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The Villains I Raised All Died Ch 5.2

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The Villains I Raised All Died

Arc 1 Chapter 5.2 – My World Only Consists of You (5)

Ye Chen took Gu Jianan’s notes back to the classroom and happened to see Zhou Yucheng coming out. Zhou Yucheng gave a sidelong glimpse, and saw the notebook that Ye Chen was hugging. That book was of a very inferior quality, the cheapest kind of notebook. Within the entire class, it could only belong to Gu Jianan.

Ye Chen delivered breakfast to Gu Jianan?

Gu Jianan gave his notes to Ye Chen?

Zhou Yucheng felt as if he had…opened the door to a new world. Ye Chen and Gu Jianan?

How could that be!

Zhou Yucheng felt that there was probably something wrong with his brain. He couldn’t help but observe the two during class.

However, the two always just did their own things, with absolutely no indication of any interactions. But Zhou Yucheng found that Ye Chen seemed to have started…studying?

Usually, Ye Chen seldom came to class, and the occasional times that she did, she either lied on the table to soundly sleep or played with her cell phone. However, today, Ye Chen was unusually studying.

Her expressions were very rich. Sometimes her brows flew about in dance as she became very absorbed, at other times, it scrunched together into a frown frustratingly. It felt like she was not reading a math textbook, but rather a novel. If it wasn’t because she had been writing on the draft paper, Zhou Yucheng would have definitely thought it was a novel.

However, after performing for a while, Ye Chen completely entered the ocean of mathematics. Having regained the knowledge of the past, she began to focus on solving the problems. Her expression was no longer exaggerated and fickle. She just quietly looked over the problems seriously.

The leaves in early autumn had begun to turn yellow and the sun’s rays were brilliant today. It fell on the leaves of the large tree outside the window behind her. Together with that girl who was quietly solving problems, a strange sort of harmony appeared. For the first time, Zhou Yucheng noticed that Ye Chen also seemed kinda pretty.

Her facial features were exquisite and well defined, and her eyes were big and bright, as though it contained a vast expanse of water. Just looking at it would rouse people.

Ye Min had the kind of appearance that was very light, like the elegant women of Jiang Nan that had a mild natural look. It was very easy to become like the first love within the memories of men.

However, Ye Chen’s appearance was more of the type that held more impact. Her eyes had upturned corners and her tall nose bridge only made the outlines along her eyes even more prominent. The lips looked full and fleshy, even though they were still small, but the extraordinary beauty in these facial features could already be seen.

Such facial features, if it grew out well, then that would be called gorgeous and charming. However, if not, then it would be called gaudy. It really tested a person’s temperament.

Zhou Yucheng was different from Gu Jianan, this poor chap who doesn’t understand anything. He had been in contact with a much wider range of information and thus, matured much earlier. He suddenly found that Ye Chen seemed not so ugly. He couldn’t help but be stupefied a bit.

He hurriedly retrieved his gaze and didn’t dare to look again.

As for Gu Jianan, he had already noticed his gaze. He stayed silent, but for an unknown reason, he felt a little uncomfortable within his heart.

After school that day, Ye Chen took Gu Jianan to go pick out some furniture, bought all the daily necessities, clothes, and shoes he needed, then took him to the bookstore to pick out some reference books, and bought some groceries.

After they returned home, Ye Chen was about to go into the kitchen when she was stopped by Gu Jianan.

“Let me do it.”

Gu Jianan took the apron from the kitchen and entered the kitchen, pulled back his sleeves, and closed the kitchen door.

Ye Chen heard all kinds of sounds coming out from the kitchen. She called someone over to have them install Gu Jianan’s desk, and then she cleaned up the room for Gu Jianan.

The two split the work and cooperated very well together. After Gu Jianan finished making the dishes, Ye Chen was also almost finished with tidying up the room. The two sat at the table. Ye Chen’s eyes promptly brightened as she looked at the table full of colorful and fragrant dishes.

She couldn’t wait as she picked up the chopsticks and placed a piece of sweet and sour pork rib into her mouth.

This was the best sweet and sour pork ribs she had ever eaten in her life! !

The delicacies caused her to ramble on irresponsibly as she shouted while eating.

“Gu Jianan, I must marry you!!! So delicious, so f***ing delicious!”

Gu Jianan’s chopsticks, which had picked up bones, fell into the bowl from shock.

Ye Chen raised her head and looked at Gu Jianan with her big eyes, thick with eyeliners. Her words muffled from the meat in her mouth as she said: “Don’t be afraid, I’m just praising you for cooking so well!”


Gu Jianan felt relieved, but for an unknown reason, when she said that she’d marry him…

He didn’t seem to hate it.

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