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The Villains I Raised All Died Ch 9.2

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The Villains I Raised All Died

Arc 1 Chapter 9.2 – My World Only Consists of You (9)

While she stayed silent, Gu Jianan said, “I know.”

Ye Chen was afraid that he would think too much so she grabbed his hand and gently said, “Gu Jianan, I don’t think you are wrong. Even I wouldn’t be able to make a better choice towards this matter, but you must promise me,” she looked up at him and seriously said, “Unless it was the last possible resort, don’t do this kind of thing. Life is very precious, okay?”

Gu Jianan was stunned but after seeing how Ye Chen’s eyes really had no ill-will, he finally let down his guard and nodded as he said, “Okay.”

“You have explained the entire process clearly to me. If there were any areas that were not dealt with cleanly, I will take you there.”

Hearing these words, Gu Jianan understood what Ye Chen meant. He very clearly described the sequence of events.

“I have investigated the resolutions of the cameras in the cinema and along the roads that we took. Once I put on my sunglasses, you couldn’t tell at all whether or not it was me. In addition to your testimony, it would provide more than enough evidence for my absence.”

“I put some sodium cyanide in the dishes. I was thinking of poisoning them together, but after Zhang Shan had eaten it, my mother didn’t eat any. Zhang Shan was the first to have an attack and my mother found out so I had to act out…”

“After having done it, I cleaned the site. I didn’t leave behind any fingerprints, footprints, hair, or anything physical. The knife used to murder was also the one in the kitchen.”

Ye Chen generally understood it all after listening to him finish.

There were still two things that were overlooked.

The first one was that Zhang Shan went to the community’s entrance to find Gu Jianan. The community’s security footage might show this segment.

The second was that Gu Jianan used a knife to stab his parents. It could be possible to determine some of Gu Jianan’s habits and body characteristics from the depth and location of the wounds.

The first one is easy to deal with. Afterall, 38 was an AI so it would be all too simple to raid the database.

The second one…although Gu Jianan’s body type could be inferred, but no chain of evidence could be formed based on just this one piece of evidence alone. There was absolutely no way to prove that this was Gu Jianan’s fault.

Ye Chen patted Gu Jianan’s shoulder and said lightly: “Go sleep first. Don’t worry, I will deal with it.”

Gu Jianan was stunned. Ye Chen was about the same age as him. He never thought that while he was panicking, Ye Chen could still be so calm about how to solve the problem. He stared blankly at Ye Chen. The other party noticed his gaze and looked back at him.

“What are you looking at?” She raised her eyebrows, “Have you been mesmerized by my handsomeness?”

“Yeah.” Gu Jianan arched his brows. “Extremely handsome.”

Gu Jianan’s smile like this seemed as though it radiated light, blinding Ye Chen’s eyes. She hissed and shook her head, saying,  “Really so handsome that it moves the heavens and earth.” Then she closed the door and went out.

Ye Chen went back and let 38 begin to invade the system to delete the surveillance files.

After they were all deleted, just as Ye Chen was about to go to sleep, she heard Gu Jianan cry out fearfully in his room.

Ye Chen rushed inside and saw Gu Jianan trembling. He seemed to be caught within a nightmare, shouting out desperately.

“Don’t come here…”

“Go away!”


Ye Chen walked over and shook him gently, “Gu Jianan?”

Gu Jianan abruptly rose up as large beads of sweat fell from his forehead. He looked a bit absentmindedly at Ye Chen. Ye Chen took some paper towels and wiped his sweat, “What’s wrong? Don’t be afraid?”

Gu Jianan’s gaze was out of focus, seemingly as though he was still trapped within his dreams..

Ye Chen patted his back gently as Gu Jianan slowly recovered. Seeing how he had recovered, Ye Chen let him lie back down to sleep, gently saying, “Sleep, don’t be afraid.”

With that said, she was going to leave.

Gu Jianan grabbed her hand and opened his mouth, but nothing was said.

His slightly trembling hand revealed his fear, and Ye Chen became aware immediately. She thought about it, then climbed up into the bed, and when she came to bed, letting him remain holding her hand as she gently said, “Don’t be afraid, I won’t leave.”

Gu Jianan closed his eyes as Ye Chen patted him gently, and slowly said: “Don’t be afraid, I’m right here. I will protect you.”

Under Ye Chen’s gentle caresses, Gu Jianan finally settled down.

He held her hand. That was the source of all his courage at the moment. It was just like a torch within this dark night, illuminating all the darkness and expelling all evils.

“Ye Chen,” he said hoarsely, “Thank you.”

It was also at that moment that “ding” sound shot through Ye Chen’s mind.

“Congratulations,” the system rejoiced, “The target’s favorability has increased by 5. The host needs to keep working harder!”

“Wasn’t it not reported before?” As Ye Chen patted Gu Jianan, she felt a little sleepy.

The system said a little embarrassedly, “I was afraid that it would be too troublesome to do so before but now I feel like I’d best report it. Afterall, the host seems to like flattering themself.”

Ye Chen: “…”

Alright, don’t say anything any more. You just shut up!

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