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The Villains I Raised All Died Ch 5.1

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The Villains I Raised All Died

Arc 1 Chapter 5.1 – My World Only Consists of You (5)

Ye Chen’s promise finally relieved Gu Jianan. When Ye Chen finished blow-drying his hair, she then carefully tended to his wounds. That night was the first time in his life that he had slept so well.

As for Ye Chen, she was a little troubled. It was not an easy thing to hide such a large living person. First of all, that auntie cannot come here anymore.

She contemplated left and right. This auntie was someone who was shrewd and liked to resort to tricks to shirk responsibilities. She usually liked to be lazy, so she sent a message to the auntie, simply saying: “No need to come over anymore in the future. Your salary will still be paid.”

After seeing this message, that auntie immediately understood that this eldest miss wanted to do something that can’t be brought to light again. But only a bastard wouldn’t do it when there’s money to be made, so she hurriedly replied with an, “OK, thank you, Miss.”

After she dealt with the auntie, Ye Chen didn’t really feel like taking care of the rest. She just planned to raise Gu Jianan well.

Waking up the next morning, Ye Chen and Gu Jianan agreed to leave out the door together and then separate after arriving at school. After meeting up in the corner of the hallway when the first class ended, they would split up and enter the school one after the other.

Gu Jianan answered back, and Ye Chen ran off to go buy breakfast. When Ye Chen came back after buying breakfast, Gu Jianan had already begun to study seriously.

He was someone who was not good at communicating with people and living in his own world. Generally, his attention stayed very focused. Zhou Yucheng had good grades, but that was pulled up by his parents with money. However, Gu Jianan’s good grades were really achieved by himself, climbing up step by step.

Currently, Gu Jianan was too thin and looked like a bumpkin dressed in the school uniform. His hair was cut by himself making it look no different from being gnawed by a dog. Sitting next to the already beautiful Zhou Yucheng, it was difficult for people to notice his features.

But once you’ve noticed it, you would find that this person was really good-looking, and particularly attractive. The way he looked while studying with his head down was just like a painting.

She must dress him up!

Face dog Ye Chen thought to herself.

“You should dress yourself up first.” The system spoke lightly: “This hair of yours is too much of an eyesore.”

“I want to too.” Ye Chen was a bit helpless, “But even you said it yourself that if the aesthetics were to suddenly change, I would be OOC. You wanted to deceive me and deduct points again!”

“What do you mean by deceive…”

“How many times have you tricked me already?”

“A lot.” The system smiled, no, it smiled all the time, but the current smile was especially sincere: “So what? Are you going to hit me?”

Ye Chen: “…”

This system was really too low.

She refused to talk to such a low system, so she raised her book wordlessly.

As soon as Ye Min entered the classroom, she saw Ye Chen reading a book. She was so frightened that she almost dropped her cell phone. She came in front of Ye Chen, scrutinized her, and said, “Big Sister, have you changed personalities? Did you want to start studying hard now? Do you understand the material?”

Ye Chen: “…”

How could she not understand the material of a high school freshman? Really looking down on her too much!

Ye Chen snorted and threw herself into the ocean of knowledge. As a result, hahaha there really were things she couldn’t f***ing understand!

Ye Min felt like she ran into a wall and was rendered a bit speechless as she turned away and left. Gu Jianan quietly observed Ye Chen and saw her reading a book. He pondered a bit before he turned his head again.

After class, the two met up at the appointed place. Ye Chen handed over the food to Gu Jianan, instructing: “Eat slowly, it’s good for your stomach.”

Gu Jianan was now in his growth spurt, nutrition must be kept up for him to become a male god.

Even though he was not short later on in her memory…

Gu Jianan nodded, thought about it a bit, then he carefully took out his notes, and handed them to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was stunned for a bit, and then heard him say, “If you don’t understand, you can ask me.”

After he finished saying this sentence, Gu Jianan’s face flushed red. Ye Chen smiled, and quickly took the notes, happily replied, “Okay! Thank you!”

BOSS’s rare kindness must be accepted and encouraged!

Gu Jianan saw the other person’s grateful eyes but did not reply as he lowered his head to eat.

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