The Man Standing at the Top of the Food Chain Chapter 9

Chapter 9: A large wave of zombies are coming.

Alice speaks English, but Tang Cheng, who does not know English, can clearly understand her meaning. Although it is a bit unexpected, it is not surprising. It can be explained as the reincarnation world has its own language translation system.

After all, it is easy to say in the Resident Evil world now that as long as you can speak some English, there will be no problems in communication. But if you enter World of Warcraft or various fantasy and fantasy worlds, you still need elven, dwarven, divine and even magic languages?  Ordinary people have no place to learn this language even if they want to.

If you can’t even communicate, it is basically impossible to complete the task. This is obviously not in line with the style of the reincarnation world. If the reincarnation world has its own language translation, then everything will not be a problem.

Therefore, Tang Cheng’s understanding of English is not against his will, but Alice called out his name and assumed an expression of joy as if she saw her dying companion.

Director, this is different from what was agreed.

Even Tang Cheng couldn’t help spitting out the words, not to mention the expressions of other people, who stared at each other with wide eyes. At this time, Alice’s eyes moved to the five of them, saying happily: “Great, you are all alive.”

While speaking, Alice is instinctively want to get up, but said before, Alice’s body is full of test tubes, this move involves the test tubes moving, the pain as if to pull the body out immediately let her call to get up, her body was trembling.

“Don’t move, the anesthetic should have expired.”  Tang Cheng immediately held out his hand to hold Alice’s shoulder and the expression on his face was as calm as ever.  If Alice only knows himself, it is indeed a very weird thing. It may even make him wonder if she has ever been to the world of Resident Evil, but she even know other people … She has probably understood what is going on.

“Although it will hurt a little, please be patient.”  While speaking, Tang cheng’s other hand was already pinching the test tube inserted in Alice’s temple, then pulling it hard …


These test tubes inserted in Alice’s body, each one is almost as thick as a small thumb, but also inserted quite deeply. Tang Cheng’s pull directly brought out blood … If there is anesthetic, it may be fine, but now the anesthetic has obviously failed, the sharp pain is palpable, even Alice cried out loudly, her body is shaking violently.

And behind the five people also see shocking.

Tang Cheng, however, did not have any pressure at all. He opened his hand at a high speed and saw only a moment of swish swish. In less than a moment, he had already removed all the test tubes from Alice.  And the latter in this series of stimulation, pain is still residual, her whole person curled, like crazy patients convulsion trembling, her eyes turned white.

“Is this … is she okay?”  Su Xiaoqing felt the same feeling and asked with worry.

Tang Cheng responded calmly: “It’s okay. Her physical quality is far better than that of normal people. Injuries like this are not enough to threaten her. Now it’s just self-protection under severe pain. Once the pain disappears, there will be no problem … By the way, there are several clothes hanging on the corridor outside just now. Who can take them?”

“I’ll go.”  Lu Xiaotian volunteered.

A few minutes later, Liu Xiaotian was already running back with a white coat. At this point, with the pain gradually dissipating, Alice finally stopped shaking and her face gradually returned to normal.

Tang Cheng took Liu Xiaotian’s clothes and threw them at Alice. “Let’s settle for this first, then we’ll leave here.”

“Thank you.”  Alice stretched out her hand and took it over her body, then walked out of bed and said to Tang cheng, “by the way, how did you escape from the hive?”

Hearing this question, Tang Ya’s face changed … After a brief surprise, the intelligent girl had analyzed what was probably going on: Alice knew them not because the two sides had actually had contact. If there was no accident, this should be an identity arranged by the reincarnation world for these challengers, of course, it was only an identity.

In Alice’s memory, the six of them must have gone through the plot of Resident Evil 1 together with her, or they could be said to be companions fighting side by side. Therefore, when they first met, Alice would give them a considerable degree of friendship and trust.  But this trust will definitely change with every move of the challengers, such as the current issue.

The identity of the six of them in this world is completely fabricated by the reincarnation world, so they have no idea what they have experienced in Resident Evil 1, but Alice is clear. If their answers do not match Alice’s memory, it is very likely that Alice will have doubts, which will lead to a series of unpredictable consequences.

At least in Tang Ya’s view, if ordinary people face this problem, they will probably falter and do not know how to answer it. Such a response is enough to arouse Alice’s suspicion.  Of course, Tang Ya will not doubt Tang Cheng’s ability to cope with emergencies. She just worries about whether this guy will die.

However, facts have proved that Tang Ya’s worry is a bit superfluous. She only saw Tang Cheng shake his head and look like he had something serious to say with a sigh: “Alas, it’s a long story. In short, it’s lucky to be alive. I really don’t want to recall those things any more.”

Hearing this, Alice also sighed, “Yes, I don’t want to think of those terrible things again if I can.”

“Speaking, are you the only one alive on your side?”  Later, Tang Cheng asked.

Tang Cheng is naturally aware of this problem, but in order to follow his current status, he has to ask.

Alice shook her head with a faint sadness on her face. “Matt and I escaped from the hive together, but we were ambushed by Umbrella Company just after we escaped. Then they injected me with something and made me faint. Then I woke up and saw you.”

“Mmm.”  Tang Cheng made a sudden appearance and nodded.

Then Alice asked again, “How did you find me?”

“Oh, about this ……” Tang Cheng was about to lie casually to elaborate on the past, but before he had finished speaking, a low hissing roar suddenly rang in all ears, the voice came from the corridor outside the room, accompanied by pattering footsteps.

The crowd’s face suddenly changed for one.

“What’s going on?”  Alice’s eyebrows twist, it suddenly became a dignified expression on her face, for just hearing the sound that she will never forget.

“They did come.”  Only Tang cheng, as usual, remained calm. “although it was a little faster than I expected, this development was normal … then.”

While speaking, Tang Cheng took out a rifle from behind and threw it at Alice.  While he himself stepped out toward the door and rushed out, and then … with a bang, gunfire rang.

When the others came out of the room, they saw a zombie fall back in the corridor more than ten meters away, and its eyebrows suddenly had a blood hole punctured by a bullet.

Tang Cheng walked forward without looking back. “It is estimated that the zombies have already begun to surround us. It’s not too late. Let’s get out of here.”

“Why are there zombies here?”

“Why are there zombies here?”

Two voices rang at the same time, the two women looked at each other, it is Tang Ya and Alice.

Tang Ya wondered, when they came here earlier, they didn’t find the existence of zombies around, and just now they’ve have been careful, they didn’t make too much noise, in theory, it is impossible to encounter a zombie siege here.  As for Alice, she just woke up and did not know the zombie crisis in the whole city.

But Tang Cheng didn’t answer them, because he rushed to the door of the institute in a twinkling of an eye, and then looked at the scene outside, even he felt a little scalp pins and needles.

He saw the streets outside are already crowded with a large wave of zombies, the number of least several hundred, and on both sides of the street, all kinds of alleys, there are countless zombies towards this side.

As Tang Cheng appeared, the zombies immediately surrounded him.

“This …… this is how to return a responsibility?”  After Tang Cheng arrived at the door, Alice quickly followed him out and looked at the scene in front of her and was shocked.

Then came Li Guodong, Tang Ya and others.

Alice is, after all, a battle-hardened figure. She was only surprised at why so many zombies suddenly appeared in the city, but she was not much afraid. But these new challengers are different.

Living in a peaceful environment, they have long known that they have entered a dangerous world, but have they ever seen so many zombies?  This is not watching a movie, but standing in front of yourself alive and can be eaten yourself as food at any time … As long as you think about this, people’s hearts have lingering fear.

In addition to Li Guodong being a little bit calm, Tang Ya and Liu Xiaotian is pale with fear, and Zhang Yi and Su Xiaoqing are all soft, they seem to even stand instability.

However, Tang Cheng paid no attention to this and rushed toward the direction with the least number of zombies, saying: “Keep up!  We have to rush out. “

“Rush … rush out?”  After listening to Tang cheng, Zhang yi’s face became more pale, surrounded by so many zombies, he unexpectedly wanted to rush out, “how is that possible?  So many zombies, we … How can we rush out?  I think it is better to … Better to stay in the research institute … “

“Ha ha.”  Before he finished speaking, Tang Cheng turned around and gave him a gherardini look. “Young man, you are too sweet. Now we are only facing hundreds of zombies. If we don’t go again, we may face tens of thousands of zombies, even the zombies in the whole city. Even if the defense of this research institute can let us stick to it and not let zombies rush in, but as long as the time comes …”

“Be careful!”  Suddenly shot, Alice pointed to Tang Cheng behind exclaimed.

Tang Cheng turned around and saw a zombie waving his hands at him. The distance between the two sides was less than 30 centimeters, which made Tang Ya and others tremble with fear. Alice even raised her rifle and was ready to shoot.

However, before she could shoot, she saw Tang Cheng’s body on one side slightly. Then he leaned out of the right hand with a gun and grabbed the hair of the zombie. The saber of his left hand swung down suddenly.


With this clear and crisp voice, the headless body of the zombie fell down slowly, while Tang cheng threw the head at Zhang yi and others with a wave of his hand. “So, if you don’t want to die, keep up.”

Saying that, Tang Cheng rushed forward again.

Beiye’s saber is indeed worthy of its reputation.

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