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The Villains I Raised All Died Ch2.2

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The Villains I Raised All Died

Arc 1 Chapter 2.2 – My World Only Consists of You (2)

Ye Chen slept all night and went to school refreshed the next day. She thought about it. She needed to create an opportunity for Gu Jianan to save her once. Once Gu Jianan rescues her, she would then pester Gu Jianan again, brushing up his goodwill desperately. This way, it wouldn’t make people suspicious.

Ye Chen arrived at school while contemplating the plan the entire way. On the first day of school, the key class was arranged according to the grades. Ye Chen, as someone who came in through connections, was naturally not very welcomed, so she was assigned a single desk at the very back by the window. The desk was an extra, and it looked peculiarly conspicuous, as if it were isolated, very pitiful.

All the students in the class couldn’t help but observe Ye Chen curiously, trying to figure out her origin. Except for three people.

Her younger sister Ye Min, the autistic boy Gu Jianan, and Zhou Yucheng, who has been in the same school and class with her since kindergarten.

Zhou Yucheng was too familiar with Ye Chen. Ye Chen has been fond of him since childhood. But Zhou Yucheng never really liked to acknowledge Ye Chen. He was extremely bothered by this arrogant girl Ye Chen. He was also clear that Ye Chen came to number one middle school to chase after himself. He wished Ye Chen would stay further away from him. Zhou Yucheng was afraid of Ye Chen misunderstanding if he even gave her an extra glance.

In the end, for an unknown reason, Ye Chen just quietly sat like a chicken in the last row for a whole day. Except for furiously playing with her cell phone in the very first class, she actually didn’t even glance at him. She didn’t even use the pretense of borrowing something after class to speak to him.

Zhou Yucheng couldn’t help but feel a little strange, but he didn’t pay much attention to it. Ye Chen sent a heads-up provocative message to the old nemesis in her memory and got back a response from the other party. After school today, a fight was arranged on the path that Gu Jianan had to pass by to go home. Ye Chen put down her cell phone and began to pay attention to the class seriously.

In the past, Ye Chen didn’t study well in middle school. It has always been Ye Chen’s regret. Having gotten another chance now, Ye Chen would definitely cherish this opportunity for her to become an honor student.

Ye Chen listened to the class seriously for the whole day. When school was over, Zhou Yucheng finally couldn’t bear it any longer. He glanced at Ye Chen strangely and watched her lower her head to pack her school bag. Ye Chen also felt the other person’s gaze and looked up strangely.

A handsome face came into view.

Although it has yet to mature, looking a bit naive, but this teenager was obviously also a part of those beauty of the ages type. Peach blossom eyes, high nose bridge, looking like those who owe romantic debts at a glance.²

²TN: …so he looks like a Casanova.

Ye Chen was stunned. Before she asked who he was, she felt an intense surge of emotion in her heart.

Like him.

I really like him.

I really like Big Brother Zhou.

Numerous memories surged up, and Ye Chen instantly determined the identity of the other party. The youngest child of the Zhou family, the one who gathered the love and adoration of thousands, Ye Chen’s secret crush for many years and the reason for coming to number one middle school, Zhou Yuchen.

When remembering this person before, it was in a very anxious situation. Now, finally having the chance to really think about it, Ye Chen couldn’t help but have some doubts.

This name seemed familiar.

“Zhou Yucheng …”

She murmured in her mind. The system faintly reminded: “It is the male lead, Zhou Yu’s, younger brother. He’s also the one that Ye Min shifted her affections to and fell in love with.”

Holy crap, big influencer!³

³TN: As in someone that has a huge influence on how things turn out.

Ye Chen didn’t want to provoke any of the influencers, who had nothing to do with the task, even by a single bit. She only had a single thought right now and was to quickly deal with the male target⁴ and teach him how to behave.

⁴TN: Author wrote male lead but that makes no sense so it’s likely to be a typo.

Thus, Ye Chen withdrew her gaze, pretending not to have seen Zhou Yucheng, and hurried out with her school bag on her back.

En, she was a gal who had an arranged fight with a bunch of people and had no time to play affectionately with passers-by!

Rather her reaction was a surprise to Zhou Yucheng, who had never been treated like that before by Ye Chen.

Although he didn’t care about this person, for an unknown reason, Zhou Yucheng actually felt a little uncomfortable.

This bit of discomfort made him unable to help but also pack his school bag, got up, and slowly walked.

They’ve always had a driver to pick them up, and Zhou Yucheng originally thought that Ye Chen would also be the same. Turns out, unexpectedly, Ye Chen didn’t get in her car after walking out of the school gate, but turned around and went towards an alleyway. She walked quickly and impatiently as if she was off to do something very urgent.

Zhou Yucheng hesitated for a moment, but curiosity ate at his heart. After some thought, he went up to his driver and bodyguard: “I will head back later.”

“Young master, master said that you can’t run around.” The bodyguard replied coldly. Zhou Yucheng thought about Ye Chen’s anomaly. His curiosity blazed stronger as he waved his hand: “Then you all follow along.”

After finishing, Zhou Yucheng followed Ye Chen with large strides.

Ye Chen held the phone and walked deep into the alleyway.

She calculated. Gu Jianan was on duty today and would come out later. She would fight with this group of people first, then when the time came, Gu Jianan must pass by the area. For the sake of friendships between classmates, Gu Jianan should at least call the cops. At that time, she could use the excuse that Gu Jianan had helped her as the reason to openly pester him.

It was exciting to even think about it alright!

Ye Chen almost sang out loud with joy then, and as soon as she looked up, she saw a group of little gals standing at the opposite end with sticks.

“Ye Chen, you came alone?”

The person leading sneered out loud: “Not taking us seriously at all.”

Ye Chen proudly hooked up the corner of her mouth, opened her mouth, and said: “I alone will be enough to deal with you all.”

At the same time, she hurriedly summoned the system: “Quickly, it’s about to be done! Start the pain shield!”

“Sorry,” the system said coldly: “Your authorization is too low to enable masking the pain.”

A shocking thunder flashed across, Ye Chen was stunned. It was at that moment that a dozen or so people rushed up from across. The leader’s stick struck towards Ye Chen. Ye Chen quickly raised her hand to block it, but instead was caught by her hair and was directly smashed into the wall. The pain came instantly, Ye Chen’s eyes blacked out, and she fell on the spot.

“System…” Ye Chen cursed out with her final shred of consciousness: “You fucking lied to me…”

“I didn’t,” the system said innocently: “I do have the ability to mask pain, but your level is not high enough.”

Ye Chen: “…”

She has nothing left to curse. She had already passed out.

The author has something to say: [Small theater]

Ye Chen: “Big Bai, what kind of feelings did you have when you wrote about me.”

Mo Shubai: “Let me tell you the truth.”

Ye Chen: “En?”

Mo Shubai: “You are the dumbest female lead I have ever written about.”

Ye Chen: “Congratulations on seeing yourself clearly, don’t you think writing about my IQ is the closest to yours?”

Mo Shubai: “Also with the cheapest mouth.”

Ye Chen: “Being the cheapest is a talent, it needs a rich vocabulary to support it.”

Mo Shubai: “Still the best mentality.”

Ye Chen: “…”

Mo Shubai: “Although you are very dramatic and have a low IQ, to be honest, I am very happy to write about you ha ha ha ha ha…”

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