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The Whole Tribe Wants To Have Baby With Me Chapter 07

☆Chapter 7: The Third Date Ah Jian

The third date was in a pavilion in the garden of Liang Yue’s palace.

In the pavilion, there was a stone table, two stone benches, and also a cat climbing frame wrapped with hemp ropes. There were six cat pallets on the cat climbing frame, in which six white baby kittens could sit in a row on one pallet.

Yes, that’s right. The white baby kittens were practically inches away from Liang Yue, and now also followed Liang Yue here. One after another climbed onto the cat climbing frame and lay on their on their stomach, staring with round eyes –the intensive spectators on high ground.

Very soon, No. 3 came.

No. 3’s physique was also very healthy and beautiful with a good look. He was wearing a short yellow wool skirt. His wheat colored chest was a little red. His skin was smooth and there was no sight of hair on his body.

Unlike White Tiger Tai Chen, in which, Tai Chen’s body was robust and his waistline also seemed sturdy; No. 3’s waistline –compared with his thick pectoral muscles and protruding buttocks– appeared slim, with a broad shoulder and bee’s waist, he had a standard inverted triangle body. Despite the narrow waistline, there were eight strong abdominal muscles.

Sure enough, all the carefully chosen strongest beastmen had quite impressive build. However, although Liang Yue was satisfied, he did not take too much of a look, because the expression on No. 3 was too upright and serious.

While No. 3’s profile looked very upright, his facial features were fiendish with penetrating eyes, not because of anger but because of his dignified temperament. Even the two black ears on his head did not seem cute, but rather were erected vigilantly.

After seeing Liang Yue, No. 3 nodded and sat silently opposite Liang Yue, with his legs opened and his hands on his knees while his back straight. At this time, No. 3 was just like the Underworld Boss starting to pass on judgement in the general meeting, using his imposing aura and without saying a word to suppress Liang Yue, the undercover agent who was pulled out for interrogation.

Even the white baby kittens did not lie on their stomachs when they saw No. 3. They all sat up and looked down at him seriously. It seemed that as though if No. 3 attacked Liang Yue, the white baby kittens would jump down and attack No. 3.

Liang Yue was affected by the serious expression of No. 3. At this time, he could not help being serious and sitting in an upright and still position. The two men looked at each other silently for a while. Liang Yue suddenly found that it was not like a blind date, but more like a contest. Both sides were exerting pressure on each other with their cold faces below freezing point.

With this in mind, Liang Yue couldn’t help smiling and asked, “It took you several years to become the strongest beastman. You came all the way to get a blind date with me… after so much hard work, you just going to sit rigidly and motionless?”

After a pause, Liang Yue put back his smiling face and continued to be serious. He asked coldly, “or better said, you don’t want to see me at all. You’re forced to come.”

No. 3’s breathing stopped, the two fists under the stone table clenched tightly, and then opened while his facial muscles became more stiff and seemed more fiendish. No. 3 immediately denied, “No! I, I, I, because I don’t know what to say, so it’s like this… I can’t talk, but I can do things! Your Highness can make me do anything.”

Is it okay to do it straigthway here just like that?

On this kind of blind date occasion… Ah Jian’s thin but powerful waist made his chest stronger and thicker. Although the two dark nubs were not as beautiful as Tai Chen’s pink, there was another kind of temptation. With Ah Jian’s words, Liang Yue couldn’t help thinking askew. How can you speak so seriously that let people misunderstand you?

Liang Yue laughed at himself with mockery. From the very beginning, he simply thought that he could accept it, but now he could even appreciate the same-sex body.

No. 3 saw that Liang Yue did not issue an order, but was laughing. No. 3’s whole body stretched even more taut and his arm muscles were bulged unconsciously. He looked very tense.

“Relax.” Liang Yue asked with a smile, “Which clan are you from?”

“I’m a wolfdog.” No. 3 immediately answered, his arms were still not relaxed, and his eyes were fixed on Liang Yue, he dared not relax even a little.

Liang Yue looked at the black ears of No. 3 and confirmed that they were canine ears.

Liang Yue continued to (conversation) guide him and said: “It turns out to be a beastman of the Wolfdog Clan. What are you called?”

“Ah Jian.” No. 3’s answer was still quick and brief, and his body was still motionless.

Liang Yue secretly laughed and thought it was really amusing to tease such a serious beastman. He conversed, “How did the strongest beastman of your clan come about?”

Ah Jian’s previous answers were very quick and brief, but then heard him saying like this: “The strongest beastman is the one who defeated the current Wolf King and Dog King, and all the wolfdogs they lead, and managed as the Clan Chief of three races; the Wolf, Dog and Wolfdog. Only the strongest beastman can eat the fruit of the lunar tree that only bear fruit one in ten years, which gave strength ten times that of the beastman of the same race.”

When Ah Jian was saying this, Liang Yue could see that behind Ah Jian, there was a dark shadow shaking —which looked like Ah Jian’s long tail— as if he was very proud of his ability.

After Liang Yue saw this, he finally threw out his own question and asked with ill will, “Why is your chest so red, did you rubbed it desperately with ten times your strength before coming?”

Initially, Liang Yue did not want to ask such a question. He would be more conservative when facing the beastmen like that of Tai Chen or Ah Xiong, who proactively seduced. However, when facing Wolfdog Ah Jian, who was so serious, Liang Yue had a teasing mind and wanted to break the serious demeanor.

As soon as Ah Jian heard it, his face turned red and he immediately answered, “No, I didn’t rubbed it.”

“Then, why it’s so red?” Upon seeing Ah Jian looked suspicious, Liang Yue went on questioning.

The shadow of tail behind Ah Jian was no longer seen, and if for the blush, his face really had no subtle change, still so serious. Then, heard him answer honestly and earnestly, “It’s because of shaving.”

“Shaving?” Liang Yue saw that Ah Jian’s chest was smooth and he could not imagine where he would have chest hair.

Ah Jian touched his chest uneasily and said, “Tai Chen said that Your Highness likes the hairless human form of female beastmen, so I plucked the hair off.”

After a pause, Ah Jian put his hand down again and continued with some apologies: “The direct removal of the hair down below will tear and damage its function, so it can only be shaved closely against the skin. I hope Your highness will not mind.”

Liang Yue: “…”

He originally intended to tease the serious Ah Jian, yet Ah Jian said such direct words, not shy at all. Moreover, Liang Yue did not expect that because of Tai Chen’s words, Ah Jian could do such things thoroughly, even shaving the hair down below. Ah Jian did so many things, but unfortunately he did not say a word after coming here. He did anything but not talkative, and in the end was embarrassed and at a loss to the extreme.

This kind of person suffered a lot.

Liang Yue suddenly remembered a question and asked, “If your human form had plucked out hair, then your beast form… Will it be bald where it has been plucked?”

Ah Jian’s face changed in an instant. He relaxed some of his body with great difficulty and tightened up again, but he still answered, “I don’t know, I haven’t seen it yet… Normally, it’s true that the damage to the human form is directly reflected in the beast form —baldness.”

When Liang Yue saw this, he comforted him by saying, “That’s all right. Your human form have a very good figure.”

Ah Jian’s figure was really beautiful. The curved waistline like a male dog’s waist with big chest and big buttocks, appeared very sexy, that made Liang Yue wants to stretch out his hand to play and feel the touch.

Ah Jian heard but did not speak and nodded solemnly. The shadow of his tail waved from side to side, revealing the excitement and happiness in his heart.

Really liked. Moreover, the other party shaved off even the hair down below for him, so much so to the extent of possible ridicule of being bald. After Liang Yue thought of this, he stood up and unfastened his robe.

Ah Jian sat up and looked up at Liang Yue. The shadow of his tail was shaking faster and faster, too fast to even see the shadow. The white baby kittens who were intensively watching, also seemed to know the harmlessness of Ah Jian’s strong in appearance but weak in reality, and seeing his long tail shaking, they jumped off the cat climbing frame one after another and played with Ah Jian’s tail.

Ah Jian sat stiffly, knowing that it was Liang Yue’s kittens, and dared not frighten them. At the moment, he was embarrassed, neither did he shake his tail nor did he shake them off.

Liang Yue smiled and took a wool ball to guide the baby kittens away. He was trying to put his robe on Ah Jian, but Ah Jian’s nose moved slightly and he immediately frowned. He suddenly stood up and put on a defensive posture. He was in front of Liang Yue.

Ah Jian stared ahead, clenched his fists and said, “Your Highness, be careful, there is an intruder.”

Ah Jian’s voice had just fallen, and a burst of “haha haha” laughter came from the sky. Liang Yue could hear that was the voice of Ah Xiong.

Ah Xiong came down from the sky and laughed. “Haha haha, I heard you. You’re only a bald dog, and you still have the face to take the robe?”

Ah Jian’s expression remained unchanged, not moved but ready to attack.

Liang Yue’s face turned cold.

Xah: Liang Yue is so good to Ah Jian, who is socially awkward~ such a tease too~

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