The Whole Tribe Wants To Have Baby With Me Chapter 08

☆Chapter 8: Bother Bother Bother

As soon as Ah Xiong landed on the ground, Ah Jian rushed forward, ready to subdue Ah Xiong, the intruder. But Ah Xiong remained motionless. He raised his chin and looked at Ah Jian contemptuously, as if Ah Jian was too weak to be attracting his attention.

Although Ah Jian was the strongest beastman in the Wolfdog Clan, Liang Yue knew that Ah Xiong could control fire, and once they fought, he was likely to burn Ah Jian. Moreover, this was Liang Yue’s palace. The riots in the palace must be handled by himself.

Therefore, before Ah Jian and Ah Xiong came into contact, Liang Yue first reached out his hand. With Ah Xiong’s body as the center, he gathered water vapor and formed an airtight ice walls around him, freezing all the parts below Ah Xiong’s head. Meanwhile, as soon as Ah Jian saw Liang Yue’s move, he stood quietly aside.

After Ah Xiong was buried in ice, he actually didn’t even speak. He just hissed as he breathed in cool air. Then he opened his eyes wide in astonishment and closely stared at Liang Yue. And later, these eyes seemed to be frozen, frozen on Liang Yue’s face as his thick lips opened and he began to gasp.

Liang Yue frowned slightly, looked at him and asked, “Did you sign up?”

“Signed, up… number, two, hundred, fifty.” When Ah Xiong answered, he seemed to have difficulty breathing. In every word, he would paused. He was breathless. His face was wrinkled and his expression told he was in pain, just like the painful expression after tens thousands of meters running at full speed.

This made Liang Yue have some doubts whether he was too fierce or the ice too bone-chilling cold as to make Ah Xiong suffers pain up to this state. However, seeing Ah Xiong’s face was ruddy, Liang Yue decided to be nonfeasance when he remembered that Ah Xiong’s mouth was not hindered. He let the ice walls continue to ruthlessly freeze him.

“Well,” Liang Yue asked, “when you sign up, someone should have told you about the registration instructions.”

Ah Xiong seemed to be suffering more and more. His breathing was becoming more and more difficult. He could only say weakly, “Did… Hah… told… “

The voice of Ah Xiong’s reply became very small, like a whisper in the ear, so that Liang Yue could not help but take a few steps forward. As Liang Yue approached, Ah Xiong’s breathing became more and more difficult. He melted some of the ice formed by Liang Yue on his body, and his chest fluctuated unceasingly.

When Ah Xiong was ice-bound last time, he clearly didn’t show so much pain and breathe as usual. How could this time he be like this?

Liang Yue repressed the weird feeling in his heart and denounced him, “Then you should know that my palace does not allowed entry without permission and no disturbing others during blind dates.”

“Oh!” Ah Xiong barely opened his mouth to utter a syllable, his body fluctuated in the ice wall with his hard breathing, and he seemed to lie feebly in the ice bucket, writhing uncomfortably, and shouted, “You, do, not, speak!”

At this time, from the inside of the ice wall, it could clearly be seen that the liquid flow was agitated by Ah Xiong’s body. Seeing that the inside of the ice walls had melted, Liang Yue made the ice more cold and said seriously, “Why can’t I speak? You deliberated violation. This is already the second time that you broke in without authorization. The second time you violated the rules here, you should be punished.”

Ah Xiong gave Liang Yue a vicious look with his sharp eyes, then closed his eyes and let out a forthright “AH~!” with a garish and long ending. At the same time, the grass skirt under Ah Xiong’s waist turned to ashes, the water in the ice walls was dyed black, and even red-hot slurry was sprayed out.

The red-hot slurry burned out of the ice wall and sprayed far enough to even reach Liang Yue, which was three meters away. The unavoidable grass on the ground was also burned by Ah Xiong, so Liang Yue quickly frozen it. Looking up at Ah Xiong again, Liang Yue was shocked for a moment.

Ah Xiong was paralyzed in the ice wall, breathing heavily. At this time, the ash of the straw skirt had completely melted, so that Liang Yue and Ah Jian could clearly see Ah Xiong’s swollen front, which had not yet waned.

The place that was stared at in astonishment by Liang Yue and Ah Jian, showed a growing trend of expansion…

Liang Yue: “…”

Ah Jian: “…”

When Ah Jian saw this, he took the lead in responding as he frowned and said, “Shameless!” As he spoke, he flew over to move the stone table of the pavilion and blocked it in front of Ah Xiong so as not to stain Liang Yue’s eyes.

However, Ah Xiong was fond of making sarcastic remarks. He rose the heat on his body, melted the ice wall before covering his lower front, and preempted with red eyes: “Never seen such a shameless male like you! As soon as we met, you frozen my lower front, played me and stimulated me like last time. Never mind taking off whatever robe, but still continuously talking and provoking me to make a fool of myself in front of a stranger.”

Liang Yue: “…”

Cognition was not on one level and with such shameless person, there was nothing to say. Liang Yue simply used ten times more power than before to freeze his hands and feet and connect his limbs to the ground with hard ice. He also sealed his mouth with ice to make sure that he could not move without opening his mouth, then ignored him. He grabbed the robe draped over Ah Jian’s shoulder, and continue what he hadn’t done before, which was wrapping Ah Jian in it.

Ah Jian looked at Liang Yue from time to time and casted a quick look at Ah Xiong, who could not move. Feeling touched as well as not knowing what to do, Ah Jian opened his mouth and said, “Your Highness…”

“Don’t worry about him,” said Liang Yue. “You look good. I like your smooth skin.”

When Ah Jian heard this, he lowered his head and pulled open his robe, revealing a large piece of smooth skin on his chest. He said, “If Your Highness likes it, it shall not be wrapped up.”

From the top to down; Ah Jian’s pectoral muscles that lining the slim waistline looked particularly big, the circular arc contour was full and the two pointy nubs were also very mouth drying attractive. Liang Yue’s hand could not help stretching out with five fingers open, almost touching.

As Ah Jian saw Liang Yue enjoying the sight of him, his heart was satisfied and his tail was swinging all the while his outer robe was bunching backwards as he raised his chest silently. He accidentally let the pointy scrape Liang Yue’s finger, and his stretched taut pectoral muscles shook tightly. Ah Jian made a short sound of inhalation, then closed his mouth tightly and relaxed his upper body as he looked forward to Liang Yue, looking forward to his second touch.

Liang Yue laughed in spite of himself and was about to take back his hand, but he heard a loud “bang!” noise and turned his head. Ah Xiong had nearly fallen forward and knocked against the stone table that Ah Jian had put in front of him.

The moment Liang Yue saw this, he froze Ah Xiong’s waist to the ground to stop it, then turned around and wrapped the robe tightly for Ah Jian before he said, “Okay, you go back first and let’s someone get a short skirt from a female.”

Despite his disappointment, Ah Jian quickly responded with resound and force, “Aye!” Then he went after accepting the order.

Liang Yue went to Ah Xiong’s side and used ice to control his body. He changed Ah Xiong’s posture from lying on the ground to standing up and unsealed Ah Xiong’s mouth.

Ah Xiong’s eyes and nose were red, as if he had been holding back for a long time. As soon as he could speak, he burst out and scolded, “You fickle (in love affairs)! Shameless! Male! Gave clothes to the other person, after finishing playing with me, and now play with other person again, I hate you to death!”

Liang Yue pursed up his lips and said calmly, “That’s fine, since you hate me, I also hate you. On the account that you, foreign beastman violated the rules of my tribe, you can be repatriated. In addition, you deliberated violation; twice violated the prohibition and rudely spoken. I will send beastmen to send you back to the Western Tribe.

Ah Xiong stared at Liang Yue incredibly and continued scolding, “You! Went back on your word! Didn’t you just say you wanted to punish me? I’m not going back.”

“Repatriation is one of the punishments,” Liang Yue said calmly. “It is forbidden to come back after repatriation.”

Ah Xiong immediately said, “No!”

Liang Yue raised his eyebrows and asked, “You hate me so much, but you would rather be punished than be repatriated. Why? Stay here and look for an opportunity to get revenge?”

Ah Xiong glared at Liang Yue, his eyes turned more red, and he said with anger not yet appeased, “You had let me grown big like this and made me think of you, my lower front could not turn soft. As soon as you speak, my lower front wants to shoot flames.”

After Liang Yue listened, he could not help looking down. As if to verify his words, Ah Xiong’s lower front jumped up and spewed out a few spark suds as well as gotten a little bigger. As if Liang Yue’s vision was a combustion aid, that place very quickly spewed out strong flame.

Liang Yue: “…”

Ah Xiong stood up there without feeling the least of shame, allowing Liang Yue continue to look, as he said, “Anyway, if you drive me away, I will fly back here and I will follow you.”

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  1. EllieKit

    I’m really hoping Author-sama isn’t having Ah Xiong show up so often because he’s going to end up as Liang Yue’s mate. LY deserves a much nicer and loving mate.

  2. Mintzy San

    Shameless… so shameless…

    Please don’t make him your mate, Liang yue…. I would rather you end up in a harem rather than being mates with ah xiong T____T

  3. Poor Ah Jin’s date was ruined by this crazy man. If he’s from a foreign country, then why is he there?! Could it be he went to spy and was infatuated when he saw Liang Yue’s naked body?

    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. arifuify

    Ah Xiong just don’t want a good impression from… Me! Ha.ha.ha.

    He just keep doing shameless things which is not cute at all. =.=. In some situations/stories shamelessness can be cute but this. is. not. At. All.

    Well, it’s to be expected of Bara “uncle”.. lol

    Still, iam curious where this story lead

    Thanks for the chaps ???