing the entire city of human beings in exchange for survival points, this thinking is not normal people can imagine.

Decisive to skip this topic, Tang Ya said: “Although you have confirmed that killing zombies can get survival points, but such information, why does the reincarnation world not prompt us?  In theory, this should belong to the basic knowledge? “

They listened while nodding.

This is like playing a game. If you compare the survival point to the reward of killing zombies, then it is the same as the experience and equipment obtained after killing monsters in the game. It should be revealed at the beginning. For example, how much experience the monster has, or what equipment the BOSS will suddenly and violently use, it must be explained to a certain extent, rather than requiring players to grope again and again. Otherwise, it can only be interpreted as planning out of their minds.

“Yes.”  Tang Cheng said.

“Er?”  All of a sudden Tang Ya reacted, she immediately understood, “Do you mean …”

“Yes.”  Tang Cheng nodded, “The system task prompt,’ in fact, you can have more, the problem is that if you dare to do’ sentence.  It has implied that we do not necessarily have to act rigidly according to the tasks issued by the reincarnation world. We have certain free space.  If the 24-hour escape mission released by reincarnation world is regarded as the main line to be done, then killing zombies to earn survival points and so on are branch missions that can be freely chosen. “

“So, can we not make a lot of living here?”  Listening to these words, Zhang Yi immediately excitedly said.  More than 90% of the human beings in this city have become zombies. There are at least nearly a million of them. Even if they cannot kill all of them, as long as they kill a little, there will be a lot of benefits.

Although Zhang Yi does not know exactly how useful the survival point is, the more such things, the better.

“Are you kidding?”  Tang Cheng was too lazy to explain Zhang Yi’s words and shook his head and walked directly past him.

“Er?”  Zhang Yi gawked at his back and did not understand at that time.

It was Tang Ya, the younger sister, who had a clear mind and explained for Tang Cheng, “The one you mentioned is not feasible.  First of all, we are all ordinary people, and we do not have the strength to kill zombies. Although the reincarnation world has given us some powerful new equipment, so that we can confront zombies head-on, we can only face a small number of zombies. Once the number of zombies reaches three digits, we have little chance to win.  After all, whether it’s Tang Cheng’s pistol or your staff, they are consumables. Once your ammunition and magic are used up, you only rely on knives to cut down, as long as we are surrounded, we will die. “

“As for weapons, we can find them ourselves.”  Li Guodong suddenly said, “For example, in a police station, there should be a lot of weapons and ammunition. As long as we can find them, we can last for a long time.”

Even though Li Guodong said so, he’s not in favor of Zhang Yi’s idea of earning a living. He was not so naive, but he just prepared as many plans as possible.

Tang Ya shook her head, “On this point, we must mention our main task, to escape from raccoon city within 24 hours.  We have only 24 hours to operate. We have to avoid the attack of zombies and leap over the blockade of Umbrella Company. The time itself is not ample. In this case, where do we have spare time to hunt zombies … Of course, finding weapons is indeed a good proposal, and we can arm ourselves to a greater extent. “

“I see.”  After listening to Tang Ya’s explanation, several people suddenly realized that they were thinking too much about this kind of thing. The reincarnation world would not leave such a big loophole.

“But then again, just killing a zombie gives a little survival point, he has thought so much?  It’s really not easy.”  Li Guodong looked at the figure of Tang Cheng, who was scurrying around in the car pile not far away, frowning.

“Well, aside from his strange interests and words and deeds, Tang Cheng is really good at analysis.”  Tang Ya nodded approvingly, then said, “But there is one more thing, I don’t know if he thought of it.”

“What is it?”  They immediately asked.

“This is actually something Tang Cheng reminded me by accident …” Tang Ya smiled and said, “He just mentioned hunting crawler and mutating zombies to get survival points. Obviously, there is no problem with this speculation, but he thinks the problem is too extreme. In fact, we don’t have to kill to get anything.”

Finding that several people still looked puzzled, Tang Ya raised a finger and said: “Game, I think everyone should have played it. Although killing monsters is the most common way for characters to gain benefits in the game, it doesn’t mean there are no other methods, such as sending letters to an NPC, planting flowers and so on. Aren’t all these tasks paid a certain amount of money?”

“Ah!”  Hearing that, Liu Xiaotian suddenly gave a strange cry, his eyes glowing. Obviously, as an otaku, he has understood what Tang Ya wants to express, and the other three are not stupid and also have understood.

“Yes!”  Looking at the expressions of several people, Tang Ya nodded heavily and smiled. “For us, the important characters in Resident Evil may also be treated as NPC. Although the reincarnation world has not released its tasks to them, we can try, for example … find the doctor’s daughter first, or save the black police and reporter, and of course, the heroine Alice … er!  Alice!  Alice?”

Suddenly, Tang Ya seemed to think of something, and her face became rather strange.

“Did you think of anything else?”  Su Xiaoqing hurriedly asked.

“Yes, Alice!  I am so stupid that I only think of it now! ”  As soon as Su Xiaoxing’s words dropped, Tang Ya exclaimed loudly. Then she excitedly said to the crowd, “We’ll find Alice now!”

“What does this mean?”  The crowd was once again puzzled. Although joining Alice, the heroine of the plot, should be an essential link, there is no need to be so hasty, is there?

Tang Ya scratched her head and said hastily, “You have all seen Resident Evil’s movie. Do you remember when the nuclear bomb was dropped?”

“I have seen it, but I don’t have much impression when it happened, but it should be around 6 or 7 o’clock in the morning.”  Su Xiaoqing replied, then asked, “Why do you ask this?”

“Because the time of dropping the nuclear bomb is a very important signal to us.”  Tang Ya quickly explained, “Even if it was 7: 00 in the morning, then think again, where was Alice when the biochemical crisis 2 began?  She is still lying in the hospital, isn’t she?  Then when she comes out of the hospital, the scene of looking at the deserted street is daytime. Although the specific time is not indicated in the movie, it must be not later than now! “

“In other words, Alice should still be in the hospital at this time, and if we can find her hospital and rescue her first, then … I’m not sure if we will get any reward for this, but as long as we can communicate with her smoothly, she will probably join us, and once we have Alice’s help, then our survival rate will be improved a lot?”  Speaking of which, Tang Ya smiled confidently, “After all, Alice not only has great skills, but also has super abilities.”

Just as the so-called one-word wake up the dreamer, listening to Tang Ya’s words, the crowd was immediately full of surprises. Su Xiaoqing hugged her excitedly and shouted, “Tang Ya, you are so amazing that you can think of it!”

There is no doubt that this is a shortcut to make the task easier … as long as there is no accident.

“Hey, what are you guys still dawdling about?  I have already found the car. Let’s go quickly. ”  Just then, Tang Cheng stood in front of a white van several tens of meters away and shouted at the crowd.

They immediately ran past, at the moment, they have confidence.

“Who can drive?”

“I won’t.”

“Neither will I.”

Zhang Yi and Liu Xiaotian immediately shook their heads. One of them was an ordinary college student, the other was addicted to 2d waifus. It was also expected that they could not drive.

“I’ll do it.”  Li Guodong volunteered to open the door of the cab. As the personnel manager, he is also a car owner in reality. It is obviously impossible that he cannot drive.  And no matter how to say, he also can’t let two girls as a driver.

Tang Cheng, not caring, no matter who is the driver, will just let someone do it. He quickly slipped into the car. When the other four people were all seated, he patted the driver’s seat. Then suddenly gave orders: “Fist go to the hospital and see if you can find Alice. If you pass the police station on the way, we will find weapons and go.”

When Tang Cheng said this, the other five people immediately turned.

“Did you hear our conversation just now?”  Zhang Yi asked in surprise.

“Do you think I have God’s hearing?”  Tang Cheng gave him a scornful slant. “How could I hear it so far away? I was looking for a car and singing the most dazzling national style. Didn’t you hear it?”


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