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The Man Standing at the Top of the Food Chain Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Isn’t the script like this?

“Sure enough, they are all locked.” After a brief tour on the first floor, she found that most of the rooms were locked. Su Xiaoqing said with disappointment. In this way, even if they knew which room Alice was in, they wouldn’t want to rescue her easily. After all, the facilities in this research institute are far ahead of their cognition. Even if they want to break in, it is unlikely that they will only rely on the equipment in their hands.

“It was expected.” To this, Tang Cheng was casual. In the movie, Alice woke up not long after the zombie crisis broke out and before the nuclear bomb arrived, not because she was strong enough, but because Umbrella Company deliberately set her free at a critical moment in order to make Alice’s plan start smoothly. But at the moment, Alice’s plan has not been started, so in order to prevent accidents, there will obviously be some protective measures.

The rooms in this research institute cannot be opened if they want to.

And …

In Tang Cheng’s view, they rescued Alice first, which was an act of destroying the plot, or changing the plot. It was certainly not as simple as imagined, and it might even lead to a series of unpredictable consequences.

After all, at this stage, Alice’s fighting ability is definitely beyond their six challengers combined, and if there is such a strong woman with them, their safety factor will become very large. As long as they do not die by themselves, there will be little tragedy … And even if such behavior is allowed by the reincarnation world, won’t the reincarnation world respond accordingly?

At present, Tang Cheng is unable to judge what kind of thing this reincarnation world belongs to. However, since he can put them as real people into the movie world and arbitrarily change the established facts in the world, his power is obviously beyond the understanding of normal people … either a game of God or a game of demons.

This is not to mention him, but from another perspective, if Tang Cheng is the master of the game, then he will definitely not let challengers easily find a shortcut to customs clearance, but will modify the world factors from time to time along with the challengers’ behaviors … For example, the challengers will find a full-scale blade master to accompany them during the mission, then he will put an equally full-scale devil on the path of the challengers to deal with them and keep the challengers on the brink of life and death at all times.

It’s like watching a horror movie. What the audience wants to see is not the love life and daily details of the male and female protagonists, but the horror plot brought out by various monsters. If they can die one by one, it would be best.

Therefore, it may not be a shortcut for Tang Cheng to rescue Alice first, but it will make their mission more difficult and tortuous.

But … this is exactly what Tang cheng expected.

He has no feeling about life and death. Whether the task is difficult or simple, it does not have much significance to him. He can only follow the plot and repeat the boring things that he already knows step by step.

“What should we do now?” At this time, Liu Xiaotian asked.

Tang cheng smiled and replied: “although there are ways to unlock these locks, we’d better wait for news from Lao Li for the time being. I don’t want to waste my energy doing meaningless things.”

What exactly is the method Tang Cheng did not say, Su Xiaoqing and Liu Xiaotian looked at each other, they knew that if Tang Cheng didn’t want to say, even if they asked, it didn’t make any sense, so they could only wait patiently, praying for something to come from Tang Ya.

And monitoring as search group did not live up to their expectations, almost half an hour later, Tang Cheng’s intercom has spread the voice of Li Guodong, “Tang Cheng? We have found the control room. “

“Oh, not bad. Have you found Alice’s room?”

“We have seen Alice on the surveillance screen. She hasn’t woken up yet, but which room Tang Ya is looking into … The result is room 2B on A1.”

“Channel A1 …” Tang Cheng subconsciously looked around and saw a C on the wall. “It seems not here.”

“Well, it’s the passage across from you.” Li Guodong suggested.

Tang Cheng nodded his head, then walked toward the opposite, for a moment, he was already standing in front of the room marked 2B on the door.

“It seems this is it.”

“Well, yes, Alice is inside.” Li Guodong said through the intercom, “Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything to unlock here, and the equipment here is a little too high. Tang Ya and I can only do some simple operations, but we have no choice. In order to avoid unnecessary consequences, we dare not touch too much.”

“I understand that in this case you can come back and leave the rest to me.” With that, Tang Cheng hung up the intercom and frowned slightly at the combination lock on the door.

This is a touch electronic combination lock, Tang Cheng is no stranger, but it is quite high-end in design and of high quality. It makes people instinctively feel that its operation is extremely complicated and gives birth to a heart of flinching.

However, Tang Cheng stood in front of the door like this, frowning for ten minutes, until the three of Li Guodong returned here, still motionless.

“What’s wrong with him?” At the sight of this, Li Guodong is very confused.

“We don’t know either.” Lu Xiaotian shook his head. “Before he said he could unlock the lock, but he didn’t tell us exactly what method it was. Then after you finished talking, he became like this. We saw that he was so absorbed that we didn’t dare to disturb him.”

After listening to his words, the three men were even more confused. Tang Ya tilted her head and curiously looked at Tang Cheng, and found that Tang Cheng was staring at the front with a dull look. His eyes were wandering, as if he had no feeling of concentration.

“I found it.” In doubt, Tang Cheng’s voice suddenly rang, and his line of sight returned to normal.

“What did you find?” All of a sudden curious asked.

“Password, of course.” Tang Cheng smiled and said, after that, he held out his finger and gently kneaded it a few times on the corner of his eye, as if it were very hard. He murmured to himself: Sure enough, it was quite hard for me to enter that state. Fortunately, I finally got the harvest, and it didn’t waste me a lot of blood.

“Password?” People’s eyes became more strange.

Tang Cheng did not explain it either. He stretched out his hand and pressed the combination lock for nine times, then ….

With a light ring, the door opened.

“F*ck!” At this moment, the eyes of the five people are about to burst out. Although they knew Tang Cheng might have a way to open the door, when they think about it, the so-called method is nothing more than forcing the door open, or a higher level is to crack the password like unlocking experts. Although the technology in this world is a little higher than that in their real world, it is not surprising that there will be this kind of bull in the real world since they can all be put into the movie world.

But what they never expected was that Tang Cheng’s method was so simple.

Enter the password and then open the door … Although simple, it brings no less shock than cracking the password.

Tang Cheng entered a nine-digit password just now, but without any clues, it is almost impossible to find a nine-digit password among the ten digits 0-9.

But Tang Cheng… !

Of course, they are not unaware of similar methods, such as sprinkling lime powder on the combination lock, and then finding the correct password through the depth of the fingerprint. However, this kind of thing usually only appears in novels or movies, and there may be some in reality, but there must be sufficient tools and professional personnel. Moreover, if there is no fingerprint on the combination lock, this method will not work.

However, Tang Cheng did not use any tools. He just stared at the combination lock with his naked eyes for ten minutes … At this moment, looking at Tang Cheng again, their eyes were full of wonder. If they didn’t know that Tang Cheng was one of the challengers, they would have doubted whether this guy was an executive of Umbrella Company.

Although everyone is very strange, how did Tang Cheng do it, but after all, there are secrets among people. They are not good at asking too many questions, and there are more important things now.

As the door was opened, Tang Cheng was the first to push through the door and then he saw the heroine of the world.

Alice, on the surface, is the safety supervisor of Umbrella’s underground laboratory “Honeycomb”, but in fact, her real purpose is to bring down the company with deep evil and infiltrate the spy. But because of an accident, led to the failure of her task, but also lost her own memory, then was forced to helplessness with a team of mercenaries composed of task force once again into the hive, and at this moment, T virus has erupted in the hive, will all the staff in the hive turned into zombies.

After a life-and-death struggle, Alice not only regained her memory, but also escaped from the hive at last. However, she was captured by Umbrella Company before she was lucky enough to have just escaped, and then … what Tang Cheng saw at the moment.

The room in this laboratory has only one bed. On the bed lies a white woman who is full of test tubes. Her whole body is red and naked, and she is asleep. Her body is only covered with a layer of white cloth. This is Alice, the heroine in Resident Evil’s movie.

“Who can speak English here?” Tang Cheng did not immediately wake Alice, but asked his teammates behind her.

“My English is level 6.” Tang Ya said.

“I will, too.” Li Guodong said.

As for the other three, they shook their heads.

“Well, then I’ll leave it to you to communicate later.” Tang Cheng nodded his head, then stepped forward, looked up and down at the woman on the experimental bed for a few times, then stretched out his hand and pressed hard among Alice’s people.

“Eh!” Suddenly shot, Alice fiercely opened her eyes.

Seeing her wake up, Tang cheng hurriedly raised his hands, “Rest assured, I have no malice.”

Tang Cheng’s voice just dropped, Alice’s eyes had already looked at him. After a short period of confusion, Alice’s eyes suddenly showed a surprise and exclaimed: “Tang Cheng, are you still alive? !”


Hearing this, even Tang Cheng, who had always been calm, was in a mess.

Alice actually knew him … how is that possible?

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