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The Villain’s Sweet Wife Ch 9

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The Villain’s Sweet Wife

Arc 1 Chapter – Dr. Fu, Please Give More Advice (9)

But unfortunately, that person’s eyes were full of indifference.

The ink-colored pupils were like a bottomless deep pool, covered with a layer of thin muslin, unable to clearly see the emotions within its depths.

Fu Qingyan’s home decor was very monotonous. Except for black and white, there were no other colors.

The house was very dark. All the curtains were closed, blocking the sunlight from shining in.

There simply wasn’t any human touch to it.

The man walked in the dark room and turned on the light.

The light was a dim lamp that was yellowish and was not very bright.

The articulated hands that looked like a piece of art randomly picked up a reflective glass and placed it by his lips.

Curled eyelashes followed the curvature of the eyes as they drooped down, casting an arching curve on the face.

The brim of the cup pressed against his thin lips as clear water poured in.

The sexy adam’s apple rolled along the throat.

“Dr. Fu, you really are too beautiful.”

Quan Nai sat on the sofa, supporting her head with her elbows supporting his head, looking at him with her watery eyes, blinking here and there.

Heartfelt sigh.

Fu Qingyan faintly glanced at her, his expression apathetic. The buttons of his shirt remained meticulously clasped.

Being looked at, Quan Nai smiled, “In return for Dr. Fu’s favor, I will cook for you.”

Morality placed the snacks in its hands down, then looked at the smirking Quan Nai.

【You…can cook? 】

Quan Nai casually fastened the apron around her, picked up a pair of chopsticks, and coiled up her hair, making her snow white neck appear even more dazzling.

Playful pride flashed through her eyes.

“Of course, back in the days when I was the head chef in a Michelin restaurant, the customers lining up filled three floors inside and three loops outside. It could be deemed as a sea of people…”

【Host, please hurry and stop dreaming. You had absolutely nothing to do with Michelin restaurants before your death. If it had to be said, then it would be that Michelin tire shop underneath your home! 】

Quan Nai squinted her eyes as she lazily licked the tip of her index finger.

“Idiotic system. Watch daddy show you a hand.”

Morality: …

Within half an hour, three side dishes and two bowls of rice were set on the dining table.

Simple fried vegetables, braised crucian carp, and steamed eggs with meat patties.

All exuded hot steam and smelled fragrant.

Fu Qingyan sat at the dinner table. Within his inky pupils was a darkness that couldn’t be dispersed as he stared at these dishes for a very long time.

Quan Nai poked the white rice with her chopsticks and swept the roots of her teeth with her tongue, half her body was soft.

A certain woman hooked her lips up, holding a deep meaning.

“Dr. Fu, could it be that what I…guh!”

Fu Qingyan fiercely stood up, resting one hand on the back of the chair Quan Nai was sitting in while the other grasped her chin.

The strength behind it was astonishing.

As if he wanted to pluck off the girl’s chin.

“Who are you?”

A strong masculine air swarmed into Quan Nai’s nose. Her small face also turned red as her lips were pinched into a round shape.

The girl faced Fu Qingyan’s murderous gaze.

The man’s original porcelain white face also showed a hind of dark red at the moment. The ends of the beautiful phoenix eyes revealed bits of scarlet, his gaze containing a terrifying bloodthirst.

A chilling deep voice forcefully drew out, word by word, with the utmost danger, “What is your purpose?”

The two were very close, their hot breaths entangling with each other.

Suddenly, Quan Nai’s beautiful peach blossom eyes exuded a lazy and noble charm. She directly locked her eyes with Fu Qingyan’s eyes.

There wasn’t the slightest bit of panic.

Thin, lotus white arms circled around the man’s sturdy waist, perfectly outlined calves dangled in the air, her voice soft and enticing.

“I am a vulgar person. Upon seeing Dr. Fu’s beauty, it was love at first sight so I became incomparably greedy.”

Her jaw was still being held so all the words she said were unclear.

However, it was still understandable.

Fu Qing’s terrifying and handsome face was still pulled taut.

“Why did you make these particular dishes?”

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