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The Noble Woman’s Guide On How to Tease One’s Husband – Chapter 17

Translated by: Oinkoink

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Chapter 17 – Treatment

Others might not know Chu Jinglan’s intentions, but Tang Qingfeng was very clear about it. The best doctor in the entire Wangdu wasn’t elsewhere, but in King Lan mansion.

At this moment, Lu Heng was reading in the room. Thinking that they ought to be back by now, he got up to meet them at the front courtyard. Unexpectedly, once the door was opened, Chu Jinglan actually came in with a girl in his arms. He was somewhat stunned and as he drew closer, the face looked rather familiar.

“……Isn’t this Ye Huaiyang? What happened?”

Chu Jinglan didn’t halt his steps. As he walked towards Fuyu Xuan[1], he briefly stated, “Treat her first.”

She was wounded?

Lu Heng was rather surprised. According to the information gathered by the shadow guards from Tianqi restaurant, all those bodyguards were extremely skilled in martial arts, particularly the one called Ci Yuan who usually protected Ye Huaiyang closely. How could she get injured? He walked into the room with doubts. When he got closer to look after Chu Jinglan placed her on the bed, the entire left shoulder and the upper arm were covered in blood. There was no hole on her clothes. It was probably caused by old injuries. As a doctor, he couldn’t help but frowned.

“Go get the medicine box from my room.”

Lu Heng ordered without looking back. The maidservant immediately trotted away and soon came in with a wooden box. Lu Heng single-handedly took and placed it on the stool beside the bed. He took out a pair of scissors while releasing the bed curtains. Merely the sounds of snapping were heard as bloodstains rags were thrown under the bed by him. Chu Jinglan glimpsed at it before he looked up at the bed again where the obscured figure of the bustling Lu Heng suddenly stopped moving.

“She still dares to drink alcohol with such a deep wound. I think she is looking for death!”

The alcoholic smell on Ye Huaiyang’s body was too strong to be ignored. This was truly jabbing at Lu Heng’s achilles’ heel. He would have definitely thrown Ye Huaiyang out if Chu Jinglan wasn’t staring behind him. Why would he treat a patient who didn’t cherish herself?

“Is it serious?”

“There is only a tear on the shoulder. Such a small injury is nothing if I could cure you when you fell off from that high cliff.”

Though Lu Heng jested, he was meticulous with his treatment. He first cleaned up the bloodstains on Ye Huaiyang’s shoulder, then he removed the thread and sutured the wound again before smearing some specially-made salve. The whole process was done at one go and the bleeding was quickly stopped. Ye Huaiyang didn’t suffer much since his skills were distinctive and fast.

“Okay, she would be fine after drinking a course of antipyretic medicine.”

Lu Heng slipped out from the bed curtains. He walked over to pick some soap flakes from the wash rack and started rubbing his hands. Several maidservants immediately walked in where they changed her clothing, wiped her sweat and retreated outside once they had helped settle Ye Huaiyang down.

Chu Jinglan only stepped forward and lifted the bed curtains after that. Under the thin quilt, Ye Huaiyang appeared particularly thin, as if she would be shattered with just a touch. The palm-sized face that was exposed outside the quilt was unusually flushed. The sound of her chaotic heavy breathing struck his empty heart like a bell pestle, echoing for a long time.

Lu Heng inadvertently turned his head and saw his indiscernible eyes. He immediately raised his brows and asked, “Why, afraid she might die?”

Chu Jinglan gathered his wide sleeves and instantly closed the gauze curtains. After a few steps away, “Inform me once she wakes up.”

“Hey, don’t go. You still haven’t told me what had happened!” Lu Heng shouted from the back, but Chu Jinglan didn’t seem to hear him. The lower hem of the dark gray robe made an arc around the edge of the door and instantly disappeared.

Well, he could still ask that fellow, Tang Qingfeng anyway.

Lu Heng grudgingly thought as he instructed the maidservants to take good care of Ye Huaiyang before he left Fuyu Xuan.

The night passed calmly.

When the first ray of the morning sunlight entered the room, birds were also singing merrily that one moment they flitted through the eaves and next landed along the windowsills in excitement. The stairs in front of the corridor were still condensed with snow making crunching sounds when feet trampled upon it. The maidservants carefully sprinkled some salt on it and from time to time, would hush some breath on their hands where the exhaled white breath would dissipate within a few seconds.

Though outside was chillingly cold, inside the room was as warm as summer. Yue’ya was dozing prone at the end of the bed. When she indistinctly felt some movement, she forcibly opened her eyes to look and her sleepiness instantly flew far far away.

“Young Miss, you are awake!”

With her support, Ye Huaiyang slowly sat up. She still felt some dizziness and some hoarseness when she opened her mouth, “Yue’ya, where is this….”

Yue’ya placed several pillows behind her back and said, “Young Miss, we are in King Lan mansion.”

Ye Huaiyang instantly widened her eyes as she tried to sort things out but her mind was still blank even after trying to recall for a long time and she couldn’t remember anything. She could only ask again, “How am I here?”

Yue’ya was extremely upset with regards to this. She immediately told Ye Huaiyang all the occurrences of the night before without missing a word and even expressed her dissatisfaction in between. How Chu Jinglan acted arbitrarily and how savagely rude Tang Qingfeng was, that in her opinion, there were no good people in this mansion. Ye Huaiyang however was beaming with joy as she listened that even the wound on her shoulder seemingly wasn’t in much pain anymore.

Was there some progress with his excellency Wangye after not seeing him for a month?

Before she was allowed to dwell over it, a maidservant from King Lan mansion entered carrying a bowl of decoction. Seeing that she had awakened, her face immediately revealed a joyous expression. As she put the things down, she remarked, “It’s good that Miss is fine and just in time to take your medicine. So, do drink it slowly as Nubi will go and report to Wangye.”

Once she finished her words, she curtsied and withdrew from the room. Just when Yue’ya about to sit over to feed her the medicine, Ye Huaiyang had already picked up the bowl and emptied it in one gulp. She then asked Yue’ya to bring over a water basin to wash up. Yue’ya was totally agape as the whole process was done naturally and spontaneously that she didn’t look like an injured patient.

“You go and wait outside. Don’t come in if I don’t call for you.”

As someone who had been with Ye Huaiyang for many years, Yue’ya totally understood what ideas her Young Miss had in her mind. She would be glad to see it happened, but she couldn’t be at ease now that Ye Huaiyang was injured.

“Nubi can go out, but you have to ensure you will not act recklessly. If your wound accidentally tears open again, Nubi can only offer my apology with death when Nubi sees Elder Young Master then.”

“Naggy.” Ye Huaiyang glanced at her with a smile then raised her chin towards the door, hinted her to go out quickly. Yue’ya had no choice but to leave with the empty bowl.

Chu Jinglan came half an hour later.

Today, he wore a dark blue white tiger embroidered satin robe which was both elegant and imposing that made him look tall and valiant. When he walked in, he conveniently pulled off his cloak and tossed it onto the coat rack outside before he stood three paces away from the bed.


Ye Huaiyang nodded her head, “Consider clear-headed. Wangye needs something?”

Chu Jinglan looked at her from afar. A dark mist seemingly flitted across his penetrating eyes which elusively mingled with truthfulness and falsehood yet he came straight to the point when he opened his mouth, “Why let Qu Gugu enter the palace and work for you?”

As it turned out, there wasn’t any progress but to probe for information.

“I was wondering why Wangye came to my aid yesterday, so it was because of this.” Ye Huaiyang stood up with the support of the carved bed post. She walked slowly to Chu Jinglan, eyes deep and unfathomable, “Qu Gugu is a veteran in the palace and was saved by my dad. It is undoubtedly more convenient to use her than others. Is Wangye satisfied with this answer?”

A hand suddenly stretched out to seize her lower jaw which forced her to raise her head and saw more clearly the enshrouded violent commotions in his eyes.

“You know this is not what this King is asking?”

“Then what is it that Wangye wants to know?” She asked with an indifferent smile.

Chu Jinglan pursed his lips without speaking, wildfire was fluttering in his heart but his expression was becoming colder.

He originally thought Ye Huaiyang wanted to collaborate with him as she was indignant with the the framing of assassination by the Bai family. But after he met Qu Fang, he realized that Ye Huaiyang had this intention long ago. The Bai family might not be the only one on the namelist and perhaps, she was waiting for an opportunity to make a move.

He wanted to know what was her true motive.

Recalling what she had said before, Chu Jinglan suddenly realized he had overlooked one thing. She had repeatedly mentioned about him being her savior many years ago and he was the target that the Bai family had persistently trying to assassinate, was it possible….. her targeting the Bai family was for his sake?

Yes, that was what her maidservant said in haste last night.

A slightly cold slender hand suddenly gripped his hand which broke his train of thoughts. When he looked down, Ye Huaiyang was smiling at him.

“I’m not going to beat around the bush with Wangye as I’m injured now. I actually didn’t care what the Bai family had done or used means shifting the blame to me. As a matter of fact, since the day I became the head of Ye family two years ago, I have already wanted to rid the Bai family.”

There was a slight flicker in Chu Jinglan’s eyes.


Ye Huaiyang stood on tiptoe as she approached him just like that night in Chongxiao Pavilion and whispered in his ear, “Not only the Bai family. I want all those who had harmed you to pay for what they had done.”

She suddenly felt tightening around her wrist and when she looked down, it turned out that Chu Jinglan had backhandedly gripped her. Her lips pulled up a rather weak smile when her body slanted and feebly fell to the ground. Chu Jinglan’s heart leapt abruptly as he scooped her into his embrace at lightning speed and instinctively looked at her wound. Though she was swooning with dizziness, she didn’t miss this scene and her heart was filled with honeyed sweetness.

His outer appearance seemed extremely callous and reticent but his innermost nature was still as gentle as before, was it already too difficult for him to express it now? Would it be hard for someone to reside in a heart that was riddled with gaping wounds again?

It was fortunate that he was back. Right here, beside her as she has a lifetime to mend him.

Ye Huaiyang grabbed Chu Jinglan’s sleeve with her uninjured hand as she shrank into his bosom and quiveringly said, “Elder brother, I’m cold.”

Chu Jinglan became motionless when images in his memories appeared once again with vivid colors as if someone had restored it.

After he had saved Ye Huaiyang that year, she had shakingly curled up in his arms, clutching his sleeves this way and also said exactly the same words. He still remembered he took off his garb to wrap her up and let her snuggle closely to warm her up. The only difference was Ye Huaiyang’s injury was much more serious now.

Chu Jinglan obviously felt the frail body in his embrace getting slackened, almost completely powerless. He immediately placed her on the bed. As he was about to leave, he unexpectedly realized her hand was still grabbing his.

“Don’t go….”

Although Ye Huaiyang was befuddled and feeble, the pair of phoenix eyes were sober and looking at him affectionately. He stared at her for a moment before resolutely pulled his sleeves and left. Ye Huaiyang looked at his back with a little wry smile and silently closed her eyes.

“Bear it, this King will send someone to get Lu Heng.”

Chu Jinglan’s voice abruptly sounded in her ears. She quickly opened her eyes and realized that he had come back unknowingly! Although his voice was still cold, her heart somewhat felt being ironed as it was warm and hot.

“En, I can bear it.”

[1] Xuān (轩) – pavilion with a view, small room or veranda with windows

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