The Whole Tribe Wants To Have Baby With Me Chapter 01

☆Chapter 01: Pick a favorite to get married.

From the day he was born, Liang Yue often had some dreams.

In his dream, he turned into a dragon, flying in the sky while fleeing the ground, roaming freely under the blue sky and between the sea of clouds; able to encourage the clouds and spread the rain, blow the wind and make fog, moistening all directions. Every people and all beasts thought highly of him, all with gratitude and revere bowed their heads on the ground and paid homage…

Everything seemed to be real. In his dream, Liang Yue experienced another life, but he didn’t remember it when he woke up.

After dying of illness, dreams became reality.

At present, Liang Yue had reincarnated into a small Azure Dragon with a length of three meters, flying in the sea of clouds, extending his forclaws along with another five meters long big Azure Dragon, sensing the water vapor of a large area, evaporating a river to burst into clouds, and blowing the wind into another arid area, gently moistening the arid land.

Being able to obstruct flood and dam burst, and provided moisture onto the arid land, gave Liang Yue a sense of achievement. Although it was not obvious on his facial expression, his heart had the happiness of helping the tribe’s inhabitants.

Encourage the clouds and spread the rain; everything was so very much familiar. Little Azure Dragon seemed to be another body of Liang Yue. Once Liang Yue crossed over into Little Azure Dragon’s body, he could use all the abilities of Little Azure Dragon. Little Azure Dragon’s memory also was slowly blending.

Big Azure Dragon beside Liang Yue was precisely Liang Yue’s father, Liang Chuan, the only fully grown Azure Dragon in this world and the chief of the eastern tribe, who managed many minor races of beastmen, including the cat clan; dog clan; ox clan; tiger clan; and rat clan and so on.

Liang Yue was his father’s only son, the only underage Azure Dragon and the next chieftain.

After the rain, Liang Yue and his father Big Azure Dragon remained in the air, overlooking the vast land. Big Azure Dragon pointed at the ground with his claw, and said with a thick voice, “Look at the bottom. What is that?”

Hearing the words, Liang Yue looked down on every high mountains, each grasslands and ribbon of rivers. If one used the eyes to examine carefully on the ground, everything appeared as fine as hair. Yet, when Lang Yue followed to look down at the direction of Big Azure Dragon’s claw, he could see clearly the beastmen on the ground, and even see at a glance how many hair they had…

Even underage, Little Azure Dragon’s body was strong and his vision was very powerful.

After seeing it, Liang Yue answered, “This is father’s territory, and the beastmen of father’s tribe.”

Big Azure Dragon laughed and said, “These will be yours after all. Look carefully again. Look at the next group of beastmen running towards our palace. See that? These are the strongest unmarried beastmen from all major races and your mate candidates after several years of selection. They’ll come to the palace one after another, and they’ll have blind date with you one by one. Little Yue, you are going to be an adult soon. When you go back, pick a favorite one, and get married after you become an adult.”

Liang Yue: “…”

A section of Little Azure Dragon’s knowledge of the world came in at the right time. Stupefied, Liang Yue stayed still in the clouds for a while.

As it turned out, there was not only beastmen in this world, but there was also only men and no women.

The males were men who could switch completely between the beast form and the human form; while the females’ appearance looked different from the men [human form], in which, they had more of beastly characteristics, such as cat ears, dog tail and so on. As for how the beastmen reproduced, Liang Yue could not find the relevant knowledge in Little Azure Dragon’s memory. [Both male and female are men, so no she]

As it turned out, if he wanted to marry, his mate’s physical characteristics could not be the same as that of a woman, thus he could only marry a man.

Still, in Little Azure Dragon’s mind, marrying a powerful beastman as an adult was a very important and necessary thing to accomplish.

“Western tribe under the jurisdiction of Fiery Dragon has invaded many times, and the places which were crossed were all burned up and practically nothing was left, not even a blade of grass.” Big Azure Dragon waved his dragon claws, raised his dragon head and said with impassioned voice: “in order not to let this beautiful land turn into a dried up, scorched wilderness, and let flood, rainstorms and droughts assail the major races that live and work in peace and contentment, and depend on us to live, we as the Azure Dragon Clan are the only creatures that can control water, we must continue to reproduce and protect the tribe with mana!”

As Liang Yue finished listening, a major mission descended upon him. He nodded. He was the only descendant of the Azure Dragon left. If he did not want to marry and have children with a man, then the Azure Dragon would be extinct.

Since he had died and rebirthed in this body, then just shouldered the responsibility of reproduction!

As for whether the mate was a male or a female, so far, Liang Yue had no specific preferences and could accept having children with a man.

Anyway, he’s also a male. Except for outer appearance, the rest should be no different.

Nevertheless, Liang Yue did not intend to rush into marriage. He had to find someone that was pleasing to the eye and it was best if both parties were willing to be together.

Liang Yue nodded and Big Azure Dragon rolled happily in the air before he took the lead in flying to the direction of his palace as he shouted: “Fly back! Beginning tomorrow, you’re going to be in a one-by-one blind date with every strongest beastmen of all races.”

After Big Azure Dragon said that, he then turned a circle in the air, looking more excited than Liang Yue. Liang Yue only calmly followed.

Big Azure Dragon also excitedly proposed a suggestion for the blind date to Liang Yue. He said, “You must see all the strongest bestmen’s talents and virtues. After seeing all of them, pick one that you like, so as not to regret it later. Because in case you could not conceive Little Azure Dragon, you have to live with him all the time! Moreover, this way allows all the beastmen who have been selected among the best for several years, which avail themselves to come to see you, to have a chance to meet with you!”

“Alright.” Liang Yue answered.

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