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The Villains I Raised All Died Ch 6.1

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The Villains I Raised All Died

Arc 1 Chapter 6.1 – My World Only Consists of You (6)

Gu Jianan used a single meal to make Ye Chen bow her head in praise. Looking at Ye Chen gorging down on the food, he finally found value in his existence.

This value made him very settled. It meant that Ye Chen would not abandon him since he was a useful person.

In the evening, the two of them worked on their homework together. Gu Jianan’s grades were really friggin good, every subject was close to a perfect score, it was simply heaven-defying. Ye Chen, an adult, actually had to ask him questions for guidance. But Ye Chen found that Gu Jianan was very detailed with answering her questions and would try to say as much as possible. Thus, she always went to ask questions, and Gu Jianan’s pronunciation became smoother and smoother.

The two began to live a “happy cohabiting life together” where they went to school together, bought groceries together, and did homework together.

Ye Chen didn’t dare to change Gu Jianan too much, afraid that it would catch people’s attention, but she still bought a lot of nice clothes for him to wear at home. When watching Gu Jianan wearing nice clothes to cook in the kitchen, Ye Chen felt——happy, super happy.

Handsome guy and delicious food, her life has been completely corroded by sugar-coated bombs.

“Host,” the system calmly reminded her, “Have you forgotten what you came here to do?”

“Forgot, I don’t remember. I just want to watch Gu Jianan’s face to eat, eat for an entire lifetime!”

System, “……”

This was the first time it has ever seen such a non-ambitious host.

After a month of recuperation, Gu Jianan’s skin began to get better and grew a little fatter, unlike before where he completely was a pile of skin and bones with a sickly pale complexion.

At this time, the campus basketball game was about to start.

Ye Chen especially liked to watch the boys scattering their sweat on the basketball court. She constantly brought a group of people to cheer for the boys on the basketball court.

Zhou Yucheng was the captain of the school basketball team. He was also quite handsome originally but his charm increased by several folds when he played basketball. When Ye Chen brought people to go watch Zhou Yucheng, although the other party was still a young boy, but mixed with the original emotions of “Ye Chen’s” body itself, face dog Ye Chen couldn’t help but feel, that he was handsome, really f***ing handsome!

Just like Gu Jianan, each had his own handsomeness!!

Ye Chen accompanied the girls in the class together in screaming and cheering. They screamed out particularly loud every time Zhou Yucheng took a shot at the basket. With the extraordinary power from the cheerleading squad, Ye Chen quickly hooked up with a group of girls in the class, amidst them was Fang Xiao, who was the most like-minded and was a face dog exactly like her.

Fang Xiao was a very professional face dog who was able to spot his original face value from Gu Jianan’s broken surface with just a glance. The first sentence she said when she mingled with Ye Chen was, “Is Zhou Yucheng handsome?”

Ye Chen nodded.

Fang Xiao then asked, “Is Gu Jianan handsome?”

Ye Chen desperately nodded.

Then Zhou Yucheng scored. Fang Xiao and Ye Chen screamed, ah, so handsome, so handsome!

The similar taste in aesthetics made them toilet buddies. The so-called toilet buddies were the kind of girl who held hands even when going to the bathroom. The two of them arranged every day to meet with each other and go watch Zhou Yucheng play basketball together. Gu Jianan had no choice, he could only go home alone every day, cook dinner, wait for Ye Chen to come back, and then listen to Ye Chen say ——

So handsome, Zhou Yucheng playing basketball was so fucking handsome that he could churn the heavens and move earth.

Gu Jianan felt a very strong sense of crisis.

He did not know where this sense of crisis came from. It was probably like that feeling when parents praised other children. His heart was filled with fire, but he did not know how to vent it all out. Thus, when Ye Chen was watching Zhou Yucheng play basketball, he practiced silently in another abandoned court on the side.

A lot of things were about talent. A genius like Gu Jianan, even if he was learning to play basketball, he was much faster than an average person.

Before long, he exceeded the skill level of most people.

Afterwards, before the basketball game approached, when Zhou Yucheng took the boys in the class to go play basketball and prepare to form a basketball team, Gu Jianan suddenly appeared on the court.

The whole class was stunned because everyone knew that Gu Jianan never made contact with others.

However, Gu Jianan came in front of Zhou Yucheng and raised his head to look at him.

“I want to learn to play.”

This was his first time talking.

Before this, everyone thought he was a mute.

As a result of talking to Ye Chen for a month, he had already recovered his ability to speak. It simply couldn’t be seen that this was a person who had not spoken for many years.

He quietly looked at Zhou Yucheng. Zhou Yucheng froze for a long time before he snapped out of it. He made an appearance like the class leader as he said, “We welcome you!”

Zhou Yucheng took the boys to play, and originally thought Gu Jianan probably didn’t know how to play. Who would’ve thought that Gu Jianan was a master right from the start.

Receiving the ball, passing the ball, flanking, blocking, intercepting the ball, making a layup, all were executed smoothly and perfectly, handsome and striking.

Unlike Zhou Yucheng, a warm man with a year-round smile, Gu Jianan kept a cold face, so when he played, he brought along a dashingness that was akin to Rukawa Maple’s style.¹ The whole stadium has been screaming again and again.

¹TN: Yes, Rukawa Maple from the Anime ‘Slam Dunk’.

Originally Zhou Yucheng was a fan magnet killer weapon. Now with Gu Jianan, whenever his handsome appearance emerged, people couldn’t move their eyes away. Every time their class one practiced, they would always be solidly surrounded by girls.

In the beginning, Gu Jianan had some trouble keeping up with Zhou Yucheng, but after repeated practice and mock games, by the day of the game, the two had become the two main pillars of class one.

The City’s No. 1 High School was a combined middle school and a high school. The school sports games spanned from the junior section to the high school section. Very few groups from the junior section entered the finals. However, their class actually managed to win their way into the final championships from just relying on Zhou Yucheng and Gu Jianan.

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