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The Villains I Raised All Died Ch 3.1

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The Villains I Raised All Died

Arc 1 Chapter 3.1 – My World Only Consists of You (3)

Zhou Yucheng didn’t expect that he would see such an explosive scene as soon as he arrived.

Ye Chen fell to the ground and was kicked and pummelled. It was drizzling when they left school. She seemed to have passed out and fallen into the mud. Her ‘smart’ purple hairstyle was soaked in rain and slumped to both sides of her cheeks, making her skin fairer. Fresh blood flowed out along with the rainwater, she was slender, curled up within the crowd, and looked very pitiful.

Zhou Yucheng wasn’t clear what he felt for a while. He really didn’t like Ye Chen, but that might’ve been because he has seen her baring her fangs and brandishing her claws¹ for too long. Suddenly, he felt a bit uncomfortable seeing her being bullied like this. Moreover, thinking of how the relationship between the Ye family and the Zhou family was not bad, Zhou Yucheng raised his hand, and the bodyguard behind him yelled out angrily: “What are you all doing?!”

¹TN: Basically being threatening.

The group of teenagers was bewildered. In fact, Ye Chen had already been beaten till she fainted long ago, they just added in a couple of more kicks. Now that they saw people had gathered, ones that you could tell that couldn’t be provoked with just a glance, everyone looked at each other and just immediately ran away.

Zhou Yucheng walked over, stood in front of Ye Chen, and didn’t know what to do for a while.

If he saved her, what if she woke up and knew that he saved her, then used this as a reason to pester him?

If he didn’t save her, she was, after all, a daughter of the Ye family. The relationship between the two of their families was not bad. What if she died like this?

At once, Zhou Yucheng was in between a rock and a hard place.

It was at this time that he heard the sound of someone approaching. Zhou Yucheng raised his head and saw Gu Jianan standing in front of the alley with his school bag on his back.

He was wearing the school’s uniform, holding an umbrella given by the supermarket, and had a stern expression without saying a word.

He was very skinny. Because he was too thin, the original, what could be considered as delicate, facial features, appeared a bit mean. Paired with the pale skin color that had hints of cyan, it made people feel particularly cold and uncomfortable.

Zhou Yuchen recognized him and felt a little embarrassed. He hurriedly said: “You haven’t seen anything. You’re not allowed to tell anyone what happened today!”

After finishing, Zhou Yucheng froze. He and Gu Jianan were desk partners. He naturally knew that this person was a person that lived in his own world. He does not speak to anyone, nor does he respond to anyone, let alone tell any of these things to someone.

So Zhou Yucheng didn’t say much more and left in a hurry with his people.

At this time, Ye Chen finally awoke under the desperate calls of the system.

The rain fell on her, and she felt pain all over her body. She heard Zhou Yucheng’s voice subtly, but it was also very indistinct, and then the surroundings quieted down. Someone passed by her, and the system started to chitter loudly.

“The BOSS came!!! The BOSS is near you! Is the BOSS trying to save you?!!!”

Ye Chen couldn’t say anything, she felt that it hurt even to breathe.

The other party approached her, Ye Chen exclaimed in her heart.

Classmate, help, please help!

However, Gu Jianan left, mercilessly and without hesitation, and just walked past Ye Chen.

Ye Chen: “…”


A moment later, the system said somewhat depressingly: “Host, I feel like our train of thought was incorrect. The Boss originally didn’t have any emotions, added to how you beat him yesterday. We actually expected him to be considerate and grateful…”

“No problem,” Ye Chen wiped her soul’s face inside her head and said firmly: “I will open my eyes right now, and upon seeing him, I will say that he is my life-saving benefactor no matter what. In any case, I will hang onto him.”

“Host, when you came up with this idea, I thought you were mentally retarded. Now I understand,” the system was a bit solemn: “You are not mentally retarded, but you would make everyone think you are mentally retarded.”

Ye Chen: “…”

“Go on,” the system said with a bit of despair: “You…”

Before it finished what it was saying, Gu Jianan stopped again. He looked back at Ye Chen, looked up at the surrounding area, and walked back. Both Ye Chen and the system discovered his movements. Both of them were nervous. Even the system subconsciously felt like it seemed to be holding its breath. Ye Chen was a little excited in her heart: “He passed my test! He was still not yet the BOSS. Sure enough, there’s still a little bit of sympathy! I’m a little girl after all. Look, do you think he came back to save me?”

“Yes yes yes,” the system quickly flattered: “Host your scheme was clever.”

To this, Ye Chen was very accepting. Currently, Gu Jianan squatted in front of Ye Chen and looked at her. Ye Chen pretended to have just woken up and slowly opened her eyes, having already thought out the script.

She intended to be dumbfounded for a moment, then look at Gu Jianan with a complicated expression, and ask—how come it’s you.

Then, Gu Jianan would carry her to the hospital. She would lie on his back, and awkwardly say: “I will take you under my wing in the future. I will be good to you.”

Got close to Gu Jianan just like that, perfect!

Ye Chen gave herself a like², then slowly opened her eyes, and then, she was stupefied.

²TN: Yes, a like, just like the ‘like’ you’d see on social platforms.

A cold fruit knife was aimed perfectly at her. It wasn’t difficult to see that this person was planning to do something to her with this knife.

Ye Chen: “…”

The system did not forget to take an extra stab at her: “Turns out he came back to stab you…”

Ye Chen was in no mood to respond to the system. She looked at the knife, and she felt that her mood was very complicated. Sure enough, 70% of the blackening extent was not just for show. He was just beaten once, sixteen-year-old Gu Jianan actually this vengeful, planning to stab her at any given time to exact revenge.

It was unexpected that Ye Chen would wake up at this time, Gu Jianan was also a little stupefied. After they stared at each other for a while, Ye Chen quickly snapped back. Weakly, she asked: “Did you…save me?”

Gu Jianan did not speak. He was not stupid. Since Ye Chen had misunderstood, he couldn’t possibly correct her and say, no, I came to stab you.

Ye Chen saw that he didn’t speak, she quickly lowered her head, a little awkward: “Thank you.”

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