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The Rebirth Waste Strikes Back Chapter 58.3

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Tianlan College.

Qi Shaorong and Hu Feng sat facing each other in the room.

Hu Feng took out a map, explaining to Shaorong,”This time’s trial ground has been assigned as Phoenix Valley. Phoenix Valley is divided into seven areas, and each area contains stones of different colors. The darker the area, the higher the degree of danger.”

He tapped the map and continued, “Same goes for the stones: the darker the color of the stone, the higher the points. If you kill a beast on the grounds, the demon beast’s core you get can also give you points. The organizers will give each college a transportation device. If your life is in danger, you can use the transporter to escape. However, once you use the transporter, all your accumulated points become void. So, unless you have no other choice, avoid using the transporter.”


Shaorong rubbed his chin thoughtfully and asked, “Headmaster, can we kill someone in the secret grounds?”

Hu Feng’s eyebrows jumped. Having trained Qi Shaorong for nearly half a month, Hu Feng has a deeper understanding of Shaorong. This fourth young master of the Qi family has a deep mind and is decisive in his actions, he really did not understand why the family would be push such a world-class genius out the door.

“You can kill in the secret grounds. Every time the competition ends, there will be death and injury. However, it is best not to go overboard, because the entire arena is monitored.” Hu Feng replied.

Qi Shaorong is somewhat confused: “All areas are monitored?”

Hu Feng shook his head and said:” Well, no, there are always some blind spots. Not to mention that there are a lot of monsters in the secret grounds, so it is also very possible that some monitoring devices are destroyed. “

Qi Shaorong nodded and drawled, “Is that so?”

Hu Feng looked at Qi Shaorong warily and asked slowly, “Are you planning to do something?”

Qi Shaorong shook his head and looked back innocently: “No! Headmaster, how can you think of me like that? I am innocent and kind, pure and flawless.”

Hu Feng:”…”

Hu Feng lightly coughed and continued: “With your capability, you shouldn’t need to be worried about the other contestants, except for Zhuang Hao. But, if you meet Zhuang Hao, you should still avoid him a little bit.”

Qi Shaorong looked at Hu Feng, and said in interest: “Headmaster, you don’t seem to have much confidence in me, do you?”

Hu Feng gave an awkward smile: “You are very strong, Student Qi, but Zhuang Hao is not weak either. Not to mention that the overall strength of the Shenghuang College is higher than ours.”

Qi Shaorong looked at Hu Feng and said: “Headmaster, as far as I know, all the students into the secret grounds are going to be scattered. Other college students may try to find fellow students from their college and collaborate. But the students of the Shenghuang College are all quite arrogant, it would be very unlikely that they would work together. Zhuang Hao probably wouldn’t have helpers.”

Hu Feng watched Qi Shaorong and asked, “Are you planning to face Zhuang Hao?”

“Did I say that?”  Qi Shaorong tilted his head at Hu Feng questioningly.

Hu Feng:”…”

“This is the list of contestants from the Royal Academy for this time’s competition.” Hu Feng handed over a list to Qi Shaorong.

Qi Shaorong looked at the names on the list and unconsciously squinted his eyes as he pointed out: “How come the second- and third-ranked students of the capital’s ranking list, Tang Tianfeng and Tang Tianying, are not in it?”

“The identities of royalty are special. Many civilian contestants who meet the royal children fear their background. They’re already retreating before they even fight. So for this hundred school competition, the royal family did not allow their children to participate.”  Hu Feng explained.

Qi Shaorong expressed his doubts: “With the Second Prince and Fourth unable to participate in the competition, the impact on the Shenghuang College is not small. Headmaster Lu Ming didn’t protest?”

Hu Feng snorted, “Him? He doesn’t even put the other colleges in his eye. The way that Lu Ming sees it, the gap between the strength of other college students and those of Shenghuang College is too great, the Holy Shenghuang College is sure to win. “

Qi Shaorong gave a sardonic smile and said: “That’s good. There are two less fierce enemies. “

Hu Feng:”…”

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