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The Villains I Raised All Died Ch 6.3

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The Villains I Raised All Died

Arc 1 Chapter 6.3 – My World Only Consists of You (6)

Thus, it wasn’t long after Gu Jianan had recovered, that Ye Chen saw Gu Jianan stopped in front of the apartment building’s door on the bike as she walked down the stairs groggily in the morning.

He was wearing the blue-and-white school uniform of number one high school with a round collared white T. The school uniform zipper only reached his chest, revealing his white T and his delicate collar bone to one’s eyes. His sleeves were rolled up, revealing his muscular and fair-skinned arms, carefully listening to English through the headphones, which Ye Chen had bought him, hanging on him.

His hair had grown out a bit, and after being dragged by Ye Chen to cut it, it fell on the sides of his face here and there. The morning sun was shining on his clear white face. He turned back when he heard the sounds of her coming out, his obsidian-like eyes were filled entirely with her.

“Come on up,” his jaw lifted. “I’ll escort you over.”

“System,” Ye Chen couldn’t control her footsteps as she walked over and sat onto the back seat. She was so moved that she was about to cry out, “To actually have been escorted to school by such a handsome person in my life, I feel like I will have no regrets dying. I am especially thankful to you system, for having given me this opportunity… “

“Host, have you completely forgotten what you have come here for?”

“Save the world’s peace!” Ye Chen sat in the back and held the seat. Gu Jianan glanced at this movement. He knew how uncomfortable it was to hold the seat because he had held it for many days. So he couldn’t help but say, “You can hold my shoulder, it’s fine.”


Ye Chen’s surface appearance was a little embarrassed, but in fact, her heart was blooming with joy.

Gu Jianan peddled on the bicycle, Ye Chen held his shoulder, laughing crazy in her heart.


“Host, calm down…”

“No, I can’t calm down. I am happy, joyful, toss flowers!² To have been cared for by a handsome guy to this extent is my lifelong pursuit as a face dog!”

²TN: Like tossing flowers after a show in joy.

“Host, if you are not calm, I will have to inject a sedative.”

Ye Chen, “…”

The system breathed a sigh of relief, “You are really noisy.”

She quieted down and the system felt like it had a new lease on life after a calamity. Ye Chen was a bit dismayed and couldn’t help but ask Gu Jianan, “Am I really noisy?”

Gu Jianan didn’t look back, and said lightly, “It’s pretty good.”

Anyways, he hadn’t much to say.

The system heard Gu Jianan’s words, scanned what he was thinking, and couldn’t help but crumble, almost screaming out loud.

But I talk a lot!!

Ye Chen was a bit helpless.

So you’re blaming me for you having a lot to say?

Every day, the two acted like they were in a hidden relationship as they went and left school together, and then pretended not to be familiar with each other after they separated.

Very soon, the final exam came. The night before the exam, Gu Jianan and Ye Chen memorized the materials together. Gu Jianan had already familiarized himself with the material a long time ago. Looking up at Ye Chen, who was still seriously memorizing the materials, he couldn’t help but ask, “If I do well on this exam, can I make a request? “

“Huh?” Ye Chen raised her eyes, “What would you like?”

“If I ranked first place in the entire school,” Gu Jianan tightened his lips. “Shall we go to the movies?”

Watch a movie! The male god asked me to go watch a movie!

Ye Chen’s eyes straightened. Afraid that her thoughts would be skewed, Gu Jianan quickly added, “I have never been to a movie theater before…”

“Oh oh,” Ye Chen nodded quickly. “Okay.”

With this answer, Gu Jianan felt relieved and took the exam the next day. A week later, the teacher used announcements to send out the grades.

Gu Jianan ranked second.

Zhou Yucheng ranked number one.

Looking at the scores, Gu Jianan was actually close to getting full marks, but Zhou Yucheng got full marks. Gu Jianan didn’t say a word and didn’t mention anything about the movie.

However, Ye Chen still painstakingly selected the ticket. It was a Japanese love animation. Ye Chen thought that it was very suitable for cultivating people’s longing for feelings.

When Gu Jianan and Ye Chen went to the supermarket to buy groceries together, Ye Chen pretended to heedlessly state, “Jia Nan, you didn’t do well on the exam this time.”

Gu Jianan got nervous and dryly said, “Next time I…”

“But I don’t care!” Ye Chen looked at his nervous appearance and laughed. She took out two tickets from her pocket, and shook them, “Let’s go to the movies tomorrow, alright?”

“I…I didn’t do well in the exam…” Gu Jianan was a little worried. Ye Chen threw the groceries into the cart he was pushing, and stuffed the tickets to him, “Whether you did well in the exam, or not, whether you’re brilliant, or not, what does it matter?”

“I just want to be nice to you.”

“Why?” Gu Jianan was stunned. Ye Chen gave him the reason she had already prepared a long time ago.

“Because you’ve helped me before, and then afterwards, we became friends!”

Gu Jianan didn’t say anything. He clenched the ticket tightly, feeling a burst of panic in his heart.


He didn’t help her.

It was Zhou Yucheng…who helped her.

He was like a thief, stealing what was supposed to have belonged to Zhou Yucheng.

He opened his mouth and wanted to tell her, but he couldn’t say it.

It was just these few months, but he suddenly discovered something.

He couldn’t lose her.

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