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The Villains I Raised All Died Ch 8.1

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The Villains I Raised All Died

Arc 1 Chapter 8.1 – My World Only Consists of You (8)

Gu Jianan had agreed with the young boy to meet in the toilet, and then exchanged clothes with each other. After Gu Jianan left the toilet, he rushed to the Gu house.

He was wearing a hoodie, a hat, gloves on his hands, foot covers, and held a bag of almonds.

He knocked on the Gu house’s door. Zhang Shan and his mother Gu Chi hurriedly opened the door and greeted him, “Come in quickly.”

Gu Jianan smiled and walked in with the almonds.

“Where’s the money?” Gu Chi hurriedly asked. Gu Jianan lowered his brows, “I will bring you to go get it after dinner.”

Gu Chi also didn’t want to force the issue too much, and after she gave a response, Gu Jianan went to the kitchen to cook.

Gu Chi and Zhang Shan whispered to each other in the living room. Gu Jianan vaguely heard them talking about Ye Chen and Zhang Shan’s dirty language. He tightly squeezed the spatula, patiently restraining himself, and did not say anything.

During the meal, Zhang Shan off-handedly said, “Jianan, you sure have the ability. The family will be dependent on you in the future. Both your brother and sister will also depend on you.”

Gu Jianan didn’t say anything. He gave Zhang Shan a spoonful of stir-fried almond and meat.

After Zhang Shan took a bite, he spat out a few times, “How come today it tastes so…”

Before he could finish, Zhang Shan began to twitch. Gu Chi was dumbfounded as she watched Zhang Shan collapse, and anxiously said, “Old Zhang…”

She just shouted out before a sharp blade pierced through her body.

Gu Chi turned back with difficulty and saw Gu Jianan standing behind her, his countenance calm as he said, “I will not let you all continue to torture me.”

“I already have a good life. I have her. I will never come back again, even more so will I ever let you hurt her.”

As he was talking, his hands were shaking ceaselessly. Gu Chi opened her mouth but Gu Jianan covered her mouth and plunged the knife into her over and over again.

After a while, the house went quiet. Gu Jianan threw himself in front of Zhang Shan, and desperately pierced him a few more times.

Then he got up, quickly cleaned up his own dishes, put them in the cupboard, and then left in a hurry.

This area was not monitored. After leaving, Gu Jianan threw the blood-stained glove and foot covers into the trash can, then turned around, and left.

After a moment, he opened his phone, trembling. There weren’t any messages.

Ye Chen didn’t ask him.

This let his heart feel much more comfortable as he sat in the corner without saying a word.

It ended.

He had endured for so many years, and it has finally ended.

He hugged himself tremblingly, unable to voice out anything.

Ye Chen didn’t send a message to him. She already knew what had happened when the task failure notification arrived in her mind. She had tens of thousands of MMP¹ that she wanted to voice out, but she couldn’t move. She could only finish watching the movie with that stranger according to Gu Jianan’s plan.

¹TN: Just think of this as swearing

“Host,” the system was a bit anxious, ” Why aren’t you hurrying to go find the target! You wouldn’t have failed if you had gone to your mission earlier!”

“Are you stupid?”

Ye Chen voiced out coldly. After she pondered for a while, she understood what Gu Jianan was going to do.

“He asked me to watch a movie with this person, just to create evidence of his absence. If I were to run around, when the time came where he still ended up killing them, even the evidence of his absence would be gone. What would you have him do then? Go to jail? Get sentenced to death under a firing squad?”

The system was choked for words for a while as the fire inside Ye Chen’s heart almost burned up to her throat.

It was just one day. Couldn’t he just wait? Did he want to seek death just that much?

She gave so much love and care but she still couldn’t make this person upright?

She quietly watched the movie quietly, and after it finished, she pretended to chat with that person as she walked out and then went back the same way they came. Upon arriving at the place agreed upon by Gu Jianan and the teen, a remote public toilet, both entered the toilet and quickly changed. Gu Jianan gave the other party 500 dollars and said, “Burn the clothes when you get back. Don’t wear them again.”

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