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The Whole Tribe Wants To Have Baby With Me Chapter 05

☆Chapter 5: Second Date Tai Chen

Ten li away from Liang Yue’s Palace, there was a camp.

In the camp, there were temporary huts built one after another, which were the temporary places for the beastmen to participate in the selection.

On this day, No. 1 Ah Bao rushed back to camp with tears. The beastmen who ran for the selection gathered around him to inquire about the course of Ah Bao’s blind date with Liang Yue and speculate on Liang Yue’s preferences.

On the other hand, Ah Bao wiped his tears while he smiled and told his course of blind date systematically and in full detail. Finally, with a happy face, he concluded, “His Highness praised me for being very cute; praised my workmanship being good and even rubbed my head. Rubbed for a little while.”

Shorter and small than Ah Bao, the squirrel gentleman could not help but embrace the long eared white rabbit gentleman at the side and mutually sobbed. He said, “but His Highness did not taken off his clothes to give you. You can see that His Highness doesn’t like cuteness.”

Ah Bao said to comfort: “after so many years, I can finally meet him at close range. I can even chat very happily with him. I think it’s worth it.”

Rather than being comforted, the squirrel gentleman and the white rabbit gentleman cried more sadly.

As well as the white tiger gentleman sitting on the stone and listened from afar, bowed his head in contemplation.

The second date was in the mountain at the back of the palace.

The specific location was at the foot of the mountain, under which there was a lake.

By the lake, there were three large smooth stones, which looked like natural stone benches and table. Next to the table and benches, there were two iron grills, under which dried woods had already been placed.

Liang Yue arrived earlier that day and sat down on one of the stone benches. The cool breeze blowing gently in the beautiful lake and mountain landscape with green jade (lake) waved in tiny ripples and surrounded by the woods, the environment was beautiful and fresh. Liang Yue watched such a beautiful scenery and was in a good mood.

Just as he sat down, the tranquil surface of the lake suddenly rippled in loops. In the center of the ripple, the head of a big white tiger emerged.

The white tiger saw Liang Yue and shook the water beads on his ears. With a little nod, he quickly rushed to the shore. But the white tiger did not go ashore immediately. His lower half_body was still in the water. He stood up like a man. His two strong forepaws closed around a honeycomb and he put the honeycomb in an empty barrel on the shore.

After putting it away, the white tiger raised his left paw, stretched out his long pink tongue and licked the honey left on his paw, like a docile big cat.

At this moment, Liang Yue felt as if he had been hit (with cuteness) and wanted to tease him with a wool ball.

After licking for a while, the white tiger looked up at Liang Yue’s eyes. It seemed that he was embarrassed, gave up licking his paws and the four paws touched the ground. He put his upper body back into the water. The two forepaws stained with honey were rubbed together in the lake water. Then, he changed into human form under the water and stood up.

What a handsome beastman.

Except for his hair and eyebrows, he had no chest hair and other hair, only a large area of snow-white skin. The healthy and beautiful muscles were not at all resembling such thickness of weightlifter, nor were they as thin as spare rib and poached chicken. Rather, it’s just perfect sturdiness that bearing male strength.

His facial features were three-dimensional; his eyebrows were thick and black; his eyes were deep; his nose was tall and straight; his lips were thin; and he looked cold and fierce. But a pair of white tiger ears hidden in the soft white hair on the head, added two points of softness and cuteness. Drops of water dripped down his soft short hair, onto his white clavicle, and through his strong pectoral muscles, slipped to the pink nubs, dripped down from the nubs, along the solid lines of the abdominal muscles, into the wet white cloth under the mermaid line.

The white cloth around the waist of the White Tiger beastman knotted only on the side of the thigh. Under the knotted white cloth, there was a high slit that one could see the side of the thigh root, and it was only one layer. And this thin layer of white cloth had been wet through by the water of the lake, and became semitransparent and fitted with the outline of the key parts, but still unable to see the whole picture. It only vaguely shown a package of spectacular pink. The parts outside the pink were also fitted with white cloth, which looked like he was not wearing clothes. Nevertheless, compared to not wearing, this was more erotic.

He obviously had his own, but with this faintly discernible way, for the first time Liang Yue actually could think that part of a man look erotic.

Liang Yue was looking at the White Tiger beastman, and the White Tiger beastman was also looking at Liang Yue.

“Your Highness, you are too thin.” The first sentence coming out of the white tiger was not to introduce himself, but concerned about Liang Yue’s body. He frowned gently and said seriously, “It must be because of overwork and not having a good meal. Today, Your Highness must eat enough.”

The white tiger said, and naturally bent down to pick up the iron harpoon on the ground, turned and stepped into the lake, saying, “Please wait a moment, Your Highness. I’ll go fishing.”

Hence, the white tiger turned around. When his back was turned against Liang Yue, Liang Yue noticed that the white tiger’s tail behind was slightly raised… The reason why Liang Yue could see the whole tiger’s tail was that the white cloth under the waist of the white tiger only covered half of the buttocks below the tiger’s tail, showing the upper two up-tilt semi rounds.

The white tiger beastman must have deliberately seduced him. Liang Yue thought so.

The white tiger changed from a human form to a tiger form and went into the water to catch fish. The white cloth was still tied to him. By the time he went into the water and went ashore several times, the white cloth under his waist was loose and flabby, but it was still sticking to his skin and could not fall down. White tiger himself did not care at all about this as he proceeded to grill fish in natural and easy-manner, as if waiting for Liang Yue to help tear it off.

Liang Yue’s corner of the mouth was slightly raised as his left hand was supporting his head, he sat at the stone table and watched the white tiger being busy. Liang Yue seldom had a picnic, but now there was a white tiger beastman running the whole show of catching fish, preparing ingredients and barbecuing, while he was waiting to eat. He felt quite novel.

The roasted fish was soon ready, and White Tiger beastman even stewed fish soup. Liang Yue took the iron fork and began to taste it. Roasted fish with fragrant bay leaf juice and honey, crispy outside and tender inside, excellent texture, crisp as well as sweet and matched after with fresh and sweet fish soup, it was very delicious. Liang Yue couldn’t help but have a bigger appetite. White Tiger beastman had made a lot and he ate up all of it.

White Tiger kept catching fish and roasting fish, showing his body and cooking skills, and even constantly added ingredients to Liang Yue’s soup. With an earnest expression, he simply looked like he wanted to feed Liang Yue till full.

Having enough to eat, Liang Yue smiled and asked, “thank you for your fish soup and roast fish. It’s delicious. What’s your name?”

White Tiger sat down opposite Liang Yue and answered earnestly as well as seriously, “My name is Tai Chen. When I was a child, my name was Ah Chen. Tai, is the White Tiger Clan’s bravest Warrior’s honorary title. This title can only be obtained for the Warrior who have been first in hunting for ten consecutive years.”

“Warrior of ten years, how old are you this year?” Liang Yue asked curiously.

White Tiger Tai Chen lowered his eyelids and stared at Liang Yue’s neck. He dared not look at his face. He answered in a low voice, “I am the oldest of the beastmen who came to stand for the selection. From the day I was born, I have been preparing for it. I have been practicing hard every day to win the title of the strongest beastman of my race. By the time Your Highness is a hundred years old, I am thirty.”

After saying that, White Tiger Tai Chen pursed his lips, put his fists on his knees and clenched them tightly. He asked softly, “Does Your Highness still think I’m pleasing to the eye? Unlike other beastmen, our White Tiger beastmen have no hair except hair on the head and the eyebrows, no chest hair and no hair down below. So then, I showed my body to Your Highness, Your Highness should be able to see… It is said that the more hairy human form of the female beastmen, the more sexy they are, and the males will like them more.”

Liang Yue was somewhat surprised. Surprised at the tribe’s esthetics. Then he said, “As a matter of fact, very good. I happen to like no hair.”

White Tiger Tai Chen was very surprised when he heard his words. He finally looked up to see Liang Yue’s expression, as if to make sure that Liang Yue was telling the truth, not comforting him. When he saw the sincere appreciation in Liang Yue’s eyes, the pleasantly surprised White Tiger Tai Chen’s smile bloomed on his face. Then he bowed his head and asked with a little shyness, “Then, does Your highness likes my beast form? My beast form has a lot of hair.”

Liang Yue nodded his head. The white tiger’s big cat beast form was exactly what he liked, but Liang Yue felt strange at the same time and asked, “why do you dress like this… And even showed me the beast form?”

Although the tribal beastmen usually wore short skirts to cover their bodies, generally speaking, only married females would show their beast form and buttocks to their own males. They would not show their private form to males upon first meeting like Tai Chen did.

White Tiger lowered his head as he replied shyly, “in my mind, Your Highness is my male. I intended for Your Highness to see, only for Your Highness to see. I hope Your Highness likes it.”

Liang Yue asked, “Is this your first time to see me? Or did I save you before?”

“Yes. Your Highness not only saved me, but also saved my grandfather and father.” White Tiger Tai Chen raised his head, fervently looked up at Liang Yue and solemnly thanking him: “today is my first time to see Your Highness’s human form, Your Highness is very handsome, I also like—very much. Your Highness had been living in folklore before. From the first day of my life, I heard from my elders that you are the patron saint of the whole tribe. But Your Highness was too busy. Even if I looked up at the sky every day, I could only see you once in a while. It is an incomparable sacred thing to have children with Your Highness!”

Liang Yue’s heart was slightly cold, and then he realized profoundly that the reason why so many races fell over each other in their eagerness to have children with him was because of the protection.

Combining with the patron saint to give birth to the next patron saint for the hundred races throughout the tribe… Having children with Liang Yue was not only a very important thing, but also a sacred and indispensable thing, full of responsibility and glory.

White Tiger Tai Chen went on to say, “I also know my shortcomings. I’m not younger than the other beastmen and I’m not hairy. So I have learned a lot of techniques to make Your Highness comfortable and make myself more beautiful. I hope Your Highness can choose me… Even if Your Highness doesn’t choose me, Your Highness must have a good meal.”

Liang Yue listened and felt a bit of shame. He tilted his head and didn’t look at Tai Chen’s body, only said: “Thank you, I will have a good meal.”

When White tiger Tai Chen heard it, he nodded his head. Though his expression on his face was unchanged, still a face of earnest, but his ears and tail were drooping down.

Liang Yue looked at the white tiger’s fluffy white ears and asked, “Can you change to beast form?”

White Tiger Tai Chen nodded, obediently changed back to beast form. As he landed on four paws, he went to Liang Yue and squatted down. Tai Chen’s beast form was quite large, like a big pillow, even if he sat down, his huge head was right on Liang Yue’s face.

Liang Yue wanted to hold the big white tiger pillow, but it was improper after he thought about it. He only reached out and rubbed the white tiger’s furry head. He faintly sigh in his heart; the feel on his hand felt really good. Seeing that the white tiger was so obedient, and even rubbed against his hand intimately, Liang Yue also played with the whiskers on the white tiger’s mouth.

White Tiger Tai Chen seemed to be feeling it and nervously reminded, “If Your Highness wants to see me again, you can take off your clothes and give it to me.”


After he thought about it carefully, it seemed that there was such a thing.

If the male was interested in the female, but the two sides had not decided to formally be together, he could put clothes on the female, to tell others ‘I took fancy to this female’, warning other males not to dip a finger.

If the female was also interested in the male, he would put on the clothes with the male’s scent to show his willingness to go further with the male.

In the past, Azure Dragon also chose beastman like this. The beastmen with Azure Dragon’s clothes could enter the second round of blind date. And so, Azure Dragon’s clothes, which had the scent on it, was also the passport for the beastmen to enter the palace.

Liang Yue thought to himself that this White Tiger’s hairless human form was really too much for him, but he also liked White Tiger’s big cat beast form. Therefore, he took off his robe and put it on White Tiger.

When the outer robe covered him, the white tiger was stunned with surprise and remained motionless, even his tail was stiff and straight in mid-air. Liang Yue teased the White Tiger’s whisker with his finger but the White Tiger did not move. So he dipped a wooden spoon with some honey and sent it to the White Tiger’s mouth.

The White Tiger finally reacted a little, stretching out his long pink tongue, staring at Liang Yue’s face while licking all over the wooden spoon clean, and even sucking several times, as if he were licking Liang Yue… Indeed, he was. Liang Yue was not careful and his fingers were licked by the white tiger’s pink tongue. As the white tiger licking reached Liang Yue’s finger, he immediately absorbed in it, nibbling at Liang Yue’s finger, sucking and licking as if it was a straw.

Liang Yue raised his eyebrows and the white tiger spat out Liang Yue’s finger reluctantly. His head rubbed against Liang Yue’s thigh and apologized, “sorry, I’m too happy and so pleased as to lose my sense of measure… previously, I used to practicing…”

Liang Yue patted White Tiger’s head and thought to himself that this fellow was indeed seducing him.

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