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The Noble Woman’s Guide On How to Tease One’s Husband – Chapter 34

Translated by: Oinkoink

Chapter 34 – Wedding

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Perhaps she had caught a cold from the wind that breezed through the courtyard last night. When Ye Huaiyang woke up the next morning, she felt heaviness in her head yet the most nuisance matter was she couldn’t continue her rest anymore because the entire Ye manor was seething with excitement.

Chu Jinglan would be welcoming the bride in the early hours of wushi (11am-1pm).

Both her aunts (wives of the elder and younger paternal uncles) had already brought people over and commanded the overall situation in an orderly manner. As they were close to the King mansion, there was ample of time thus they specially allowed Ye Huaiyang to sleep a little longer but when she woke up and was dazed, it made them extremely anxious.

“Aiyo, my little ancestor, hurriedly come and sit in front of the mirror. Why are you still looking like this when you are getting married soon? Come on, get your spirit up. It will not look good if Wangye sees you later!”

Ji Shi, the wife of her younger paternal uncle spoke hastily and promptly got into action where she pushed the dillydallies Ye Huaiyang to the side of the dressing table. The maidservants immediately rushed forward as they combed her hair up while inserting hairpins and hair ornaments, surrounded her tightly which made Ye Huaiyang feel terribly dizzy all of a sudden.

The wife of her elder paternal uncle, Yan Shi touched her forehead worriedly as she said, “Yang’er, are you feeling unwell?”

Dozens of eyes immediately focused on her once the question was out and they all seemed rather nervous. Ye Huaiyang smiled at them faintly before replying softly, “I’m fine. Just didn’t sleep well.”

Ji Shi covered her mouth and laughed, “Could it possibly be you are nervous hence didn’t sleep well? It’s normal. After the wedding, everything will be fine. So don’t worry.”

Saying that, she then busy with sending people to bring over the jade ruyi, the golden lock, apple and other things before displaying them one by one on the table while waiting for Ye Huaiyang to finish with her make-up and dressing up. Upon seeing that, the maidservants’ movement became more nimble. 

After a moment of bustling, the bride finally looked presentable. Wearing the phoenix robe topped with a golden pheasant coronet, an official lock around her neck with ross quartz on her waist, she held the auspicious cloud jade ruyi in her hand that the polished exquisite makeup made her look charming and stunning. Standing by the side, Yan Shi gazed at her with slightly reddened eyes that she dabbed the corners with a handkerchief.

“Our family Yang’er is so good, so must not be wronged when you get married over…”

Ye Huaiyang knew that her elder paternal uncle Ye Xun and Yan Shi were ladened with anxieties with Chu Jinglan’s identity, fearing she would be implicated by his acts of treason and heresy. Yet she was unable to explain much to the elders at this moment thus she could only gripped Yan Shi’s hand and spoke out lightly, “Aunt, you know that I have always been stubborn and unruly, I will be the one that bully others even when I go to the King mansion, so how can there be others bullying me?”

Ji Shi had always been heartened hence hearing that, she immediately laughed out loud yet she also did not forget to exhort a few words, “You ah, not even ashamed to admit that. It’s fine to act reckless at home but you must restrain your temper in the future. As the saying goes, a woman must obey one’s husband once married over. Moreover, your husband is a distinguished person, thus you mustn’t defy him, understand?”

“I know, aunt.” Ye Huaiyang replied obediently when Chu Jinglan’s image suddenly flashed through her mind.

Wondered how he would look like today?

She had ultimately felt slightly better after hugging Lan-lan and voicing those words last night. It seemed that she shouldn’t suppress matters in her heart. There were still numerous battles to be fought in King mansion later. She still had to continue gnawing that hard-boned Chu Jinglan and also meet that Meng Chen woman, if her spirit was still low, what’s to be done if she was in an inferior position?

She must raise her spirit up.

While pondering over this, Ye Huaixin suddenly broke in that the womenfolk looked at him dumbfoundedly. With a little excitement and pridefulness, he merely looked at Ye Huaiyang with unexpectedly shining eyes.

“Aiyo, why are you here Little Eight? Go out, hastily go out. Don’t ruin the custom!”

Raising her hand, Ji Shi wanted to shove him out but he twisted his body and avoided her with a smile, “Aunt, don’t drive me away. Elder brother is not here so I am here naturally to carry my elder sister to the carriage.”

Ye Huaiyang’s expression immediately dimmed when Ye Huaili was mentioned. She could understand why he left but it couldn’t make up the regret of his absence. After all, deep down she was still an ordinary girl who was looking forward to lying on her elder brother’s broad shoulders and being carried by him to her good home.

Ji Shi stared at Ye Huaixin as if blaming him for mentioning such a sore spot but he just pretended not noticing when he clasped his hands and paid his respects to them, “My elders, is it possible for me to speak a few words with my Elder Sister alone?”

Seeing that Ye Huaiyang was already fully dressed up and there were still some moments before the auspicious time, Yan Shi dispersed all the maidservants and pulled Ji Shi out while simultaneously exhorted in a low voice, “Don’t chat too long or make your elder sister cry.”

“Little Eight is awares.” Ye Huaixin made a bow. After seeing them successively off, he closed the door. The room was now deserted and much quieter than before.

“Why are you not keeping uncle company and entertaining the guests outside, instead come looking for me?”

Sitting in front of the bronze mirror again, Ye Huaiyang propped her forehead with one hand seemingly a little unwell. In order not to worry her elders, she forcibly raised her spirit for the dressing and makeup just now. Naturally, she didn’t need to keep it up in front of Ye Huaixin at this moment, but as soon as she slackened, that drowsiness could not be suppressed anymore when it rushed to her brain. She wished she could take off this nuisance clothing and lay down on the spot.

Perceiving her unwellness, Ye Huaixin also made a long story short, “Elder Sister, when I returned to get your things from the clan home yesterday, I found this in your room.”

He took out a white square jade with a deer’s head carved at the top and Ye Huaiyang’s name engraved at the bottom. It was actually the same seal she had given to Ye Huaili a month ago.

“Elder brother didn’t say anything to the family members nor took this away. The entire Ye family remains your strong backing and at your disposal.” He paused before handing the seal over to her, “Elder Sister, elder brother still loves you dearly.”

Ye Huaiyang turned her face away when she blinked her teary eyes and spoke with a little hoarse voice, “I know.”

How could she not know? If he didn’t love her, he wouldn’t allow her to be unruly for so long nor would he have come to persuade her over and over again. One must know it was simply not a problem for Ye Huaili to annul this marriage with his accumulated military merits or social connections of many years, yet he merely asked Ci Yuan to report her daily situation to him since returning for such a long period without any further action. If this wasn’t loving her dearly then what was it?

Hence, even though he didn’t attend her wedding, there wasn’t a shred of complaint from her, merely regret.

“Well, don’t think too much about it. It’s the same with me escorting you.”

Firecrackers crackling outside indicating it was finally the auspicious time. Ye Huaixin patted his shoulder with a smile as he crouched down. Gazing at the straight back and broad shoulders, Ye Huaiyang’s heart seemed to be swept over by heat which was hot and damp.

“You have not felt justified that you came out a few seconds later as a kid, now you can finally do an elder brother’s job.”

After getting teased, Ye Huaixin took her hand and carried her steadily on his back when he walked and talked simultaneously, “I have already straightened my thoughts. What’s the significance whether I am the elder or younger brother? As I’ll be protecting you for the rest of my life anyway.”

The rim of her eyes reddened instantly.

The noise from outside gradually built up. It must be the arrival of the guard of honor. Ye Huaixin carried her along the corridor and crossed over the veranda, step by step to the crowded front of the door. The instance they appeared, everybody broke into deafening cheers. With a head-veil over her face, she was unable to see the surrounding scene but she could feel the extreme gentleness of Ye Huaixin when he placed her into the red phoenix carriage. After three cheerings from the ceremony official, the carriage began to move slowly.

Before the seat could be warm, they had already arrived.

Who asked both families to be located so close? The three rites and six rituals however must not be forsaken that even the symbolically of getting on and off the carriage was followed. Ye Huaiyang didn’t expect Chu Jinglan would also undergo the etiquette, hence she was stunned when that long slender hand extended into the carriage.

[T/N: Three rites and six rituals (三文六礼- Sānwèn liù lǐ) – traditional Chinese marriage customs and etiquettes.]

Wasn’t he upset with her solitary action?

While her heart was drumming, the particularly pleasant and familiar voice trickled into her ears like flowing water, “Give this King your hand.”

The messy thoughts in her mind instantly varnished. Penetrating through the obscured layer of red haze in front of her, she carefully grabbed and placed her hand into his palm after several attempts. Once her hand was in his grip, he hesitated for a moment before tugging her out of the carriage. As she wasn’t standing steadily, she staggered into his arms.

The surroundings became quiet and somewhat strange all of a sudden.

From the onlookers’ views, Chu Jinglan seemed excessively boorish to do that. Watching from behind, Ye Huaixin almost rushed forward but was stopped by Ye Xun fortunately, otherwise not knowing how much trouble would have been created.

Chu Jinglan didn’t say anything when he pulled Ye Huaiyang in.

They walked towards the altar where the marriage ritual would be performed. Longevity lanterns were hanging tall on both sides with red silks rolled down like the river water and on the high platform at the end, there were black smokes rising from the caldron where articles of tributes were spread out. Step by step, Chu Jinglan and Ye Huaiyang strode over dozens of stone steps. He was in front while she lagged behind. Though they were holding hands, they however appeared incongruous. In addition to the previous event, the rumor about Chu Jinglan’s dissatisfaction with this marriage became somewhat substantiated that the guests attending the ceremony started whispering.

No one knew Ye Huaiyang was actually relying on this posture allowing Chu Jinglan to drag her along. 

When she got out from the carriage, she began feeling heavy-headed and light-footed that she almost couldn’t move but refusing to lose face on this important moment of her wedding, she persistently gritted her teeth and suppressed her discomfort. Chu Jinglan was aware of her unwellness once she got off the carriage and secretly supported most of her body weight but inwardly he couldn’t help flaring up.

When she was ought to keep up her appearance, she never did yet when she shouldn’t, she was so enthusiastic!

Fortunately there weren’t many rituals. After some torment, the newlyweds could finally move towards the bridal chamber under rounds of applause.

After closing the door, the Xi Niang turned around and walked towards Chu Jinglan. She held a steelyard (weighing rod) up and spoke with a smile, “Wangye, please lift the head-veil.” 

Without even looking at it, Chu Jinglan snapped coldly, “Everybody out.”

The smile on Xi Niang’s face stiffened. Before she could speak, she askanced several silhouettes moving outside. Without a choice, she awkwardly put the thing down and retreated with courtesy. The moment the door was closed, Chu Jinglan pulled down her head-veil away suddenly and tossed it to the ground.

With the abrupt brightness, Ye Huaiyang rubbed her eyes when she unconsciously tilted to the side and fell into a warm embrace.

“Fortunately, it’s next door. Do you intend for this King to carry a corpse out from the carriage if this is the north or south of the city?”

Though indignant voices filled her ears,Ye Huaiyang familiarly fastened her arms around his waist and asked softly with a smile, “Does husband concern about me?”

Chu Jinglan snorted coldly without a word.

Ye Huaiyang raised her head abruptly as if remembering something. She then noticed the two cups that were fully filled with nuptial wine on the table. Immediately propping up her feeble body, she grabbed and handed a wine cup to Chu Jinglan’s lips as she said, “My husband, the ceremony will be completed once this cup of wine is drunk.”

Ignoring and pushing her aside, Chu Jinglan wanted to go outside. Not knowing how she regained her strength, she turned over and sat on his lap, firmly pressing him on the bedside that kept him from moving. A little wine from the cup dampened his clothes.

“Really not drinking?” Blinking those seemingly black-jade eyes, she asked.

Chu Jinglan still ignored her when he called out, “Someone go get Lu Heng over!”

Ye Huaiyang was unclear why he asked for Lu Heng but she wasn’t concerned about it. She emptied the wine cup in one breath then kept another mouthful before covering his mouth. The moment the wine filled his mouth, pungent flavor instantly spread on his taste buds. Chu Jinglan quickly swallowed before flusteredly and exasperatedly pulled her away.


Her face was flushed by the wine yet she seemed to have eaten the bear’s heart or the leopard’s guts when her voice was louder than his, “I am presumptuous! But can it still be justifiable for you not to drink the nuptial wine with me after entering the bridal chamber!”

The blue veins on Chu Jinglan’s forehead were twitching that he couldn’t utter a word for a moment. He turned his hand over and grasped her palm when he felt her temperature was now higher than before, most likely due to drinking such strong wine. Thinking about this, the anger within him unceasingly surged up yet Ye Huaiyang persistently flailed about. Impatiently, he looked at the door then promptly tore off those encumbrances on her body as he carried her out.

“Are you sending me back to Ye manor?”

Muffling to herself within his chest, Ye Huaiyang’s voice was much lower than before and she was evidently feeling more unwell. Pricked by her words, Chu Jinglan felt an ache in his heart that his tone finally softened.

“This King is taking you to Lu Heng for medical treatment.”

Ye Huaiyang suddenly seemed to understand something. Feeling a twinge at the corners of her eyes, she stayed motionlessly within his arms.

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