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The Noble Woman’s Guide On How to Tease One’s Husband – Chapter 14

Translated by: Oinkoink

Chapter 14 – Get Shot

When the end of the year was approaching, red lanterns would be hung and auspicious couplets would be pasted on almost all households bringing up the atmosphere of festive, except it was a little meaningless for the Ye family. One was because Ye Huaili would be returning to Guanzhong and the other was the problems with the tea house in Jiangnan.

It was common knowledge that Jiangnan’s terrain was flat with thousands of miles of fertile land and had been known as land of the plenty, particularly abundant in tea production. Most of the famous superior teas in the market came from this region. Ye family had long been aware of this trade route and had purchased large areas of tea fields in five cities within the three states. They had been managing this rather large scale business since Ye Huaiyang’s forefathers till date and had been the preference tea house for tribute teas.

Early spring each year was the tribute period. As the road heading north was far, the tea house would have to prepare the tea leaves for tribute before Spring Festival. Originally this year’s tribute had long been sealed and packed into trunks, but there was an unexpected disastrous fire a few days ago that completely burned down the whole warehouse. Knowing the seriousness of this matter, the person-in-charge dared not act presumptuously concealing this hence he sent out an urgent message to Wangdu on the very same night.

Upon receiving the message, Ye Huaiyang immediately sent people to gather the same quality tea leaves from other tea houses. Since the prices offered were high, she managed to make up eighty percent of it while the remaining twenty percent were the exclusive treasure of Ye family’s tea houses that was only produced in limited quantity each year and was priceless. Therefore, she couldn’t find any matching alternatives in this short period. Seeing that once the Spring Festival was over, it would be time to send in the tribute results in Ye Huaiyang keeping her eyes on this matter everyday and practically didn’t have time to rest as heads would be lost if she still didn’t manage this well.

Compared to the hustle and bustle on Ye family’s side, King Lan mansion was calm and tranquil. Chu Jinglan would stay in the study all day long handling essential matters while Lu Heng would be by the pond raising fishes. Only Tang Qingfeng noticed it had been a while since the next door had any activity. He then got to know such serious matters had happened after making discreet inquiries and why the place was vacant. Ye Huaiyang had returned to the clan family handling the matter and even took Lan-lan along.

He reported to Chu Jinglan on the actual situation but unexpectedly Chu Jinglan merely nodded his head expressing his awareness of the matter without other responses. He hesitated for a long time before finally he couldn’t help but asked, “Wangye, was the torching of Ye family’s tea house done by the Bai family?”

“Most probably.”

Hearing such a definite answer, Tang Qingfeng became more hesitant, “Then… should this subordinate inform Miss Ye?”

Chu Jinglan looked up at him and said indifferently, “Has this King agreed to collaborate with Ye family?”

Tang Qingfeng stifled with his head down, “No.”

“Since that’s the case, then why do you need to notify Ye Huaiyang? Let the two prominent families fight among themselves to diminish their strength so it’s easier to deal with in the future.”

“…….yes, this subordinate knows.”

This matter was then set aside. Unknowingly it was time for Ye Huaili to leave for Guanzhong after passing several peaceful days.

As the saying goes, the eldest brother was like a father. Ye Huaili had been watching his two younger siblings since Ye Zhen and wife retired in seclusion. Though he was a little strict at times, he loves them very much. How could Ye Huaiyang not understand therefore she needed to make sure everything was properly managed in the family at this moment so that Ye Huaili could leave without worries.

The most worrisome thing at this moment was the matter of the tea house. Afraid that Ye Huaili would worry about this, Ye Huaiyang specifically instructed the subordinates to hold their tongues but she didn’t expect Ye Huaili would vaguely exhorted some words before parting as if he had known it all along.

“Yang’er, this brother knows that you are smart and agile. Your intelligence is hundred times better than others, but you can’t uphold every matter. In case there are any difficulties, you must inform this elder brother. Even if the sky is to collapse, there is still this elder brother to shoulder it, understand?”

Ye Huaiyang nodded her head while the pit of her stomach felt as if flooded with waves and particularly clammy, “Elder brother, you knew it…..”

As they would soon be parting, Ye Huaili was disinclined spending time to pursue the matter that he merely snorted coldly, “It would be fine if I am in Guanzhong but since I am home, isn’t it difficult for you to hide every inside-out of the family matter from me?”

“It is a bit difficult.” Ye Huaiyang couldn’t help but smiled then immediately restrained herself when he glared at her. She then firmly stated, “But rest assured. I will handle the matter of the tea house appropriately and will certainly not miss the schedule for the tribute this year.”

“This is secondary.” Ye Huaili’s voice suddenly sank a little as if there was some kind of profound meaning, “Has you sent someone to look in detail the cause of the fire?”

“Still looking into it.”

Both brother and sister rather tacitly looked at each other as if they had thought of the same thing. Ye Huaili didn’t say much, only exhorted, “Act with caution.”

Ye Huaiyang ‘en’ softly and immediately turned towards the carriage window.

In fact, her mind had already discerned that the Bai family couldn’t shirk the responsibility on this matter. After all, it was she who made the first move thus it would not be a surprise for the Bai family to fight back. It was just that she absolutely couldn’t tell Ye Huaili. If he knew she was in contact with Chu Jinglan, he would definitely flew into a rage and things would only become more complicated.

Fortunately, she wasn’t completely alone as she still had help from Huaixin. She couldn’t help perking up her mouth when she thought of this.

The sound of hooves gradually slowed down and the carriage slowly stopped on the side of the road. At this moment, they were far from the city gate about a mile away from the official road. Ye Huaili didn’t want Ye Huaiyang continued sending him off, thus urging her to return home.

“Well, it’s getting late. You should go back.”

Ye Huaiyang stood between the two carriages where the cold wind whizzed through, her flower skirt rippled along the wind. Yue’ya and the carriage driver who were behind her shrugged their shoulders due to the coldness yet she was totally unaware when she extended her fair hands hugging Ye Huaili’s waist and softly said, “Elder brother, I will wait for your return.”

It was rare to see her revealing the charming temperament of a girl. The hardened heart of Ye Huaili instantly wavered in tenderness. He stroked Ye Huaiyang’s hair slowly with eyes full of joy.

“Brother knows, you have…..”

He wanted to say you have to be obedient, but thought better of it as she was managing the whole family, who should she listen to? Since young, Huaixin was the one he worried the most and Huaiyang had always been the comforting one.

Thinking of this, he hoarsely said, “I will entrust the family to you, Yang’er.”

“Don’t worry, Elder brother.”

Ye Huaiyang gave him a beaming smile which was inexplicably reassuring. Ye Huaili gripped her shoulders as he stared at her before turning around and boarded the carriage resolutely. The lower hem of his black robe spun then sliding into the carriage along with the tall silhouette, no longer seen.

It was time for us to part company.* 

(T/N: *送君千里,终须一别 – Sòng jūn qiānlǐ, zhōng xū yī bié) – one would have to bid farewell no matter how far one is send off)

It’s not that she didn’t understand this principle, yet looking at the carriage disappeared among the dust, it was still difficult to hide her reluctance to part. She couldn’t help but stood at the same place until the carriage faded out of sight.

Yue’ya walked over to gather her cloak and said, “Young Miss, let’s go back. Beware of catching a chill as the weather is cold.”

Ye Huaiyang turned back sadly, her exquisite body soon slipped into the carriage.

There was a sudden heavy snow on the way back seemingly like feathers and cottons fluttering all over the sky. Looking at the vastness, it was practically unable to discern the direction of the way forward. The guards motioned the driver to slow down the speed of the carriage as to be mindful of turning over into a ditch. Yue’ya securely closed the heavy curtains on four corners of the carriage to avoid snowflakes from getting in.

Ye Huaiyang as usual was taking a nap. When she heard the movement beside her, she didn’t open her eyes but casually asked, “Is it snowing?”

“En, is Young Miss cold? I’ll get you a blanket to cover up?”

“No need. I’m not cold.” Ye Huaiyang paused then there seemed to be some dejection in her voice, “I’m just thinking that Lingnan would also be snowing at this moment and wondered how Xin’er is doing there.”

It could be road closure due to heavy snow that Ye Huaixin had only sent her two letters after arriving in Lingnan and there had been no more news. Though there would not be any major incidents with Ci Yuan following along, Ye Huaixin’s task would now be more difficult to handle given the circumstances that the Bai family was already aware of her scheme and Bai Xingzhi would likely heightened his vigilance.

Yue’ya knew she was worried about Ye Huaixin, so she comforted her, “You should set your mind at ease. With Eighth Young Master’s quick-wittiness and also the protection of the highly-skilled martial arts Ci Yuan, there will certainly not be any problem. Perhaps they might already be on their way back to Wangdu!”

Ye Huaiyang casted her sidelong glance and said, “If it is truly as you said, I will confer you a big red packet. Divine Yue, what do you think?”

Yue’ya exaggeratedly made a bow with her hands clasped, “Then Nubi will thank the Young Miss first!”

Just as the words were out, the horses suddenly raised their hooves with a loud neigh. The carriage immediately tilted backwards. Ye Huaiyang and Yue’ya abruptly slammed into the rear of the carriage wall making loud noises. Several guards who drove the horses outside immediately spun around and flew beside the carriage where they simultaneously slammed their hands forward to keep the carriage balanced.

“Young Miss, are you alright?”

Due to the jostling a while ago, Ye Huaiyang and Yue’ya at this moment were in an unkempt state thus they couldn’t lift the curtain to check but only asked anxiously from outside. Fortunately, Ye Huaiyang responded swiftly.

“No problem. What happened?”

Just as the head of the guard about to open his mouth, his ears picked up a sudden sound of weapon whizzing through the air. His body taut when he abruptly raised his sword to block, only to hear a clang sound. A finger thick sleeve-arrow hit the sword and fell onto the grass beside the road. Seeing this, he immediately raised his voice and shouted, “Protect the Young Miss!”

No sooner said than done, dozens of shadows leapt out from the middle of the withering grass trail and stood in a row in front of them. All had their heads and faces covered holding sharp blades, hovering a dense of murderous aura.

Those who came were bad.

Ye Huaiyang raised the corner of the curtain. Looking at the situation outside, not only was she not panicking, she instead commanded them with extreme calmness, “Send signal to Tianqi Restaurant and do your best to stall them.”

A phoenix-tail like smoke suddenly shot up into the air, staining the snowflakes red.

The black clad men knew it was bad and must act promptly. Thereupon, raising their blades, they pounced forward. The four guards fought against them. Though the opposition varied their movements, they always guard closely around the carriage without leaving. 

The carriage kept swaying and blood spraying in from time to time. Yue’ya’s hands were trembling with fright yet she stood firmly in front of Ye Huaiyang who was quietly observing the situation outside looking for a chance to defeat the enemy when she soon found something strange – from their clothing and movements, this group of people were extremely similar to the assassins in King Lan mansion!

Right at this moment, amidst the grass an arrow flew out once again aiming at Ye Huaiyang who was behind the gap of the plume curtain! The guard shouted anxiously but he wasn’t able to be in two places at once as he was embroiled in the fight with the black clad man. He could only look helplessly as the arrow plunged into the carriage wall with a thud sound where a spattering red flower smeared upon the plume curtain.

“Young Miss…..”

Ye Huaiyang was thrown into the corner by the force of the arrow and her face rapidly loses its color. Her right hand covered her left shoulder with blood continuously oozing out between the seam of her fingers. Seeing this scene, Yue’ya instantly cried out loud as she flusteredly ripped the cloak to help stanch her bleeding but was stopped.

“Go tell them that I’m fine….”

Ye Huaiyang immediately bit her lower lips after she gaspingly said that one sentence seemingly in severe pain. As if faced with a formidable foe, Yue’ya hurriedly faced outside to pass the words and turned back to treat Ye Huaiyang’s wound after she had firmly closed up all the gaps again.

Hearing that their Young Miss was fine, the four guards outside felt at ease to confront their enemies. At the same time, they felt extremely vexed with the sniping action which boosted their vigour that the black clad men couldn’t break through the defense line of this insignificant group of four people.

Finally, the sound of distance hoofbeats could be heard getting profoundly closer from the direction of the city gate. Several silhouettes soon speedily emerged from the blinding snowstorm threading along the slushing snow. With the surprising turn of events, they plunged among the battle fights.

The people from Tianqi Restaurant had arrived.

Ye Huaiyang breathed a sigh of relief. Knowing that the peril had turned into safety, all her strength instantly seemed to drain out that she could no longer support herself and fell weakly onto Yue’ya.

“Young Miss! How are you? Please don’t scare Nubi!”

Ye Huaiyang didn’t speak. Though she was a little befuddled, she couldn’t resist the continuous seething fury in her chest.

When did the assassins that the Bai family groomed running rampage everywhere now? No matter what, her Ye family was also a century-old prominent family that had a Major General who had control of Guanzhong’s two hundreds thousands military troops yet they had the audacity to carry out such great fanfare assassinations. Did they truly take her, Ye Huaiyang to be so easily bullied? She would definitely make them face their consequences!

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