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The Noble Woman’s Guide On How to Tease One’s Husband – Chapter 22

Translated by: Oinkoink

Chapter 22 – Intense Flame

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Ye Huaiyang felt if Lu Heng and Tang Qingfeng were on the spot, they would have been hoisted and beaten up when she recalled this scene later. One for putting a pornographic picture in the attic and the other for not guarding downstairs that enabled Wang Yaru to get up and mess things around which might practically caused the death of Chu Jinglan.

Although Wang Yaru seemed innocent, she was in fact very scheming. Seeing that Chu Jinglan was always alone in Chongxiao Pavilion, she had always wanted to come up to probe for information. She found the opportunity this time and climbed the stairs faster than anyone else and reached outside the door in no time.

Chu Jinglan and Ye Huaiyang were still rolling together.

It was already too late to return to Lingyun Pavilion from the wooden crossbar outside the terrace at this moment. Chu Jinglan raised his head and scanned around. Thinking of where to hide Ye Huaiyang, instead she spoke relaxingly, “If she sees it, then let her see. I will have my own ways to shut her up.”

Chu Jinglan’s face turned harsh and blackened as he indistinctly held in his anger, “This King wants you to shut your mouth.”

Ye Huaiyang slightly pouted her pink lips, and kept quiet.

After only two knocks, slip of a slender shadow casted on the snow-gauze door panel and a gentle voice immediately seeped in, “Wangye, are you here? Qie is here to greet you?”

Chu Jinglan pulled Ye Huaiyang up too as he got up from the ground. He winded around the sandalwood table and opened the door of a cabinet at the corner then squeezed her in without any explanation.

Ye Huaiyang seated with her knees bent and looked indifferently. The enchanted look at the corners of her eyes had yet to fade which was extremely seductive. Chu Jinglan closed the cabinet door without looking when a hand suddenly stretched out and grabbed the lower hem of his robe. His eyes shifted to her face and saw her pointing at his clothes. He lowered his gaze when his face immediately turned black again.

It was smeared with women’s face powder and eyes liner.

Going out this way would undoubtedly tell Wang Yaru that there was someone in this attic, what was the point of hiding Ye Huaiyang then? Chu Jinglan knitted his brows, before he could ponder deeply, the knocking sounded again. No one answered. The door panel was loosened and about to be pushed open. Chu Jinglan’s face turned cold abruptly, Ye Huaiyang who was behind him unexpectedly pulled him into the cabinet.

The other door opened while this door closed. One place glowed obliquely and the other was dark and secluded.

“Yi? Wangye is not here?”

Wang Yaru put down the tray in her hand and made a circle in the room. Not seeing even a shadow, the footsteps gradually stopped. The two bodies in the cabinet were entangled together. Ye Huaiyang’s hands were resting on Chu Jinglan’s shoulders while Chu Jinglan’s legs were tightly clasping her outbound sliding legs and were overlapped closely which was difficult to separate you or me. The light from the gap reflected her overly flushed face.

“You actually know how to be bashful.”

Chu Jinglan mouthed silently. His thin lips slightly raised making it difficult to conceal the mockery. Ye Huaiyang mouthed back silently with poised, “I also know when the flower blooms, you must hurriedly pluck it.”

After saying that, she leaned over and kissed his lips again. The moment her cold tongue probed into his mouth, the big palm on her waist tightened suddenly. She simply unloaded all her strength and tangled around him like vines, kissing him wholeheartedly without other thoughts.

Seeing nobody around, Wang Yaru who was outside had already started rummaging around.

Chu Jinglan’s hearing was good. He was perfectly cleared which cup she moved or whichever drawers she opened. The anger within him was like weeds growing wild and the murderous intent was overflowing. Ye Huaiyang didn’t seem to feel it as she was fully absorbed in kissing, nibbling and licking him as if she was savoring the heavenly delicacy.

He didn’t know when his state of mind was lured away.

When the cold saliva flowed into his mouth, it miraculously calmed his anger but evoked the intense flames within him that gradually spreaded to his whole body and almost set a prairie ablaze.

Slowly there was a reaction from him yet his expression was half furious and half muddled.

How could he react to such an inexperience provocation?

Ye Huaiyang didn’t care much about anything since she had already kissed him, would he have pushed her out? However, whatever crossed one’s mind, it would actually come as Wang Yaru’s hand was already extended to the cabinet door on this side after she had rummaged through all the drawers on the table. The long finger of Chu Jinglan clasped the inboard tightly while attempting to tear Ye Huaiyang away with the other hand, instead he saw her brows raised and indistinctly matched his strength.

Yes. Wang Yaru would certainly know someone was in the cabinet should she struggle. Once this was to happen, she would surely be scorned by others but how better would his prestige be too?

While he was pondering about this, he unconsciously reduced the strength of his hand. Ye Huaiyang chuckled quietly. She moved her face away slowly then unexpectedly turned to the side and sucked his earlobe! The action was obviously gentle but it seemed like the surging waves on the lake that collided into Chu Jinglan’s heart. He suddenly straightened his back as he sweat profusely. He unfortunately wasn’t able to push or stop her which he truly regretted with gritted teeth.

She however was inclined to fan the flames: ‘As the people from the ancient times said, a long-awaited object would be extremely sweet, and they sincerely didn’t deceive.

The tightly tensed body of Chu Jinglan broke resoundingly like the stretched bowstring when he suddenly turned over and pressed down on her. The cabinet was full of books, picture scrolls and two lotus lanterns were in the corner. This sudden move almost crushed her slender body but merely a low groan was heard. Soon after, it was like she didn’t feel any pain when she stuck to him again. The pink lips rubbed against his neck and found the tenderest part where she started to suck on it!

This temptress!

The blue veins on his forehead were ticking while the blood circulating his body seemed to be electrified that half instantly felt tingled yet the lower part of his body turned stiffer which pushed against her pubic bone that she casually brushed away and voiced tenderly, “Move a little. It’s poking me painfully.”

A deep gasp was immediately heard from above her head.

Wang Yaru who had already walked away quickly looked back and stared at the row of cabinets suspiciously. A short while later, she turned back! The shadow against the setting sun was getting larger. Chu Jinglan was unable to care much anymore, with one hand, he grabbed the cabinet door while the other held the back of Ye Huaiyang’s head and pressed his lips down heavily!

Everything quietened down.

Wang Yaru pulled the cabinet door twice but was unable to open it. Very quickly she walked towards the other antique cabinet. Once she walked away, Chu Jinglan was finally able to free his hand to deal with Ye Huaiyang. However, she knew how to behave in this delicate situation and took the initiative to stop fiddling around. Except she didn’t know what was under her lower body that no matter where she moved her butt, she was still pushed by the sharp horn that was hard and prickly which was truly uncomfortable. She thought indignantly that she would certainly search and take a look at what that prickly thing was when she got out.

Chu Jinglan had returned to her left side, the lower body would also naturally pressed unbearably, in addition with more than half of her weight, one could well imagine his plight. Outside, Wang Yaru was still around without the hint of leaving as if she had eaten the heart of a bear or the guts of a leopard. She had checked each of the items displayed in the attic with the stance of not giving up should she not found out the secret. Thus, this torment dawdled for a long time as the air in such a narrow cabinet gradually became thinner.


Ye Huaiyang whispered this word in his ear. He turned his head slightly and replied in a very low voice, “What?”

“The fire that I lighted on your body earlier will be extinguished by myself in the future.” She gasped softly when there was another gush of heat on the back, “If you dare to touch her, I will kill her.”

These words made her seem jealous and vicious but Chu Jinglan’s mood remained unchanged. When he raised his hand to stroke her temples, as expected, his palm was wet and he immediately frowned.

She almost couldn’t bear it any longer being crammed in the cabinet for so long.

Earlier he only felt that his arms were getting heavier and she was too quiet, but he was concerned with observing the situation outside that he overlooked her. Later when he noticed the interior of the cabinet was getting suffocating, he turned to look, her face flushed with heavy chaotic breathing yet she didn’t say a word seemingly like a soundly asleep baby.

Under such circumstances, she still had the strength to say those reckless words which was truly audacious.

Chu Jinglan turned cold. Without demur, he was about to push the cabinet door open when a sleeve barely raised up, held his palm down and gripped it. The fingers were then intertwined with his that it was unclear whose sweat was within them.

“We’ve already tolerated for so long, it doesn’t matter for a moment more.”

After muttering in a low voice, she curled up once again in his bosom with her forehead resting on his lapel, perspiring like a waterfall that soon soaked his clothes. His face was rigidly strung and indistinctly almost flared up.

Wang Yaru who was rummaging with great pleasure suddenly felt a chill on her back that even the fine hairs erected. After glancing around several times, she decided to quit while she was ahead since it was enough for her to get credit with the contents of the Northern border confidential reports that were on the table. There would be ample time and she could put it off until later. Thinking of this, she turned around, picked up the dessert and quietly descended the stairs without leaving any trace as if she had never been here.

The instant the door was closed, the cabinet suddenly opened. Chu Jinglan came out from within with Ye Huaiyang in his arms. Both were sweating profusely.

“Has she left?”

Ye Huaiyang raised her eyes before lowering them again as she lacked the strength to look out the door anymore and merely leaning feebly in Chu Jinglan’s arms. Chu Jinglan didn’t answer. He placed her on the rocking chair then returned to the table to check before noticing most of the things had been moved by Wang Yaru. Fortunately, there was nothing significant here. As for the Northern border side, even if he was to say he had no dealings, the Queen Mother would probably not believe. It would be better to let her report it which would make the Queen Mother believe it was within her grasp, thus reducing her wariness against him.

As he was planning, he didn’t speak for a long time that Ye Huaiayng thought he was still worried about this matter. She turned her head to look at him for a moment, the long eyelashes instantly fanned down when she came up with a plan.

She still had not settled the score with Bai Zhixuan when she loaded her with wine last time, hence she might just as well killed two birds with one stone.

The wind raised from the bamboo forest, it breezed through the opened window and chilled her body. The dampened clothes which stuck on the skin felt even more clammy. She supported herself up with the armrest as she gazed at him and said, “I am going back.”

She then walked towards the terrace. Even though her movement was languishly weak, it didn’t seem to affect her. While she walked past Chu Jinglan, she was unexpectedly stopped by his extended hand and immediately met up with a pair of remotely cold eyes. Staring for a few seconds, his arms suddenly tightened when she immediately felt the sky spun and a powerful sough of wind resounded in her ears then instantly, she was in Lingyun Pavilion.

Under the bright daylight, both appearances were somewhat in a sorry state.

Ye Huaiyang’s black hair was loosely down and her pink lips were slightly swollen. Chu Jinglan glanced at her before looking down at himself when he saw her lip prints all over the side of his neck. The lapel of his robe and sleeves were creased by her grips which were simply unsightly.

Yet there was someone who was untactful and charged in before exclaiming alarmly, “Young Miss, Wangye, what had happened?”

Without even a snort, Chu Jinglan flew back to Chongxiao Pavilion with a livid face. Ye Huaiyang couldn’t help but brimmed with smiles as she looked at his back.

“It’s nothing. We were just picking flowers.”

The translator’s ramblings: While translating this chapter, I couldn’t exactly figure out how both YHY and CJL squeezed into the cabinet, and also how they were positioned. Guess the readers will have to use your own imaginations…. (>‿◠)✌

Current plan is to release 2 chapters every Monday, unless I am busy or slow. If I can speed up, there might be a bonus chapter. Let’s see if I can do it as I will be taking over the next 20 chapters (40-60) ofThe Yandere came during the Night, a collaboration with another translator.

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