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The Whole Tribe Wants To Have Baby With Me Chapter 02

☆Chapter 2: Fiery Courtship

After flying back, Liang Yue and his father Liang Chuan landed on two rooftops of the palace, changing from dragon to human.

Why did they need to separate when changing to human form after landing? This was because changing from beast form to human form, there would be no clothes on the body. Even father and son should avoid arousing suspicion on such matters.

After returning to the human form, Liang Yue was somewhat curious about his appearance. He used the mana to turn the water into mirror to see what his human form looked like.

In the water mirror, a handsome young man stood tall. He had a cyan and supple waist-long hair. His skin was white and delicate, his facial features were exquisite and his facial contour was just perfectly handsome and graceful. Whoever saw him would fall in love at first sight. He seemed as if the heaven’s most perfect godly work.

His eyebrows were also cyan, but his eyes were azure. Looking carefully, his pupils were as azure as the deep sea. Even though the expression showing in his eyes was indifferent right now, nevertheless it could still able to make people deeply inhale and lose oneself in these [eyes].

The youth had a long and flourishing body, covered with thin muscles, but contained supreme strength. Not only had the mana to control water, but the body also was tyrannically unparalleled. Even in the human form, the hardest stone in front of him was like a soft cake. A finger could easily pierce and stir the hard stone.

Knowing what he looked like, Liang Yue recalled the location of his clothes and thought of the clothes to appear onto his hands.

Nowadays, even though the rooftop was reaching through the clouds and the clouds lingered on, beastmen usually could not see vividly. But at this moment, Liang Yue was naked and bare, and there was no shelter around the rooftop, so he had a kind of feeling of being peeped at.

Sure enough, there was someone peeped at him.

Liang Yue withdrew his water mirror and had even no time to get his clothes when suddenly, a big fireball with a diameter of two meters was thrown at him from the high altitude on the west side! The fireball hadn’t hit him yet, but the blazing temperature had already evaporated all the clouds and fog around Liang Yue to spread away. There was even a crackling sound in the air. The bursting tongue of flame almost licked at Liang Yue and burned him!

Fortunately, Liang Yue had mastered the ability to control water. With a wave of his hand, clouds and fog gathered from the distance and turned into a big stream of water to fight against fireball! By lucky coincidence, the hedging stream stopped the fireball, and was able to block the big fireball from one meter away, but the big fireball didn’t put out, nor did it retreat.

Liang Yue frowned lightly, using water vapor to isolate the air, so that the flame on the fireball gradually extinguished because of the loss of oxygen.

After the fire was extinguished, the outline of the fire user in the center of the fireball appeared. He couldn’t see the facial features clearly, but the skin of the fire user was black and red. The extremely high temperature evaporated Liang Yue’s water vapor instantaneously. At this moment, the blazing temperature of the fire user made Liang Yue to have the feeling that it was very out of sorts and dangerous. Liang Yue reached out and grasped empty air, wrapping the fire user with thick ice walls without leaving a slight gap.

At last, the fire was completely extinguished. In the ice walls, the skin of the fire user was no longer red, and the body belonging to a male was fully displayed.

Like Liang Yue, the man was naked and completely exposed the suntanned full muscles to Liang Yue’s eyes. This man was taller and robust than Liang Yue. He was hairy. By Liang Yue’s control over the water vapor, the chest hair stuck to his thick pectoral muscles. The hair below was very thick, too. It’s a big black mass, could not see it clearly. The man’s facial features were very three-dimensional; thick black eyebrows with his sharp eyes; high nose bridge that made him appeared very resolute; and his beard stubble occupied the cheeks and chin, fully in heap like he never tidied up, which made him looked like a mature uncle.

Liang Yue was somewhat baffled about where this man came from. Moreover, the flame of such a high temperature unexpectedly did not burn up all the hair on the man. He did not know what kind of creature that could have such power.

However, Liang Yue did not take another look, because he suddenly found that this man was obviously a female.

Females were human forms which retained their beastly characteristics. On the top of the man’s head, there were two sharp horns.

In the tribe, it’s very impolite to look at a female like this.

But this female was also very suspicious. Liang Yue removed part of the ice wall and allowed the man’s head to move freely. The man’s body was still enclosed by the ice walls and could not move.

“What kind of beastman are you? Why are you attacking my palace?” Liang Yue interrogated.

Liang Yue was sure that the man could hear him, but the whole man seemed completely frozen by Liang Yue, not responding.

The man’s pair of eyes looked dull as he blankly stared at Liang Yue’s lips. The only response was the fiery on the man’s lower body. It re-ignited, melted the ice, and raised higher, pointing straight at Liang Yue’s abdomen.

As Liang Yue saw it, his eyebrows could not help wrinkling deeper. He hit the man’s head directly with a cold current. When the iced water poured, the man closed his eyes and flung down his hair, and eventually sobered up a bit. The man reluctantly looked up at Liang Yue’s face and not overdoing it, he stared down at the white stone floor of the high platform. From time to time, he glanced at Liang Yue secretly with his eyes, as if he wished to glue them to Liang Yue’s body but was afraid of being discovered by Liang Yue and be hated by him.

Liang Yue repeatedly asked the question very patiently.

The man was wide awake and no longer sneaking around. His eyes became sharp and resolute. He looked straight at Liang Yue’s face. His throat moved and seemed to swallow saliva, but he did not dare to see the area below Liang Yue’s neck.

After a pause, the man answered, “I’m——beastman of the Phoenix clan. Just now, my second horn sprouted and I couldn’t control my mana for a moment. I didn’t mean to offend you just now. I really didn’t mean to burn you.”

“Phoenix clan,” Liang Yue thought, and said, “My eastern tribe does not have this race, but you can control fire, are you from the western tribe?”

The man nodded and saw that his arms suddenly strenuous, his muscles bulged, his whole body set ablaze, and the ice walls on his body were melted away. Then he walked up to Liang Yue with his head high and chest out.

Liang Yue thought that this man was going to attack again, and his hands were gathering steam. If the man had an intention to attack, he would counterattack back immediately.

But the man stopped half a meter in front of Liang Yue, wrinkled his eyebrows as he asked, “You can control the water——are you His Highness Azure Dragon who is choosing partner to marry?”

Liang Yue nodded and continued to be on alert.

By that, the man was slightly stunned, and then he put away the flames on his whole body, kneeled on his knees, separated his legs widely, put his arms behind him, raised his chest, and showed his body completely. The fiery root below him was also raised tall and swollen. The man said solemnly, “My name is Ah Xiong. Are you satisfied with my body? I want to have children with you.”

Liang Yue was shocked by the man’s sudden action.

It’s such a straightforward and dirty courtship just after meeting. Was this the style of the beastmen world?

The still not in fuse memory of Little Azure Dragon flooded in, and Liang Yue realized that, among rumors, the Western Tribe had this custom. If a female beastman was interested in a male beastman, he would put his arms behind his back, reveal the softest and most vulnerable abdomen to the male, kneel down to show submission, and show the male his body.

“If you accept my courtship, touch my chest and branded your mark on me.” Ah Xiong smiled confidently while kneeling, but raised his head confidently, as if Liang Yue would agree. When Ah Xiong said this sentence, his pectoral muscles trembled for a while, and the fiery lower body that had just melted the ice correspondingly throbbed two times. It seemed to be cheering on the touch of the two people.

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