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The Trick to Teasing a Noble Family’s Son Ch 1.1

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The Trick to Teasing an Aristocratic Family’s Son

Chapter 1.1

After the beginning of autumn, the rain drizzled down non-stop. The rain cleansed the blood as it flowed down the imperial path, soaking the black shoes of the person approaching.

“Oh, Lord Xie!” The eunuch’s sly voice sounded out. While holding an umbrella, he had a flustered face as he looked at his shoes in panic, “Your shoes are wet! Someone come, quickly bring a new pair of shoes and socks for Lord Xie. What kind of eyesight do you all have?”

The eunuch anxiously attended to the man while the little eunuch beside him hurried away, creating splashes across the ground as his trembling body stepped in the accumulated water.

The guards lined up in two lines at full attention, occasionally looking at that eunuch. Their eyes revealed disdain, as if they were looking at a dead person.

The imperial eunuch, Wang Guoliang, was once a character who held enough power to topple the court. In secret, he made people greet him with a wish of nine thousand years of age¹. Holding a high position, he was naturally ill-tempered. His hands have sent off countless numbers of faithful and upright people. Even the person in front of him has been offended by him many times in the past.

¹TN: When greeting an emperor, the greeting is usually ‘Greetings to the Emperor, wishing the emperor ten thousand years of age.’ In this case, the eunuch made others greet him in the same way as the emperor but just 9 thousand years of age instead of ten thousand.

This Shu son of the Xie Family climbed up step by step from the lowest of the noble clans. Originally, it was thought that the position of prime minister was his last stop, but who would’ve ever thought that he would rebel?

Oh, no, who would dare say that he was a rebel? It was obviously the prince that had rebelled. He had simply brought soldiers to clean up those rebelling around the Emperor.

It’s just that with this one cleanse, 3 princes were cleansed away. Only the child, that had not yet reached eight years old, was left hiding together with his mother in the harem, trembling as they waited for this Lord Yama’s judgement. Everyone knew that the winds of Da Chu had changed. In the future, it was this man in front of them that would cover the sky with his hand².Even Wang Guoliang could only bend his waist to rub his shoes.

²TN: Hiding the truth from the eyes of the masses.

The rain fell even heavier. As the man stepped on the last step, he said to Wang Guoliang: “You may withdraw.”

Wang Guoliang was unable to get any information about his end from looking at his expressions. He could only try his utmost to make a gesture of servitude as he bowed his head and said, “Yes.” He hunched over his waist, sent the man to the door, and said as he closed the door, “Lord Xie, if you have any orders, please do tell.”

The man didn’t say anything as his beautiful eyes casted a sidelong glance at Wang Guoliang.

His looks were extremely outstanding. His features were light, appearing as sturdy as the mountains from afar and as soft as water up close, but held an inexpressible undertone within. It was like a landscape painting, light and shallow, but exceptionally beautiful.

Twenty years ago, he was already a famous figure whose name alone moved Shengjing³. Currently, two decades later, he went from the humble Fourth son of Xie Family that was beneath anyone’s notice, into a powerful minister whose appearance only bloomed further, unable to see the passage of time.

³TN: Shengjing was the historical name for the now modern city of Shenyang.

Wang Guoliang was slightly stunned by his glance, but his look did not remain long as he stepped into the great hall.

The hall was long emptied as the echoes of the man’s footsteps sounded out especially loudly throughout it. He frowned, pulling aside the bead curtain, and then saw the woman, who was pretending to be calm, behind it.

She was wearing a luxurious golden robe with a golden crown on her head and a golden finger cot on her fingers. She looked like the embodiment of magnificence. It was obvious that she sat here after carefully dressing up.

Her hand held a boy that was already terrified to death, trembling, not daring to speak, glancing at the incoming person from time to time.

The man looked silently at the woman on the seat, who was clearly frightened but still pretended to be calm. After a long while, he finally spoke out and slowly said: “In the future, you will be the empress dowager.”

The woman was faintly stunned. Tears torrented up as she said in a hoarse voice: “Fourth Brother…”

Saying so, she let go of the boy and fluttered over like a little girl, rushing into his arms, hugging him, as her tears fell like rain.

“I knew you wouldn’t just leave me, fourth brother. There wouldn’t be anyone that could ever separate us again in the future…”

“Wan Qing…” The man sighed, seeming somewhat at a loss. His beautiful eyebrows slightly frowned as he finally said after a long time, “In my heart, you would forever be just like my blood related sister…”

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