The Man Standing at the Top of the Food Chain Chapter 6

Chapter 6: We still don’t know who he is.

“Although we have found a good starting point, but how can we find Alice?  After all, we don’t even know which hospital she is in. ”  After the minibus left for a period of time, Lu Xiaotian asked a very critical question.

Yes, after all, raccoon city is not a small village, but a big city in the United States. The hospitals in the whole city are not much different without three digits, I’m afraid, and Tang Cheng’s attempt to find Alice’s hospital in perhaps only one morning is almost no different from looking for a needle in a haystack.

For that hospital, there is no special mention in the movie … To take a step back, even if it did appear in the movie, for such an old movie, normal people would probably not remember some of the details, not to mention the six of them are all genuine Chinese, and they are blind to the terrain of raccoon city.

“No, actually there are still some clues.”  Tang Cheng shook his head and said solemnly, “Although many people instinctively regard the place as a hospital from the scenes in the movie, in fact it is a research institute of Umbrella Company and looks more like a government building from the external environment.”

“Is that all?”  Finding that Tang Cheng did not continue, Zhang Yi could not help but ask.

“Isn’t that enough?”  Tang Cheng shrugged his shoulders and asked, “For this kind of thing, which is still in the stage of speculation, we don’t need too much accurate information, and none of us said we must find Alice.  It’s certainly a good thing to find Alice, but even if we can’t find her, it won’t cost us anything, will it?”

Although the words are said like so, but you are also a bit too lax … Zhang Yi wanted to refute in his heart, but after thinking, he did not say it in the end.

Tang Cheng, with the same casual expression, smiled: “So, I don’t want to think too much about this kind of thing that depends on luck. Instead of paying attention to this unimportant thing, I might as well find something more meaningful to do …”

Speaking of which, Tang Cheng turned to Tang Ya, who was sitting opposite to him, and asked, “Sister, what is your number?”

“Is this what makes sense?”  Liu Xiaotian was dumbfounded.

Tang Cheng ignored him.

Tang Ya gave Tang Cheng a look. “Can you stop your ‘sister’ calling like that?”  In her opinion, it is somewhat impolite to address a girl in such a light tone.

Tang Cheng nodded casually, “Yes, sister.”

“You … forget it.”  Tang Ya was angry in her heart, but she thought. Since she knew long ago that the man’s thinking was very different from that of normal people, why should she see with him? She immediately swallowed what she wanted to say and said, “My number is 10086. What’s the problem?”

Tang Cheng suddenly shone at the moment, “Oh sister, are you a mobile person?  Front desk or customer service? “

“Is it necessary for your brain to be this big?”  Tang Ya said grumpily, “I told you from the beginning, I am a college student studying for postgraduate entrance examination, and I am not working and studying, what is the relationship with mobile!”

“Since your number is 10086, you have had an ambiguous relationship with mobile.”  Tang Cheng vomited a sentence and then asked Su Xiaoqing, “Sister, what’s your number?”

“Me?  Er … “

The two girls in the team, although they are quite pretty, have obviously different personalities.  Tang Ya looks generous and resourceful, and belongs to a person with slightly better adaptability. If she can have eight abdominal stocks on her chest, then she will be a proper female-man.  However, Su Xiaoqing is relatively weak and is a standard soft girl.

At the moment when Tang Cheng asked, Su Xiaoqing leaned against Tang Ya first, and then timidly replied, “I … I am number 10000.”

“Telecom girl!”  Tang Cheng looked at Su Xiaoqing as if he had discovered a new continent.

“I am an intern editor of a magazine, not a telecom …”

“You leave her alone.”  Before Su Xiaoqing finished, Tang Ya took her words back, then glared at Shang Cheng and asked, “What’s the point of asking these questions?  Is it related to our mission? “

“No.”  Tang Cheng looked calm. “I’m just curious. Being idle is also idle anyway. Just pass the time.”

“Ha?”  This is the turn of Tang Ya to be dumbfounded, just because of this?

Yes, the reason why Tang Cheng asked the people for their numbers was so simple.  He, as a person, sometimes makes a casual remark, which often becomes the core of an incident, but when he makes a long speech, it is often meaningless nonsense.  It is hard to have a clear definition of him, which is one of the reasons why so few people can see him through so far.

And of course he will not let Zhang Yi go.

Zhang Yi is undoubtedly an honest man. He will answer whatever people ask him, “My number is 9998.”

“Hum, profiteers!”  Tang Cheng immediately cast a contemptuous look in his eyes. “People don’t want 998, 698, or even 398 when selling things. You want 9998. You must be a profiteer in the future!”

Zhang Yi immediately burst into tears. He was a student. What does it have to do with profiteers?

“That’s enough!”  Tang Ya finally couldn’t help it. This product is definitely playing with people. It must be!

As big as Tang Cheng’s brain, he obviously wouldn’t care about the supercilious look of a mere mobile girl. He stretched out his hand and patted the driver’s seat and said, “Lao Li, what’s yours?”

Although Li Guodong was driving carefully, he did not miss the words behind him. He knew that Tang Cheng would definitely ask himself, and he was already ready, “9783.”

This number is so common, you can’t pull out … Li Guodong secretly pleased thought, in his view, even if Tang Cheng’s brain is big, for such a common number, he certainly can’t do something.

Tang Cheng’s voice was full of disdain behind him. “Cut, it’s a heresy!”

“Ha?”  Deeply puzzled, Li Guodong instinctively turned back and said, “How did I become a heresy?”

“Hum!”  Tang Cheng snorted coldly and rightfully said, “The five of us have their own unique points, with profound implication and rich connotation. It is like a rare book, but your number is so common. If we are five Beijing-haired dogs, then you are Husky. What do you mean you are not a heresy?  Heresy like you will be hanged on the stake and burned to death today next year, hum! “

If you compare yourself to a dog, why are we being dragged into the water?

Listening to Tang Cheng’s words, the several people scold mentally deranged in their hearts.

As for Li Guodong, he was cursed as a dog and burned to death. He didn’t seem to be angry either. He just sighed, “Clearly, in such a dangerous world, no one can control his own fate, and he may die anytime and anywhere. You are still in the mood to joke … To be honest, I admire your calmness, Brother Tang.”

After hearing what Li Guodong said, people’s eyes immediately turned to Tang Cheng. Su Xiaoqing even more carefully asked, “Brother Tang, are you really not afraid?”

“Don’t call me eldest brother, I may not be as old as you.”  Tang Cheng corrected the sentence first and then asked, “What’s so terrible?”

“Because this is the world of Resident Evil.”  Su Xiaoqing said of course, “The whole city is full of zombies, and soon there will be a nuclear bomb dropped, as long as our mission fails, we will die, such a terrible thing …”

“So, what’s so terrible about this?”  Tang Cheng shrugged his shoulders and said calmly, “It’s just death.”


Tang Cheng spoke indifferently, but other people were horrified.  It’s just death … Is there anyone in this world who is not afraid of death?  Impossible, fear is the instinct of human beings, and it is also the instinct of all living things. Any living thing is inevitable.

But Tang Cheng…

Whether a person pretends not to be afraid, or is really not afraid, in fact, he can tell very well … tone, eyes, movements, expressions, even atmosphere.

At least Tang Ya is good at this, because she has studied psychology for a period of time.

It is said that fear is contagious, this sentence is not false, just like courage can be transmitted.  In fact, there is an invisible wavelength between people, which can’t be seen or heard, and can only be connected by feeling. When someone receives the wavelength of fear transmitted by others, he will become afraid, and when he receives the wavelength of courage, his heart will be full of courage.

To give a very simple example, when walking at night, most people are afraid, but as long as there are more people, they are not afraid of the dark night road. That is precisely because the wavelength of courage among people is passing on to each other.  However, suddenly a person’s heart was filled with fear and began to be suspicious. Then as this wave of fear was transmitted, gradually, everyone became infected with fear.

But at this moment, Tang Ya did not feel Tang Cheng’s fear at all. Similarly, she did not feel Tang Cheng’s courage to suppress fear that should exist in her heart.

This is a man who has neither fear nor courage.

Seemingly contradictory, in fact it is inevitable, because fear and courage are inseparable, only courage without fear can breed, only fear can inspire courage.  However, when a person is free from fear, it means that he can treat everything with a normal heart, without the blessing of courage, and what he does not need naturally does not need to exist.

But … does such a person really exist?

Or, to be more precise, is a person who neither fears nor has courage a human being?

Thinking here, Tang Ya inexplicably quivered.

Compared with the full zombie, compared with the nuclear bomb on the head, compared with the 24-hour time limit for death, suddenly, she was more afraid of the man sitting in front of her eyes!

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