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The Villains I Raised All Died Ch 7.3

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The Villains I Raised All Died

Arc 1 Chapter 7.3 – My World Only Consists of You (7)

“Cough cough…”

Ye Chen was frightened by Zhou Yucheng. The raisins caught in her throat and she quickly coughed. Zhou Yucheng faintly laughed and slowly said, “Next time, if you still talk in circles, don’t blame me for scaring you.”

“I’m sorry…” Ye Chen eased her breath and hurriedly said, “I really do have something to ask of you. I want you to do me a favor.”

“Go on.”

Ye Chen quickly summed things up, Zhou Yucheng answered back, and after listening to everything, he was really surprised.

He knew that Ye Chen’s temperament had changed a lot, but he didn’t expect it to have changed this much. If this was in the past, she wouldn’t have cared at all about a person like Gu Jianan.

“Why are you helping him so proactively?”

“I…” Ye Chen choked up. After a while, she found a valid reason and directly said, “He looks handsome!”

Zhou Yucheng, “…”

He had never seen such a frank face-judger before.

“Alright then,” Zhou Yucheng returned to his senses, “Then why should I help you?”

“Interpersonal relationships,” Ye Chen said directly, “Why don’t you think about it. Since you helped me, I will help you in the future. Although I’m not cherished by my father and not loved by my mother, I’m still the Ye family’s eldest miss.”

“Okay.” Zhou Yucheng originally never intended to make things difficult for Ye Chen anyways. For him, this thing was barely any effort, “Give me his information. I happen to have an uncle with no children and wanted to adopt one. It’s just that he’s too old so I don’t know if my uncle would be willing.”

“Who is your uncle?”

“The dean of the Academy of Sciences, Yan Liang.”

Upon hearing this person, Ye Chen’s eyes instantly brightened. The Yan family was also a big military and political player like the Zhou family. Yan Liang was a man who was obsessed with academics. He did not get married in his early years, and he never had children after his marriage. When he was almost 50 years old, he finally thought of finding a child to care for him in his old age so he wanted to adopt one. There was no other requirement, they just needed to like science, so that he could inherit his mantle.

Ye Chen quickly packaged up Gu Jianan’s materials electronically, including a scanned version of some small notes and thoughts he wrote in private for a paper, and excitedly said, “Zhou Yucheng, after this has all gone through, I will definitely give you a big red envelope.”

“No need for red envelopes,” Zhou Yucheng said lazily, “You just need to promise me three things.”

“Just say it.”

“The first thing is: you’re not allowed to go to school wearing makeup. Find a time to dye your hair to a wine red with big waves.”

Ye Chen, “…”

Zhou Yucheng’s sense of aesthetics was still pretty alright.

“The second thing…” Zhou Yucheng dragged out his voice, “Forget it. I’ll say it once I remember it in the future. Do you agree to the terms?”

“Yes, yes.” Ye Chen hurriedly said, “As long as it does not go against my principles, I’ll agree.”

“Don’t worry about that.”

Zhou Yucheng smiled as Gu Jianan knocked outside the door, “Ye Chen.”

“What, you guys are living together?” Zhou Yucheng heard Gu Jianan’s voice and laughed out teasingly. Ye Chen hurriedly said, “I’m not saying anything more with you. I’m going to go open the door. Bye.”

After saying so, she hung up on Zhou Yucheng and opened the door.

Gu Jianan’s eyes fell on his phone. Ye Chen quickly returned it back to him.

“Let’s change the movie to a 3D film in the afternoon. I want to watch in 3D.”

“Ah?” Ye Chen froze, and then nodded, “Okay…”

Gu Jianan nodded and turned to leave. Afterwards, he turned on his phone and saw the call history.

Twenty minutes, Zhou Yucheng.

He felt like his heart was jabbed with a needle, so numerous and packed that he couldn’t breathe.

He quickly shut himself inside the room. Ye Chen knew that he liked to do various experiments so she especially gave him a room to use as a laboratory, filled with various tools and equipment.

Only when facing these icy cold tools and equipment could Gu Jianan feel a sense of security. He lowered his head as he conducted his experiments. When it came time for the movie in the afternoon, Gu Jianan put on a white T-shirt, jeans, and wore a pair of sunglasses as he went to the cinema with Ye Chen to watch the 3D film.

Not long after the movie started, Gu Jianan went to the washroom. Ye Chen didn’t pay much heed. Fifteen minutes later, Gu Jianan came back. Ye Chen looked up and excitedly said, “This plot…”

Before she finished, she froze.

The person in front of her was wearing Gu Jianan’s clothes wearing 3D glasses. His figure was similar to Gu Jianan’s, but Ye Chen recognized with a single glance that this person was not Gu Jianan.

Her heart trembled and immediately understood that something had happened. She restrained herself and calmly said, “Where is he?”

“He asked me to watch a movie with you. You don’t need to know anything. Just watch the movie and go back home like normal.”

Ye Chen took a deep breath.

This movie theater was decided upon by Gu Jianan. If a taxi was hailed, it would take no more than five minutes to reach Gu Jianan’s house.

That is to say, at this moment, Gu Jianan was already with the Gu family.

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