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The Trash Wants To Live – Chapter 50

Chapter 50

There were terms in the contract that might have been unpleasant for anyone.

However, little was known about the hazards posed by the gates, since they had just recently started appearing. Due to this, membership in a guild was equivalent to getting wages from a big firm.

There were also other advantages. As previously indicated, one could utilize the Sungwoon Medical Foundation for free, but the Sungwoon Medical Center of the Sungwoon Medical Foundation housed only the most competent physicians in Korea. To the degree that even international visitors come for surgery.

Consequently, there were instances where one must wait, but the guild members took precedence over that. Depending on the gravity of the situation, it might be rejected, but if it was unrelated, the guild member was superior to all other levels.

“There must be a great deal of work to accomplish if the circumstances are as they are.”

I smiled at Grandmother’s response. I explained the terms and rewards that Eui Yeol could have in the future, but I never said what he had to do.

Even though I hadn’t said anything, she flipped the page and examined it anyway.

Except for the language against toxins in the leash contract, there were no issues with the legal agreement. 

The Sungwoon Guild was the sole guild in Korea. Thus there was nothing to compare it to; nonetheless, they now provided the greatest care in the business.

Later, I’ll need to include a life benefit provision…

However, without being misled by the interests in front of her, Grandma examined the contract slowly and carefully before asking me.

“What happens if I don’t consent to this contract?”

“Then… nothing.”

Grandma smiled as I responded incoherently due to my inability to comprehend her words.

“Should I just go home? It was because of Eui Yeol that I stayed here.”

“No… you can remain.”

I regarded her as if for some reason, at this point I grinned broadly. I wanted to avoid Eui Yeol for my future safety, but there were other considerations as well.

His grandma was his family.


“Even if Eui Yeol does not sign the deal, we will remain buddies. We will assist our pals in times of need.”

Regardless of the cause, I had already determined that the contract might not be signed today, so I arrived mentally prepared. Before the stamp was signed, Jang Eui Yeol might suddenly change his mind, or the originator might use force to prevent the contract from being signed. For instance, forcing Granny to reject a contract? So, regardless of whether the contract was signed, I was going to assist with her hospitalization.

“Even if such assistance doesn’t cost a dime or two?”

The question caused me to chuckle uncontrollably. This was likely due to the fact that Grandmother’s query was the first of its kind that I have heard after assuming my identity.

I grinned mischievously and murmured to her while leaning in close.

“Obviously. That is all I have left.”

She smiled and looked at me.

Grandmother signed the guardian’s signature box, rubbed her thumb on the pad I handed out, and placed her finger next to her name. The red paddy-colored fingerprint was deeply engraved next to the name.

She grinned as she accepted the wipes I offered her and cleaned the remaining padding from her thumbs.

“Eui Yeol is a great friend. I promise to take care of him in the future.”

She said that the fact that I was wealthy did not imply that I was not a nice friend.

I spoke affirmatively and grinned slightly. There was no way that Grandmother, who was carefully analyzing the contract, was suddenly seduced by the advantages in front of her given the possibility that the unfavorable terms might harm her grandchild.

The elderly lady who was holding my hand and massaging it with her palm said regretful words.

“You are so adorable… wanna be a part of our family?”


“Don’t be shy and let me know if you do.”


Obviously, I didn’t tell grandma that this world was a harem dream. Instead, I spoke under my breath and giggled nervously in front of her.


The doctor assigned to care for Grandma entered the room with her test results. Not a resident, but a physician.

It was nearly 10 p.m. It was a hospital where only residents were required to stay, but the announcement of Sungwoon’s replacement appeared to have convinced even the physicians who had left work to return. I had not intended to do this…


The physician who had first welcomed me explained the test findings.

“The blood tests and CT scans did not reveal any other serious issues… But you have a minor case of osteoporosis. This is why you fractured your leg by just colliding with it… The fracture is still clean, so there is no need for surgery.”

“When can she then be released?”

The doctor glanced in my direction. Concerned about my true intentions, he stated the truth.

“If there are no severe concerns, it is possible for you to leave the hospital immediately… It was a vehicle accident. You’re an elderly, and it appears tough for you to take care of yourself. Therefore, I believe we should wait for a week or two.”

The doctor stated that if she insisted on leaving the hospital and the fracture in her leg worsened, or if she stepped on the wrong foot and fell again, it might result in a more serious mishap. Jang Eui Yeol fiercely gripped his grandmother’s hand as he listened to these remarks.

“Grandmother, please remain in the hospital. I can earn money now. You can take a rest.”


“Why don’t you remain in the hospital until the bones in your leg fuse back and then go to SilverTown, which is managed by the foundation?”

Ki Hyun Joo prepared a furnished room for the general guild members in the mansion. Also, since we could not treat him as any ordinary guild member, she was welcomed to move into the house with Jang Eui Yeol. However, the mansion was vacant during the day, and I feared that the grandmother would be bored, so I recommended that they visit SilverTown.

“Eui Yeol might move into our home… Since Sungwoon SilverTown is close to the school, we can meet whenever it’s convenient.”

“Is it fine?”

“Absolutely, since Eui Yeol is ours.”

Grandma seemed upset that she had fallen, but pleased that she was now living in a healthier environment with Eui Yeol. It was late, so we said our goodbyes to Grandma and left the hospital room. It was unnecessary for us to stay behind since the caregiver of the Sungwoon Medical Center was a resident.

I got into the vehicle with Jang Eui Yeol, who planned to stay  at the mansion today and bring over his belongings from his house tomorrow. Obviously, Cookie was also present.

“Many thanks, Yoon Jae.”

I hesitated before responding, but Jang Eui Yeol thanked me. He grinned and grasped my hand after I had said that it was of little consequence.

I will achieve success in the future.

‘Yes, you ought to be okay. Please don’t murder me afterwards.’ While I thought to myself, Jung Yi Joon was clenching his teeth next to me.

“Kid… what are you doing? Stop.”

When I glanced down at Jung Yi Joon, who was furious, he said, “What else am I supposed to do?” As I had always thought, he made absolutely no sense. I quickly shifted my gaze to prevent another debate and paid more attention to where I was staring. Jung Yi Joon grumbled and attempted to seize my remaining hand at that moment.


Eui Yeol and I laughed at Jung Yi Joon.


Since the day Jang Eui Yeol entered the home, much had transpired.

As the public became more aware of the existence of the gates, fantasy books with similar themes began to surface amongst the press. While this was on the news, there had been rumors of fantasy authors sneaking into the White House in the United States.

I heard that the assignment was to compose a disaster preparation scenario… The credibility was poor since the author’s name was unknown, and no one had claimed that they were the author.

Another day quickly passed.

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