The Man Standing at the Top of the Food Chain Chapter 7

Chapter 7: To avoid death FLAG please take the stairs.


About half an hour later, suddenly, a sudden brake stopped the van.

“Uncle Li, what’s the matter?” Zhang Yi immediately in panic asked, including to Tang Cheng, the other four looked toward Li Guodong. Although there is no danger of threatening their lives for the time being, in this city full of zombies, they dare not take it lightly and are always on tenterhooks.

Li Guodong shook his head. “Nothing, but there is no way.”

“There is no way?” They couldn’t help but wonder, then looking through the window, they now understand the meaning of Li Guodong’s sentence. They saw in front of the street, all kinds of vehicles discarded, originally it is very spacious.

Although such trails cannot completely stop them, it is almost impossible to drive past them.

“The expected thing.” Only Tang Cheng, still with a cool expression, “Since 90% of the people in this city have turned into zombies, most streets should be in a state of semi-paralysis. To be honest, compared with this large car, motorcycles are the best at this time … However, I only know women and trojans, so forget it.”

While speaking, Tang Cheng opened the car door and went out.

For Tang Cheng’s last words, the crowd ignored them directly and stepped out of the car one after another. Then they followed Tang Cheng and marched forward along the road that had been squeezed out by countless waste cars.

After a short walk, Li Guodong suddenly suggested: “Brother Tang, I think I’d better go ahead and lead the way. Because of my work, I lived in the United States for a period of time before. I am relatively more familiar with it than you, and I am also more suitable to lead the way in terms of type.”

Tang Cheng looked at him, then walked to the last position of the team, shrugged his shoulders and said, “Well, I’ll cushion it.” Although he don’t know what is Li Guodong’s intention, is really a captain’s duty contribute to everyone, or is it for another plot, but since he is willing to take the bitter, Tang Cheng naturally was happy to send.

Li Guodong nodded his head and said to Zhang Yi: “Zhang Yi, you are behind me. Once you meet the enemy, you will use your magic to support me. Tang Ya, Su Xiaoqing and Lu Xiaotian, you three have no fighting capacity for the time being. You’d better walk in the middle.”

Saying such, Li Guodong this arrangement of the team is very scientific, as he has the strongest melee weapons in the team, and has a confused bell that can shake zombies, he is definitely the best choice to go ahead, while Zhang Yi’s magic attack can support him to a certain extent, Tang Cheng, who can keep calm all the time, walks at the back, which can basically guarantee the raid response to the rear. As a result, both front and back are guaranteed. Although Tang Ya and Su Xiaoqing have no fighting ability, they have great effect on the team’s medical and auxiliary personnel, which can be to a large extent

So, a line of six people continue to move forward.

After walking for almost an hour or so, they didn’t encounter any zombies on the way, and gradually let everyone relax a lot. At this time, Tang Cheng suddenly cried, “Stop!”

“What’s the matter?” The crowd immediately looked back at him.

Tang Cheng reached out and pointed to his right side, “Look.”

The crowd looked at the direction of his fingers. It was an entrance to a huge building. Two dark glass doors were the only entrance to the building.

“It seems that our luck is good.” Tang Cheng laughed.

Of course, the people did not forget one of the goals of the trip and knew what Tang Cheng meant, but Tang Ya asked curiously: “Why do you think this is where Alice is being held? If it is because of buildings, there have been several similar buildings along the way before. “

“Intuition.” Tang Cheng said one words.

Li Guodong said flatly: “If you are a woman, I can trust your intuition, but … since you have said so, let’s go in and have a look.”

Saying that, Li Guodong holding a broadsword, walked toward the building.

This is a high-rise building, which looks quite luxurious from the outside. Gently pushing open the glass door, the crowd went in without hindrance. Suddenly, a cold chill came on their faces.

The sudden change in temperature made all five people except Tang Cheng nervous. They subconsciously raised their arms and looked around. Even Tang Ya and Su Xiaoqing were clutching handguns tightly. Although they did not see a police station, they also found some usable weapons from the police car on the side of the road. By the way, they equipped the three men who were unable to fight.

“It smells like medicine.” Tang Cheng sniffed gently and said.

“You can smell it?” Zhang Yi’s face was shocked. He also tried to smell it, but he got nothing.

Tang Cheng smiled without saying a word, but said to the crowd: “Now I am 70% sure that Alice is in this building, and judging from the plot in the movie, she is locked in a room on the first floor, so as long as there is no change in the plot, we can probably save her before Umbrella Company launches Alice Plan.”

Saying so, Tang Cheng don’t believe that Resident Evil’s plot will not change, at least … The mutant zombies mentioned in the task, does not exist in Resident Evil.

Of course, this is only a biological change, or can be said to improve the challenger to complete the task of difficulty, reincarnation world deliberately strengthened some zombies, as for the plot and no other changes, for now it’s not sure.

But Tang Cheng can be sure that if they did rescue Alice first, the plot would probably change.

“Although it is said to be the first floor, it is a bit too big here …” After walking forward for a while and coming to a four-way junction, Li Guodong frowned. “It will take a lot of time for our group to search the first floor, and most of the rooms here are locked, which is impossible to open by ordinary methods. It might be better if we can find the surveillance cameras.”

“Then let’s split up.” Tang cheng suggested, “the six of us are divided into three … no, two groups. I will take two people to search on the first floor, while Lao Li, you will take the other two to search for the control room. If you find anything, you will use the intercom.”

Previously, on the scrapped police car, they found not only some weapons, but also several interphones. In such a world, they can be said to be as useful as weapons and food. However, only two of those walkie-talkies were available, and they were given to the captain Li Guodong and Tang Cheng respectively.

“Okay, then my group is with Zhang Yi and Tang Ya.” Li Guodong nodded and said, Tang Ya was chosen because only Tang Cheng and Tang Ya thought of looking for Alice to improve the task completion rate in previous events, thus Tang Ya’s reasoning and analysis ability is quite good.

Since Li Guodong chose Zhang Yi and Tang Ya, then Su Xiaoqing and Liu Xiaotian can only follow Tang Cheng to search on the first floor, and they all have no objection to this arrangement.

Later, before parting, Tang cheng smiled and told him, “Remember to take the stairs.”

“Don’t worry, we won’t take the elevator.” The three got the message.

As we all know, in countless horror movies, elevators are a common place of death. Once accidents happen in elevators, there is basically no solution.

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