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The Villain’s Sweet Wife Ch 5

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The Villain’s Sweet Wife

Arc 1 Chapter 5 – Dr. Fu, Please Give More Advice (5)

That person was dressed in a clean white coat with exquisitely tailored suit trousers below as he strode elegantly and calmly, neither too fast nor too slow.

That jade-like face held a warmth that was not tainted, appearing like a woman but without the slightest femininity; just that perfect amount of finesse.

Quan Nai looked at him, closely observing him.

There was just that moment of dazedness.

Fu Qingyan’s ink-colored eyes reflected Quan Nai’s silhouette. His long eyelashes cast a gray shadow over his face, indifferent yet gentle, like muslin, like mist.

As the minutes and seconds ticked by, a series of routine checks were completed.

Inside the hospital room, Quan Nai was extremely bored as she reached her hand out for Fu Qingyan’s badge.

The man, who was originally leaning over examining, raised his eyes slightly as his thick, long, and lush eyelashes quivered regularly.

It wasn’t long before sleek white fingertips pinched the badge and gently pulled, avoiding Quan Nai’s hand.

The badge slipped away from Quan Nai’s soft hands.

The young girl blinked her beautiful sparkling eyes as she held the man’s hand, which had yet to have let go of the badge, poised to get a better look.

As the two hands touched, fire and ice converged.

The man’s hands were very cold, like the frost that had laid in the freezer for several months.

Quan Nai couldn’t help but shiver as she shook her head, “Cold ice-cube.”

The hospital room’s light shone towards his fair face as Fu Qingyan lowered his eyes.

That face, that looked so good it didn’t seem like it belonged in the mortal realm, half of it looked gentle as a result of the light, but the other half looked cold and overcast since it was immersed in the back, where the light could not reach.

His voice contained a low hoarseness interlaced with coldness, “Don’t move.”

“Dr. Fu.”

Quan Nai widely opened her bright eyes and stared at him unblinkingly.

Having just woken up, her body was still a bit weak.

Even her voice was soft, with no power behind it.

It also held no attack power.

The white hand poked the man’s wrist, then pulled the corner of his white coat, and shook it.

She continued, “A doctor has a benevolent heart; when a patient is in trouble, assistance ought to be provided.”

Fu Qingyan withdrew his hand and hung his stethoscope on his white swan-like neck as his thick ink colored eyes gleamed with a cold light.

“This is Fu Mou’s¹ responsibility.”

¹TN: He’s referring to himself. Mou just means ‘this one’.

After he finished, he took a few steps back, without doing anything out of line.

“You can be discharged now.”

“Could Dr.Fu move into my home?”

The young girl’s voice was naturally born to hook people. With her slow tempo of speech, it tickled at a person’s heart.

She spoke one word at a time, slowly.

“I have a bed at home.”


“I have people at home.”


“Very well-behaved people.”


Quan Nai still had her beautiful watery eyes half-closed with her chin raised slightly, her lips, slightly red from nibbling, faintly curled up.

Like a sly cat, tempting people to pet their fur.

Fu Qingyan lifted the delicate golden-framed glasses sitting on top of his nose. His eyes were dull and his voice was cold and distant.

“If there’s nothing else, you could go through with the discharge procedures when Mr.Ji comes back.”

“Won’t you think about it, Dr. Fu?”

Quan Nai didn’t seem to be that persistent about it either. She compliantly kept the distance between herself and Fu Qingyan, but her downcast eyes made her look aggrieved.

A very pitiful appearance.

The man’s voice was still gentle and estranged as he nodded slightly, “I still have things to do, please excuse me.”

Fu Qingyan’s placed his criminally beautiful hand on the door handle of the hospital room and gently pushed down. The door opened.

Making a creaking sound.

He, had left.

Quan Nai’s pair of eyes were still bright and watery as she faintly raised the corner of her lips.

An inexplicable undertone of a smile was reflected in the depths of her eyes.

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